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CoxGeorge WSurgeonCo C, 132nd IndSLMC
CoxHenry ArtherCo F, 4th IL InfSUVCW
CoxHenry ArthurPvtCo F, 4th Ill CavSLMC
CoxIshamPvtCo E, 25th Mo InfSLMC
CoxIsham (Isom)Co E, 25th MO InfSUVCW
CoxJacob MCo B, 89th Ohio InfSLMC
CoxJamesPvtIll Vols, Capt Henshaw's Indpt Batt'y LtArtSLMC
CoxJamesHenshaw's IL LtArtSUVCW
CoxJames H1st Sgtco F, 35th MO InfSUVCW
CoxJames WPvtCo E, 25th Mo InfSLMC
CoxJessie A2nd Cumbolt Home Guards, CW VetSLMC
CoxJohn BCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CoxJoseph E2nd LtCo F, 2nd Ill CavSLMC
CoxJoshuaPvtCo G, 2nd Iowa InfSLMC
CoxOliver ECo A, 3rd Iowa InfSLMC
CoxRufusCo B, 5th Tenn InfSLMC
CoxSamuel BPvtCo G, 8th Inf, CW VetSLMC
CoxSamuel BCo I, 8th WI InfSUVCW
CoxSolomonCW Vet?SLMC
CoxSolomon (Jr)CplCo E, 45th MO InfSUVCW
CoxWesley SSgtCo D, 111th Ohio InfSLMC
CoxWilliamCo D, 99th Ill InfSLMC
CoxWilliamCplCo C, 18th Wis InfSLMC
CoxWilliamCo D, 20th WI InfSUVCW
CoxWilliam HIndian WarsASLF
CoxWilliam HCW Vet?SLMC
CoxeFrank MorrellCapt & BrevetCol, 16th Reg't, Corps d'Africque, CW VetSLMC
CoyGeorge CPvtCo K, 55th Ill InfSLMC
CoyHenry MCo A, 83rd Ill InfSLMC
CoyHenry MCo A, 83rd IL InfSUVCW
CoyJohnPvtCo C, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CoyJohn NCo C, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CoyleJohn BPvtCo A, 31st Wis InfSLMC
CoyleWm FCo I, 10th Ill CavSLMC
CrabillJohnPvtCo I, 13th IN InfASLF
CrabillJohnCW Vet?SLMC
CrabsWilliam LSgtCo D, 6th Pa CavSLMC
CrabtreeFrancis M1st SgtCo E, 1st IL Cav & 7th IL CavSUVCW
CrabtreeFrancis MarionCo E, 1st Ill CavSLMC
CrabtreeJoseph10th KS InfSUVCW
CrabtreeWilliamCo F, 31st Ind InfSLMC
CrabtreeWilliamCo F, 31st IN InfSUVCW
CraddockWilliam HPvtCo K, 124th Ill InfSLMC
CraderJacobUS Soldier, CW VetSLMC
CradickWilliam HCo K, 124th IL InfSUVCW
CradlebaughGeorge WilliamCiv EngrGen Michler's Ofc, CW VetSLMC
CraftSamuel G2nd Iowa, CW VetSLMC
CraftStewart CCo H, 6th Pa CavSLMC
CraginW PCo B, 10th R I InfSLMC
CraigAlexander CCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CraigAllen BPvtCo F, 38th Ill InfSLMC
CraigArthur DCo H, 8th Kans InfSLMC
CraigCharles HSgtCo F, 2nd Mo CavSLMC
CraigGeo WCW Vet?SLMC
CraigHouston MConfed, Co E, 29th MS InfSUVCW
CraigHouston WPvtCo E, 29th 'Snipers' Inf, CW VetSLMC
CraigJesse RPvtCo C, 105th Pa InfSLMC
CraigJesse RCo C, 105th PA InfSUVCW
CraigJohn SPvtCo C, 4th Wis CavSLMC
CraigJohn SCo C, 4th WI CavSUVCW
CraigWilliam WPvtCo A, 1st Neb CavSLMC
CrailJohn VPvtCo K, 7th Ind CavSLMC
CrainEleazar WCo H, 34th IowaSLMC
CrainErwin WPvtCo H, 38th Wis InfSLMC
CrainJ PCo C, 4th Mich InfSLMC
CrainLewisPvtCo D, 13th Ohio InfSLMC
CramCharlothIllinois Inf, CW VetSLMC
CramIsaacCo A, 2nd Mo CavSLMC
CramIsaacCplCo A, 2nd MO CavSUVCW
CramerJoseph CPvtCo I, 139th PA InfASLF
CramerJoseph CCW Vet?SLMC
CramerJoseph CCo I, 139th PA InfSUVCW
CramerWilliamCW Vet?SLMC
