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CobbJohnQm, Shubrick, CW VetSLMC
CobbOliver MCplCo K, 47th Iowa InfSLMC
CobergJohnPvtCo F, 36th NYSLMC
CobineFrankCW Vet?SLMC
CobineRobt HenryCW Vet?SLMC
CoburnJulius SCo C, 47th IL InfSUVCW
CochellStephen APvtCo F, 128th Ind InfSLMC
CochellStephen ACo F, 128th IN InfSUVCW
CochellWilliamUS Soldier, CW VetSLMC
CochranDanielCo A, 2nd Mich InfSLMC
CochranDonald ReidPvtCo A, 8th Mo InfSLMC
CochranDonnell RCplCo A, 8th MO CavSUVCW
CochranGeorge ECo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CochranGeorge WPvtCo G, 133rd Ill InfSLMC
CochranJames ACo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CochranJames ACo B, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CochranJohnCo E, 4th US ArtSLMC
CochranThomas FPvtCo F, 4th Iowa InfSLMC
CochranWm HCplCo D, 9th Kans CavSLMC
CochraneDaniel TCo A, 2nd MI InfSUVCW
CochraneWilliam HCplCo I, 9th KS CavSUVCW
CockburnAndrew CCo F, 45th Mo InfSLMC
CockburnThomas FSgtCo E, 7th Mo St Mil CavSLMC
CockrellAlexanderPvtCo C, 6th Mo CavSLMC
CockrellHCo E, 6th Mo CavSLMC
CoddingtonIsaiahCo B, 13th N J InfSLMC
CoderEli HCo B, 85th Pa InfSLMC
CodyMichaelSgtCo H, 3rd Calif ArtSLMC
CoeAlvan HPvtCo D, 33rd Iowa InfSLMC
CoeSamuel KPvtCo F, 148th Ill InfSLMC
CoeWilliamPvt1st Independent Battery, WI Light ArtilleryASLF
CoeWilliamPvt1st Wis Art, CW VetSLMC
CoffeeGeorgeMexican WarASLF
CoffeeGeorgeCW Vet?SLMC
CoffeeIsiahPvtCo E, 18th Ill InfSLMC
CoffeeJohn TPvtCo A, 70th Ind InfSLMC
CoffenberryNathan LCo E, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CoffeyJ LCo D, 5th KY CavSUVCW
CoffeyJamesCW Vet?SLMC
CoffinChas MCo I, 29th Mich InfSLMC
CoffinStephen BBrig GenOR MilSUVCW
CoffinStephen EPvtCo G, 43rd Wis InfSLMC
CoffinberryCharles C (Hon)7th & 10th Kans Cav, CW VetSLMC
CoffinberryCorwin CCo C, 5th Iowa CavSLMC
CoffinberryNathan LPvtCo E, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CoffmanIsaacPvtCo F, 106th Ill InfSLMC
CoffmanIsaacCo F, 106th IL InfSUVCW
CoffmanJoshua CPvtCo F, 106th Ill InfSLMC
CoffmanJoshua CCo F, 106th IL InfSUVCW
CoganThomasCo B, 2nd N J CavSLMC
CogshellJ GCo H, 32nd Ill InfSLMC
CogswellCharles ASgtCo B, 26th Iowa InfSLMC
CogswellFrederick APvtCo A, 9th Iowa InfSLMC
CogswellFrederick ACo A, 9th IA InfSUVCW
CogswellWilliam HMusicianCogswell's IL LtArtSUVCW
CohenGeorgePvtCo H, 13th N J InfSLMC
CoilBernardCo B, 10th US InfSLMC
CokeJohn StephenCW Vet?SLMC
CokerThomasCplCo K, 101st Ill InfSLMC
ColbertPatrickCplCo C, 37th Ill InfSLMC
ColbjornsonCarl LSgtCo B, 15th Wis InfSLMC
ColburnErastusCo A, 10th N Y CavSLMC
ColburnWilliam HCo D, 1st OR InfSUVCW
ColburnWm HCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ColbushWmPvtCo C, Fran. Co. Mo InfSLMC
ColbyEzekielPvtCo B, 20th Ind InfSLMC
