Discover your family history at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon! Whether you are from Oregon, Virginia, Canada, or Ireland, our research library offers over 43,000 holdings with records from around the globe. As the largest genealogical library between Seattle and San Francisco, visitors have access to many popular genealogy websites. Check our website at for online resources, our library catalog, and the GFO calendar for upcoming free classes and workshops. Open seven days a week, the Library is located on the lower level of the historic Ford Building in southeast Portland. Volunteers are always ready to help you Discover Your Heritage! Learn more. Get Involved.

  • Is truth really stranger than fiction? I’ll let you be the judge. Out of the blue, I received a lengthy message this summer from a woman in Phoenix, through Here’s an abridged version: “Hello. Based on your family tree, I have a photo album that might be of interest to you. It was rescued … Continue reading Stranger than fiction

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  • Indexed records are one of the great marvels inspired by God to assist in the effort to gather His family. As a temple and family history consultant, you can play a key role in helping others learn to index those records that enable discovery experiences around the world. One fun way to get others involved […]

  • Opt in or opt out Yes, it really is for real. No, it’s not a scam. Yes, you will need to act to get the maximum benefit from it. “It,” in this case, is the settlement of a class action lawsuit against 23andMe that was handled by way of arbitration through the American Arbitration Association. […]

  • Not even for a cable car ride This story has been told before. In February of 2014, to be exact, when The Legal Genealogist was in California for a different speaking engagement.1 But it’s a story that deserves to be told again, and it surely came to my mind yesterday as my host from the […]

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