CrammerJ MCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CramptonAlonzo MCo K, 8th Ohio CavSLMC
CranceMichaelPvt5th Battery, IN Light ArtilleryASLF
CranceMichaelCW Vet?SLMC
CrandallClark PCaptainCo C, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CrandallEdward OCo E, 127th Ill InfSLMC
CrandallJohn NafusPvtCo G, 3rd IA CavASLF
CrandallJohn Nafus3rd Iowa Cav, CW VetSLMC
CrandallJohn NafusCo G, 3rd IA CavSUVCW
CrandallRudolphCaptainCo L, 5th Iowa CavSLMC
CrandallRudolphCaptainCo L, 5th IA CavSUVCW
CraneDelos SCo D, 7th Mich InfSLMC
CraneEleazar WLtCo H, 34th Iowa InfSLMC
CraneHenry PCplCo A, 95th IL InfSUVCW
CraneJames ICo G, 61st Ill InfSLMC
CraneMichael LPvtCo B, 91st Ill InfSLMC
CranstonEarlPvtCo C, 3rd Ohio InfSLMC
CrasonGeorge WCW Vet?SLMC
CravenGeorge WPvtCo I, 48th Ohio InfSLMC
CravenIra RPvtCo D, 70th Ind InfSLMC
CravenIra RCo D, 70th IN InfSUVCW
CravenJohnCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CravenMiltonCo D, 105th Pa InfSLMC
CrawGeorge FPvtCo D, 20th Conn InfSLMC
CrawfordBenjaminPvtCo E, 15th IA InfASLF
CrawfordBenjaminCW Vet?SLMC
CrawfordE JCo B, 7th Me InfSLMC
CrawfordJCo G, 108th N YSLMC
CrawfordJCo K, 1st Iowa CavSLMC
CrawfordJamesCW Vet?SLMC
CrawfordJamesCo I, 47th Wis InfSLMC
CrawfordJamesCo G, 108th NY InfSUVCW
CrawfordJohnCo H, 16th US InfSLMC
CrawfordJohnCo H, 16th US InfSUVCW
CrawfordJohn J BCplCo I, 10th IA InfSUVCW
CrawfordJohn WPvtCo F, 17th Ill InfSLMC
CrawfordJohn WCo F, 17th IL InfSUVCW
CrawfordJosephPvtCo G, 47th Wis InfSLMC
CrawfordMedoremCaptainCo A & M, US Special ServiceSLMC
CrawfordMedoremCaptainUS Qtrmasters DeptSUVCW
CrawfordMilo BPvtCo M, 1st Iowa CavSLMC
CrawfordRobertSgtCo G, 16th N Y CavSLMC
CrawfordS DCo G, 64th Ohio InfSLMC
CrawfordS PCo G, 29th Ind InfSLMC
CrawfordStephenCo G, 32nd OH InfSUVCW
CrawfordWilliamCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CrawfordWm ACo B, 43rd Ind InfSLMC
CreamerDavid ACo B, 3rd N J CavSLMC
CreamerJohn HCo C, 8th KS InfSUVCW
CreasonHamiltonConfed, CW Vet?SLMC
CreechEdwardCo D, 1st Mich InfSLMC
CreecyJames BrownCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CreecyJames BrownCo D, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CreedW HSeaman'Dupents Sq' & Co L, 11th Ohio CavSLMC
CreekW ACo H, 10th Iowa InfSLMC
CreekpaumEliPvtCo A, 9th Ind InfSLMC
CreitzWilliam FCaptainCo A, 5th Kans CavSLMC
CrenshawGeorgeIllinois, CW VetSLMC
CrenshawLeonardPvtCo E, 45th Iowa InfSLMC
CressapRobert VCplCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CresseyWillis EPvtCo H, 1st N H CavSLMC
CrewElijah BPvtDepartmental Corps Monongahela, OH InfASLF
CrewsElijah BDept Mil Cpl, 'Monongahela', CW VetSLMC
CriderDanielCW Vet?SLMC
CriglerDanielCo L, 2nd NE CavSUVCW
CriglerDaniel WPvtCo E, 4th Mo CavSLMC
CrimmonsTimCW Vet?SLMC
CrimmonsTimothyPvtCo F & D, 7th PA CavASLF
CriskyHenryCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CrissGeo WCW Vet, Inf?SLMC