ColbyJames HPvtCo I, 31st & 32nd Me InfSLMC
ColbyLloyd HCplCo B, 6th Wis InfSLMC
ColbyWilliamCo G, 1st VT CavSUVCW
ColbyWilson ECo G, 1st Vt InfSLMC
ColclasureNathan HConfed, CW Vet?SLMC
ColcloughJames WPvtCo D, 104th Pa InfSLMC
ColderMoses HCW Vet?SLMC
ColeAlfred LPvtCo G, 14th N Y HvArtSLMC
ColeAlonzoCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ColeBennettPvtCo M, 15th NY Heavy ArtilleryASLF
ColeBennettCo M, 15th N Y InfSLMC
ColeColumbus LPvtCo I, 20th Ohio InfSLMC
ColeColumbus SCo I, 20th IA InfSUVCW
ColeDaniel TCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
ColeEnoch SPvtCo I, 1st Mo CavSLMC
ColeEnoch S2nd LtCo I, 1st MO CavSUVCW
ColeF MUS Navy, Flag Ship Clara DallsonSLMC
ColeFerdinand WPvtCo C, 8th Ill CavSLMC
ColeG BCo C, 120th Ohio InfSLMC
ColeG BCo G, 120th Pa InfSLMC
ColeGeo ECW Vet?SLMC
ColeHarry JPvt14th Mich LtArtSLMC
ColeHarry J14th MI LtArtSUVCW
ColeHenryCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ColeJames ECo I, 1st Wis InfSLMC
ColeJames LCW Vet?SLMC
ColeJohn HPvtCo E, 6th Wis InfSLMC
ColeLeanderPvtCo D, 1st Minn InfSLMC
ColeSamuel DPvtCo I, 39th Iowa InfSLMC
ColeStephen DCo C, 1st OR InfSUVCW
ColeStephen DecaturPvtCo C, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ColeWesleyPvtCo K, 2nd US CavSLMC
ColeWesleyCo K, 2 US CavSUVCW
ColeWilliam APvtCo F, 10th MI InfASLF
ColeWilliam ACW Vet?SLMC
ColeWilliam ACo F, 10th MI InfSUVCW
ColeWilliam HCo K, 1st OR InfSUVCW
ColeWm HCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ColebushWilliamFranklin Co, MO Home GuardSUVCW
ColemanBriceCo A, 2nd Tenn InfSLMC
ColemanBriceCo A, 2nd TN InfSUVCW
ColemanEdward NSgtCo H, 10th Kans InfSLMC
ColemanFrancis AdelwaCo I, 2nd Mich InfSLMC
ColemanGeorge WPvtCo D, 5th Wis InfSLMC
ColemanJames ECo G, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ColemanJohn NCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
ColemanJohn RPvtCo A, 14th Ky InfSLMC
ColemanJohn WCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ColemanMathew HCW Vet?SLMC
ColemanPeter WPvtCo A, 31st Iowa InfSLMC
ColeyCharles EPvtCo K, 10th & 15th Ill CavSLMC
ColeyWm HCo K, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ColganPhilipCW Vet?SLMC
ColinCharles ASeaman'Tuscarora'SLMC
CollardA BCo A, 1st AlaSLMC
CollierA MCW Vet?SLMC
CollierDeWitt CCplCo G, 1st MN HvArtSUVCW
CollierDewitt CPvtCo G, 1st & 5th Minn ArtSLMC
CollierMartin CassCo D, 101st Ill InfSLMC
CollierMartin Cass1st LtCo D, 101st IL InfSUVCW
CollierPleasant Pollard2nd LtCo H, 26th Ky InfSLMC
CollinsA MCo A, 1st Iowa CavSLMC
CollinsAlvin MCo F, 1st Minn HvArtSLMC
CollinsAlvin M1st LtCo H, 1st MN HvArtSUVCW
CollinsBallard TPvtCo G, 99th Ill InfSLMC
CollinsBenjamin MPvtCo G, 37th Wis InfSLMC