CrisseySamuel B1st LtCo I, 68th IL InfASLF
CrisseySamuel BCW Vet?SLMC
CrisseyW ECo D, 14th N Y InfSLMC
CristAbrahamCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CritesJacobPvtCo K, 33rd Ill InfSLMC
CriteserThomas JPvtCo C, 13th Iowa InfSLMC
CriteserThomas JCo C, 13th IA InfSUVCW
CrittendenFrederick ECo C, 8th Iowa InfSLMC
CrockerSamuelCW Vet?SLMC
Crockett?PvtCo H, 2nd Battalion, CW VetSLMC
CrockettGarrettSgtCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CrockettNelson DavidCplCo A, 21st Mass InfSLMC
CroftAugustusPvtCo D, 155th Ohio InfSLMC
CroftAugustusCo D, 155th OH InfSUVCW
CroftJohn QCplCo M, 15th Kans CavSLMC
CromerJohn MCW Vet?SLMC
CromwellJohn ThomasCo G, 2nd Neb CavSLMC
CronePeterCplCo K, 101st Ohio InfSLMC
CronePeterCplCo K, 101st OH InfSUVCW
CronemillerDanielCaptainCo I, 74th Ill InfSLMC
CronemillerDanielMajorCo J, 74th IL InfSUVCW
CroninDanielCplCo B, 1st Minn HvArtSLMC
CroninEugene AugustusPvtunassigned company, 95th NY InfASLF
CroninEugene AugustusSalem Co, N Y, CW VetSLMC
CroninEugene TCo I, 95th NY InfSUVCW
CroninJeremiahPvtCo I, 5th Mo CavSLMC
CroninM JCo I, 5th Mo CavSLMC
CroninPatrick KPvtCo E, 4th Minn InfSLMC
CronkBenjamin BPvtCo G, 25th Mich InfSLMC
CronkBenjamin BCo G, 25th MI InfSUVCW
CronkDanielCo I, 11th Conn InfSLMC
CronkiteHenry MCo E, 10th Mich CavSLMC
CronkiteWalter MPvtCo F, 16th Mich InfSLMC
CrooksAndrewCo D, 149th Pa, 2nd BucktailsSLMC
CrooksWmColonel6th Minn InfSLMC
CrosbyDallas LCplCo L, 16th Pa CavSLMC
CrosbyEdsonCo G, 6th IA CavSUVCW
CrosbyGeo HPvtCo A, 8th DelSLMC
CrosbyJamesSgtConfed, Co H, 11th Tex InfSLMC
CrosbyLafayette WPvtCo B, 2nd Me InfSLMC
CrosbyW HCo H, 94th Ill InfSLMC
CrosbyWm DaytonCaptainCo D, 26th Mass InfSLMC
CrosiarWilliamPvtCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CrosleyWilliam H1st SgtCo H, 94th Ill InfSLMC
CrossEzraCo D, 2nd NH InfSUVCW
CrossEzra LPvtCo D, 2nd N H InfSLMC
CrossJames HPvtCo A, 10th Mo InfSLMC
CrossJohn LCo A, 2nd Minn CavSLMC
CrossJohn LCo A, 2nd MN CavSUVCW
CrossRussell WCo C, 29th Ohio InfSLMC
CrossSilas MPvtCo C, 28th Iowa InfSLMC
CrossWilliam HCplCo I, 4th Mo CavSLMC
CrossWilliam HCplCo I, 4th MO CavSUVCW
CrossanRobert A4th Iowa LtArt, Indpt Batt'ySLMC
CrossenDavid LPvtCo G, 11th Pa InfSLMC
CrossmanRobert AMusician4th IA LtArtSUVCW
CrossmanTimminsCW Vet?SLMC
CrosthwaitThomas MPvtCo D, 138th Ill InfSLMC
CrouchHiramPvtCo K, 55th Ill InfSLMC
CrouchHiram BCo K, 55th IL InfSUVCW
CrouchJohn ACo C, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CrouchJohn AlexanderCo C, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CrouchW HCW Vet?SLMC
CrowDavid GSpanish-American WarASLF
CrowDavid GCW Vet?SLMC
CrowDavid GCo I, 2nd US InfSUVCW
CrowGeo ACW Vet?SLMC
CrowJ HandyHome Guard, CW Vet?SLMC
CrowJohn LPvtCo H, 12th Wis InfSLMC
CrowJohn LCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CrowJohn LCo H, 12th WI InfSUVCW
CrowJohn MCo F, 3rd Mo CavSLMC
CrowSamuel JCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CrowdonJohn GCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CrowelenSamuel3rd Duty SgtCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CrowellChas TCW Vet?SLMC
CrowellGeorge PPvtCo D, 8th N J InfSLMC
CrowellWilliam DCo D, 19th Ohio InfSLMC
CrowlesE HCW Vet?SLMC
CrowleyDennis WilmottPvtCo C, 188th NY InfASLF
CrowleyDennis WilmottPa Volunteers, CW VetSLMC
CrowleyPatrick P SSgtCo G, 20th MassSLMC
CrowleyThomasCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CrowleyThomasCo A, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CrowsonGeorgePvt2nd Independent Battery, MN Light ArtilleryASLF
CrowsonGeorge2nd Minn Art, CW VetSLMC
CrowsonJacob PPvtCo I, 10th Tenn CavSLMC
CrowsonJacob PCo I, 10th TN CavSUVCW
CroyJacobPvtCo F, 4th Wis InfSLMC
CroyJacobCo F, 4th MN InfSUVCW
CroyleDavidCo F, 98th Pa InfSLMC
CrumBenj FranklinCo B, 32nd Iowa Vol InfSLMC
CrumBenjamin FCo B, 32nd IA InfSUVCW
CrumSamuelPvtCo D, 78th Ill InfSLMC
CrumTheodore PPvtCo D, 78th Ill InfSLMC
CrumWilliamCo H, 101st Ohio InfSLMC
CrumWilliamCo H, 101st OH InfSUVCW
CrumpTCo A, 13th N Y CavSLMC
CrusonGeorge WSubstitute, 24th MI InfASLF
CrusonGeorge WashingtonPvtCo C, 24th Mich InfSLMC
CrutchlowThomas HPvtCo G, 83rd Pa InfSLMC
CruzanJohn APvtCo F, 3rd Iowa InfSLMC
CulbersonLindeCo B, 3rd Minn InfSLMC
CulbertsonChas L or ACo B, 15th Wis InfSLMC
CulbertsonStephenPvtCo E, 2nd Colo CavSLMC
CullenJohn Winchell2nd LtCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CullenJohn Winchell2nd LtCo B, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CullinsJohnPvtCo H, 99th Ohio InfSLMC
CullinsJohnCo H, 99th OH InfSUVCW
CulpAdam DPvtCo B, 11th MO CavASLF
CulpAdam D11th Mo Cav, CW VetSLMC
CulpMelvinPvtCo E, 1st Mo Cav St MilSLMC
CulpRedman (Redmond) MPvt1st MO State Militia CavASLF
CulverJ WUS Navy, Gunboat 'Gen Sherman'SLMC
CulverMeeker MCo D, 6th Mich HvArtSLMC
CulverMeeker MCo D, 6th MI HvArtSUVCW
CulverTheodorePvtCo K, 44th N Y InfSLMC
CulverThomasCo D, 15th Ill InfSLMC
CulverW WPvt9th Ohio Indpt Art, CW VetSLMC
CulverWilliam WPvt9th Independent Battery, OH Light ArtilleryASLF
CulverWilliam WCpl9th OH LtArtSUVCW
CummingsBenjamin FCo C, 3rd Vt InfSLMC
CummingsChanCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CummingsEbenezerCW Vet?SLMC
CummingsGeorge WPvtCo K, 1st Ala InfSLMC
CummingsGeorge WCo B, 49th WI InfSUVCW
CummingsGeorge WillardCo B, 49th Wis InfSLMC
CummingsH OCo E, 2nd US InfSLMC
CummingsHenryCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CummingsWilliam HCo H, 8th Iowa InfSLMC
CummingsWilliam H HCplCo H, 8th IA InfSUVCW
CumpstonAlbert PCo B, 12th IL InfSUVCW
CumpstonAlbert RossCo B, 12th Inf IllSLMC
CundallBenjamin MPvtCo D, 53rd Ill InfSLMC
CunningThomas JCo K, 24th Ohio InfSLMC
CunninghamACo G, 2nd OhioSLMC