CollinsDaniel BCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CollinsDennisPvtCo F, 20th MA InfASLF
CollinsDennisCW Vet?SLMC
CollinsGeorgePvtCo E, 1st Calif Vol InfSLMC
CollinsGeorge HCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CollinsGeorge WPvtCo K, 1st W Va InfSLMC
CollinsGeorge WCo K, 5th WV InfSUVCW
CollinsH LCW Vet?SLMC
CollinsHarmon ACo G, 83rd Ill InfSLMC
CollinsHenry ECo H, 8th Kans InfSLMC
CollinsHenry E (SLMC: H L)PvtCo H, 8th KS InfASLF
CollinsJ HCo L, 4th Mich CavSLMC
CollinsJ MCo C, 99th Ill InfSLMC
CollinsJames MPvtCo D, 50th Ill InfSLMC
CollinsJames MCo C, 99th IL InfSUVCW
CollinsJames MCplCo D, 50th IL InfSUVCW
CollinsJohnCo H, 99th Ohio InfSLMC
CollinsJohnCo H, 4th US InfSUVCW
CollinsJohnCo A, 11th MO InfSUVCW
CollinsJohn CPvtCo A, 11th Mo VolsSLMC
CollinsThomasCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CollinsThomas BPvtCo G, 9th N Y InfSLMC
CollinsZachariah FCW Vet?SLMC
CollisACo E, 12th IowaSLMC
ColoChasPvtCo G, 12th Ind CavSLMC
ColsonJ HCo K, 23rd Iowa InfSLMC
ColsonJames HCo K, 23rd IA InfSUVCW
ColsonSamuelUS Marine CorpSLMC
ColsonSamuelCaptainUS Marine CorpsSUVCW
ColtonAlvaPvtCo B, 6th MI CavASLF
ColtonAlveCW Vet?SLMC
ColtonJ FCo D, 8th ConnSLMC
ColtonJames T1st SgtCo D, 8th CT InfSUVCW
ColverLCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ColvigMarsellis MPvtCo C, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ColvigVolneySgtCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
ColvigWilliam MCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
ColvilleJohn SCo C, 8th Mich InfSLMC
ColvinJoshuaCo B, 78th IL InfSUVCW
ColvinLymanCo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
ColvinOliver HPvtCo I, 4th Iowa CavSLMC
ColvinS TCo H, 13th N Y HvArtSLMC
ColvinSidney FLtCo H, 9th N Y ArtSLMC
ColvinSolomon BPvtCo E, 11th Mo InfSLMC
ColvinW FCo A, 1st OR CavSUVCW
ColvinWilliam FPvtCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
ColwellTheodore FowlerCplCo E, 64th N Y InfSLMC
ColwellWm McGeeCo F, 210th Pa InfSLMC
ColyerBenj SCo E, 7th N Y BattSLMC
CombestThomas RPvtCo G, 11th Ind CavSLMC
CombsThomas DPvtCo I, 62nd Ohio InfSLMC
ComerHarveyCo E, 98th Pa InfSLMC
ComerHarveyCo E, 98th PA InfSUVCW
CommonsJames HCo L, 1st N Y EngineersSLMC
CommonsN WCo C, 124th IL InfSUVCW
CommonsNathan WPvtCo G, 124th Ill InfSLMC
CompsonHartwell BensonColonel8th NY CavSUVCW
CompsonHartwell BentonColonel8th N Y CavSLMC
ComptonMartinCo H, 8th Calif InfSLMC
ComptonNelsonCW Vet?SLMC
ComstockAlfred M7th US Inf, Ind Inf, CW vetSLMC
ComstockB WCo I, 1st Iowa CavSLMC
ComstockByron WSgtCo I, 5th IA CavSUVCW
ComstockGuil BCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ComstockMark JPvtCo D, 32nd Wis InfSLMC
ComstockRaoul SCo B, 16th Mich InfSLMC
ComstockRowland SCo B, 16th MI InfSUVCW
ConahanJ RCo K, 9th Kans CavSLMC