CunninghamC MCo B, 7th Ohio InfSLMC
CunninghamClark CPvtCo G, 60th N Y InfSLMC
CunninghamCushmanCaptainCo F, 16th Ohio InfSLMC
CunninghamFrankCo F, 12th N Y CavSLMC
CunninghamJamesPvtConfed, Co A, 62nd Mo CavSLMC
CunninghamJosephCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CunninghamMichaelLtCo B & L, 1st Ill LtArtSLMC
CunninghamRoss RPvtCo E, 110th Ohio InfSLMC
CunninghamRoss RCo E, 110th OH InfSUVCW
CuppSamuel MCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CuppernullBCo G, 14th N Y HvArtSLMC
CuppernullByron2nd LtCo G, 14th NY ArtSUVCW
CureHiramCo I, 6th Ky CavSLMC
CurlJames TPvtCo K, 81st Wis CavSLMC
CurlissJCo D, 4th Calif InfSLMC
CurranJohn WPvtCo I, 13th Penn CavSLMC
CurranRobert EPvtCo H, 9th R ISLMC
CurreyGeorge ByronColonel1st Ore InfSLMC
CurreyJames LSgt1st Ore Cav VolsSLMC
CurrierAlbion KCo I, 12th Me InfSLMC
CurrierEdgar LCo H, 13th Ill InfSLMC
CurrierJ WCW Vet?SLMC
CurryAnson RPvtCo D, 105th Pa InfSLMC
CurryDanielCo B, 19th Ind InfSLMC
CurryDavidCo B, 19th Ind InfSLMC
CurryJayCW Vet?SLMC
CurryJay LPvtCo D, 8th OH InfASLF
CurryS MCo C, 132nd Ohio InfSLMC
CurryS RCo C, 132nd OH InfSUVCW
CurryThomas FPvtCo K, 48th Pa InfSLMC
CurryWilliamPvtCo C, 30th Mich InfSLMC
CurtisEd DCo B, 169th Ohio InfSLMC
CurtisEdgar WSgt MajCo K, 9th Ill CavSLMC
CurtisEdward DCo B, 169th OH InfSUVCW
CurtisFrancis EPvtCo G, 7th Wis InfSLMC
CurtisGeorgeCo L, 1st CA CavSUVCW
CurtisJames GCo C, 3rd US ArtSLMC
CurtisJames GCplCo C, 3rd US LtArtSUVCW
CurtisJohn JCo F, 11th Ky CavSLMC
CurtisThomasCo K, 117th Ill InfSLMC
CurtisThomasCaptainCo G, 3rd US HvArtSLMC
CurtisThomasCo K, 117th IL InfSUVCW
CurtisWalterCW Vet?SLMC
CurtissEdgarSgt MajCo K, 9th IL CavSUVCW
CusackThomasCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CushingF WCo H, 13th Ill InfSLMC
CushmanEdward ASgtCo B, 8th Me InfSLMC
CushmanO DCo F, 33rd IA InfSUVCW
CusickWilliam CSgtCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CussinsJacksonCo D, 2nd Iowa InfSLMC
CussinsJamesCo D, 2nd Iowa InfSLMC
CusterIsaacPvtCo C, 1st Minn InfSLMC
CusterWilliam ACo G, 45th Ind InfSLMC
CusterWilliam ACo B, 46th IN InfSUVCW
CutlerWm SCo D, 4th Ohio CavSLMC
CyphersMartin CCo H, 1st Me CavSLMC
DaffronDanielBuglerCo E, 16th Kans CavSLMC
DaffronDanielBuglerCo E, 16th KS CavSUVCW
DaggettJohnSeamanStmr 'Savannah'SLMC
DahackJohnPvtCo H, 70th Ill InfSLMC
DahlA OCo G, 12th WisSLMC
DahuffAmosCo I, 9th IndSLMC
DahuffWilliamCo I, 9th Ind InfSLMC
DaileyChas NCo B, 10th Minn InfSLMC
DaileyJonasCo E, 34th Ohio InfSLMC
DaileyRufus KPvtCo M, 4th IL CavASLF
DaileyRufus KingCo M, 4th Ill CavSLMC
DaileyRufus RCo M, 4th IL CavSUVCW
DaisleyWilliamCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DakinCharles ICo D, 4th Minn InfSLMC
DaleNathaniel CPvtCo B, 75th Ind InfSLMC
DaleyErvinPvtCo D, 4th Ky InfSLMC
DaleyJohn BPvtCo M, 9th N Y Vet CavSLMC
DaleyJohn DPvt5th N Y Art, CW VetSLMC
DaleyPatrickBattery C, 3rd US ArtNEWSP
DallasJohn RPvtCo H, 26th Mo InfSLMC
DallasJohn RCo H, 26th MO InfSUVCW
DalquistDavidCW Vet?SLMC
DaltonGeorge WCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DaltonHenry ACo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DalyPatrickBatt'y C, 3rd US ArtSLMC
DalyPeterCW Vet?SLMC
DalyThomasCW Vet?SLMC
DameJosCo D, 155th Ind InfSLMC
DamesF LPvtCo A, 16th IowaSLMC
DamonAmmon HCo A, 18th IA InfSUVCW
DamonMajor SethSgtCo G, 7th Vt InfSLMC
DamonMajor SethSgtCo G, 7th VT InfSUVCW
DamphofferMichael (Jr)BuglerCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DamphofferMichael (Sr)BuglerCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DamphofferPeterCW Vet?SLMC
DampmanDallasCo A, 69th Pa InfSLMC
DanelsonTheodore TDrummerCo C, 132nd N Y InfSLMC
DanielCharles WCW Vet?SLMC
DanielJohn MCo D, 18th Ind InfSLMC
DanielLeonard FPvtCo F, 115th Ind InfSLMC
DanielsCharles CPvtCo B, 91st Ill InfSLMC
DanielsCharles CCo B, 91st IL InfSUVCW
DanielsGeorgeCo C, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DanielsLeonard FCo F, 115th IN InfSUVCW
DanielsSamuel CCo D, 12th Ill CavSLMC
DanksAugustus HPvt, Co K, 17th WI; Pvt, Co B, 7th MO CavASLF
DanksAugustus HCW Vet?SLMC
DanksJohnCo B, 1st Pa LtArtSLMC
(widow of soldier)
DanleyNewell IPvtunassigned company, 18th NY CavASLF
DannAcena (spouse of soldier)PvtCo C, 4th Iowa CavSLMC
DannemanClemens Augustus1st LtCo F, 1st Ind CavSLMC
DannettJohnCo F, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DantThomas FCo F, 5th US CavSLMC
DanversWilliamCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DarbyJ WCo A, 172nd Ohio InfSLMC
DarlingCharles PPvtCo C, 1st Wis HvArtSLMC
DarlingDavidCo H, 65th Ill InfSLMC
DarlingHenry VCo E, 10th Mich CavSLMC
DarlingHenry VCplCo E, 10th MI CavSUVCW
DarnallNicholas HCo E, 129th IL InfSUVCW
DarnellNicholasPvtCo E, 129th Ill InfSLMC
DarnellWm JCo K, 106th Ill InfSLMC
DaronNathanielPvtCo K, 2nd OH InfASLF
DaronNathanielCW Vet?SLMC
DarrAugustCplCo F, 4th OH InfSUVCW
DarrIrick TCplCo A, 35th IA InfASLF
DarrIrick TCW Vet?SLMC
DarrIsaiah GCplCo F, 4th Ohio InfSLMC
DarraghJames CampbellLtCo D, 9th Mich CavSLMC
DarraghJohn2nd Lt1st Ore Cav VolsSLMC
DarraldT M23rd Mo Inf, CW VetSLMC
DarrowJamesCW Vet?SLMC
DarrowJames PPvtCo Battery A, 3rd NY Light ArtilleryASLF
DarrowJames PPvtCo D, 3rd N Y LtArtSLMC
DarrowJames PCo D, 3rd NY LtArtSUVCW
DarveJosephCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DasherJoseph ESgtCo K, 34th Pa InfSLMC
DashiellGeorge FPvtCo K, 4th Ill CavSLMC
DauchyCharles HPvtCo B, 3rd Minn InfSLMC
DaughertyWilliam HPvtCo M, 1st Iowa InfSLMC
DaumHenryCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DavenportBenjamin FPvtCo C, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DavenportBenjamin FCo C, 1st OR InfSUVCW
DavenportCharlesCW Vet?SLMC
DavenportJames PCW Vet?SLMC
DavenportRobert NBatt H, 3rd N Y ArtSLMC