ConawayJamesCW Vet?SLMC
ConditDavid W CCo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CondolJ CUS Hosp Corp, CW VetSLMC
ConeAugustus WCW Vet?SLMC
ConeDaniel BPvtSt. Louis, CW VetSLMC
ConeDavidCW Vet?SLMC
ConeHuletPvtCo E, 22nd Ill InfSLMC
ConeIsaac NCo C, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ConeJamesPvtCo A, 121st Ohio InfSLMC
ConeStevenson BCo A, 121st Ohio InfSLMC
ConellCharles ECo D, 44th Ill InfSLMC
ConfairJohn AMusicianCo C, 30th Wis InfSLMC
ConferChristianPvtCo A, 152nd Ind InfSLMC
ConferJohn AMusicianCo C, 30th WI InfSUVCW
CongGeorge DCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CongerEnosCo B, 47th Ind InfSLMC
ConiveJohn AConfed, 55th Heath Div, CW VetSLMC
ConklinCatherineArmy Nurse, CW VetSLMC
ConklinHezekiahPvtCo K, 3rd CO CavASLF
ConklinHezekiahCW Vet?SLMC
ConklinJames NCW Vet?SLMC
ConklinJohn M19th Ohio LtArt, CW VetSLMC
ConklinJohn WCo D, 8th N JSLMC
ConklinJosephSgtCo A, 1st MO Eng'rsSUVCW
ConklinJoseph SSgtCo A, 1st Mo Engnr'sSLMC
ConklinNathanielCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ConklinWilliamUS Marine CorpSLMC
ConkrightStephenCo E & K, 99th Ill InfSLMC
ConleyD MCo H, 13th Iowa InfSLMC
ConleyGeorge WCplCo A, 33rd Mo Vol InfSLMC
ConleyJohn MPvtCo K, 9th Ind InfSLMC
ConlinJamesCo F, 1st Ore CavSLMC
ConlonPatrickSgtCo F, 28th Wis InfSLMC
ConnGeorgeQM SgtCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
ConnHarmon SCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
ConnHenry (Jr)PvtCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
ConnHenry (Jr)QM SgtCo A, 1st OR CavSUVCW
ConnJamesCo A, 39th Ind InfSLMC
ConnallyJabez GCW Vet?SLMC
ConnellGeorge WPvtCo F, 7th Ind CavSLMC
ConnellyJamesCo D, 1st Ore InfSLMC
(SLMC: Connally)
Jabez GPvtCo K, 7th IL InfASLF
ConnerA LCo K, 25th Iowa InfSLMC
ConnerJamesPvtCo D, 9th IllSLMC
ConnerJamesPvtCo D, 9th Ill Cav, FarrierSLMC
ConnerJames MFarrierCo D, 9th IL CavSUVCW
ConnerMartinCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ConnerOliver ISgtCo H, 13th US InfSLMC
ConnerThomas PPvtCo H, 32nd Ohio InfSLMC
ConnerThomas PCo H, 32nd OH InfSUVCW
ConnerWilliam HCaptainCo B, 8th Wis InfSLMC
ConnerWilliam MCo G, 96th NY InfSUVCW
ConneyE BCo B, 185th N YSLMC
ConnorJamesPvtCo G, 95th Ill InfSLMC
ConnorJosephCo D, 4th Calif InfSLMC
ConnorWesleyCaptainCo F, 38th Ind InfSLMC
ConowayJCo A, 2nd Ill CavSLMC
ConradAndrew JCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
ConradAugustCW Vet?SLMC
ConradJames CCo K, 10th Mo InfSLMC
ConradJesse HCo M, 1st NY CavSUVCW
ConsigneyJohn F1st Tenn Cav, CW VetSLMC
ConturierWmPvt1st Ore Cav (detached)SLMC
ConverseJeremiah PPvtCo H, 16th N Y InfSLMC
ConwayEbenezer BCo B, 185th NY InfSUVCW
ConwayEbenezer BenjaminPvtCo B, 185th N Y InfSLMC
ConwayJohnPvtCo E, 84th Ohio InfSLMC