DavenportRobert NBatt'y H, 3rd NY ArtSUVCW
DavenportW FCo C, 39th Iowa InfSLMC
DavidJohn BPvtCo E, 2nd Wis InfSLMC
DavidJohn RCW Vet?SLMC
DavidsonAlonzoCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DavidsonAndrewCo D, 12th Mich InfSLMC
DavidsonECo F, 24th IL InfSUVCW
DavidsonG WCo A, 2nd Mo ArtSLMC
DavidsonGeorgePvtCo F, 54th N Y InfSLMC
DavidsonHamilton SmithPvtCo C, 11th Mo Vol CavSLMC
DavidsonHenryMo Vols, CW VetSLMC
DavidsonHouldinCW Vet?SLMC
DavidsonLewis C2nd LtCo B, 87th Ohio InfSLMC
DavidsonRobert FPvtCo A, 17th Iowa VolsSLMC
DavidsonW HCo A, 5th WI InfSUVCW
DavidsonWilliam APvtCo C, 5th Iowa CavSLMC
DavidsonWilliam ABuglerCo C, 5th IA CavSUVCW
DavidsonWilliam HCo E, 15th MO CavSUVCW
DavidsonWmUS Navy, Monitor 'Pasaic'SLMC
DaviesDavid HSgtCo F, 22nd Wis InfSLMC
DaviesDavid HSgtCo F, 22nd WI InfSUVCW
DavisAlfredCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DavisAlfredCplCo C, 10th Iowa InfSLMC
DavisAlfredCplCo C, 10th IA InfSUVCW
DavisAmmon ECplCo B, 42nd Wis InfSLMC
DavisArmistead FranklinConfed, 2nd VA CavSUVCW
DavisBassettCo E, 1st Mich LtArtSLMC
DavisBenjaminPvtCo A, 38th Iowa InfSLMC
DavisBenjaminCo A, 38th IA InfSUVCW
DavisBenjamin FPvtCo E, 47th Ill InfSLMC
DavisCalebCo F, 3rd N H InfSLMC
DavisCharles HCo E, 56th Ohio InfSLMC
DavisCharles HUS Navy, Fireman & Act'g Asst Engr, G SSLMC
DavisDaniel OrrinCo G, 21st N Y CavSLMC
DavisDavidCo D, 1st Mo CavSLMC
DavisE WConfed, CW Vet?SLMC
DavisEliCo G, 109th Ill InfSLMC
DavisEliasCo E, 40th Ohio InfSLMC
DavisGeorgeCo K, 2nd Ohio CavSLMC
DavisGeorgeCo F, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DavisGeorgeCo F, 54th N Y InfSLMC
DavisGeorge RDrummerCo E, 40th Wis InfSLMC
DavisGeorge W1st Lt11th Conn InfSLMC
DavisGeorge WSgtCo H, 2nd Ill Art, LtArtSLMC
DavisH ACo G, 1st MichSLMC
DavisHenley HCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DavisHenry HCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
DavisHezekiahPvtCo B, Mo St MilSLMC
DavisIra AlsonPvtCo I, 1st IA CavASLF
DavisIra Alson1st Iowa Cav, CW VetSLMC
DavisIra AlsonCo I, 1st IA CavSUVCW
DavisJ D2nd Iowa Cav, CW VetSLMC
DavisJ WCo K, 31st Iowa InfSLMC
DavisJacob RandalCo B, 138th IL InfSUVCW
DavisJacob RandallCo B, 138th Ill InfSLMC
DavisJames BPvtCo C, 3rd Wis InfSLMC
DavisJames RPvtCo C, 16th Kans CavSLMC
DavisJames RCo C, 16th KS CavSUVCW
DavisJames WPvtCo C, 32nd Wis InfSLMC
DavisJesse WPvtCo E, 6th KansSLMC
DavisJohnCo F, 36th Iowa InfSLMC
DavisJohnCo G, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DavisJohnCo F, 36th IA InfSUVCW
DavisJohn BPvtCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
DavisJohn ECo A, 25th Wis InfSLMC
DavisJohn EdwardPvtCo E, 30th Wis InfSLMC
DavisJohn WCo B, 71st Ohio InfSLMC
DavisJohn WCplCo A, 143rd Ill InfSLMC
DavisJohn WKans, CW Vet?SLMC
DavisJoseph CPvt3rd Me Batt LtArtSLMC
DavisJoseph DPvtCo A, 2nd IA CavASLF
DavisJoshua BCo B, 101st Ohio InfSLMC