ConwayJohnCo E, 84th OH InfSUVCW
ConyersHenry PPvtCo C, 15th Ill InfSLMC
ConyersWilliam HLtCo D, 16th Ill InfSLMC
CookA JCo H, 9th Iowa Vet Vol InfSLMC
CookAaronCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CookAbraham BCo I, 3rd Minn InfSLMC
CookAlonzo RCo B, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CookArthur JCplCo H, 9th IA InfSUVCW
CookBradfordTeamsterCo M, 6th MI CavSUVCW
CookBradford SCo I, 5th Mich CavSLMC
CookCharlesCo H, 21st N J InfSLMC
CookCharles RCo B, 5th Minn InfSLMC
CookCharles RCo B, 5th MN InfSUVCW
CookChas WarrenCo I, 8th Calif InfSLMC
CookDaniel NCo H, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CookDavidCW Vet?SLMC
CookEbenezerCo I, 8th N Y ArtSLMC
CookEdgar CPvtCo H, 2nd Minn CavSLMC
CookFrancis ASgtCo B, 4th Ill CavSLMC
CookFrankCo L, 2nd Calif CavSLMC
CookGeorgeCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CookH CCo A, 35th N J InfSLMC
CookJamesPvtCo A, 2nd Wis CavSLMC
CookJames ASgtCo K, 25th Mich InfSLMC
CookJames A1st Sgtco K, 25th MI InfSUVCW
CookJames MCo K, 8th WisSLMC
CookJohnCo A, 38th IA InfSUVCW
CookJohn GPvtCo F, 34th & 38th Iowa InfSLMC
CookJohn RPvtCo E, 12th Kans InfSLMC
CookJohn RCo G, 11th IN InfSUVCW
CookJoseph FCplCo D, 100th Pa InfSLMC
CookLafayette LMo Inf and Cav, CW VetSLMC
CookM BCo E & F, 2nd Mo CavSLMC
CookPeterPvtCo C, 67th Ill InfSLMC
CookPeterCo B, 8th IL InfSUVCW
CookRobertCo K, 5th Wis InfSLMC
CookRobertCo C, 50th WI InfSUVCW
CookS GCo A, 51st Ind InfSLMC
CookSeymour SCo A, 5th Iowa InfSLMC
CookSeymour SMusicianCo A, 5th IA InfSUVCW
CookWilliam HCo H, 25th MI InfSUVCW
CookWm SPvtConfed, Co F, 3rd Mo CavSLMC
CookeLafayette LCo H, MO Home Guard InfSUVCW
CooleAnsonCo E, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CooleyChasCo A, 36th Ill InfSLMC
CooleyJ LCplCo I, 6th Tenn CavSLMC
CoolidgeJ MPvtCo C, 15th Ill InfSLMC
CoombsEdwardPvtCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CoombsEdwardCo I, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CoomerGeorge HPvtCo F, 2nd Neb CavSLMC
CoonDaniel HCplCo E, 34th NY InfSUVCW
CoonSamuel HCplCo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CoonanPCo E, 4th Minn InfSLMC
CoonradtNoahPvtCo K, 40th Wis InfSLMC
CoonseJohn ACW Vet?SLMC
CoonsePhilip MPvtCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CooperDaniel JacksonCo D, 76th MO St Mil InfSUVCW
CooperDaniel TCo D, 76th Mo St MilSLMC
CooperDavidCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CooperGeorge CCo G, 12th WI InfSUVCW
CooperGeorge SCo G, 12th Wis InfSLMC
CooperGeorge WPvtCo G, 162nd Ohio InfSLMC
CooperGeorge WCo A, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CooperGeorge WileyPvtCo E, 13th Ohio CavSLMC
CooperJ ACo C, 30th Wis InfSLMC
CooperJacob CalvinCo C, 14th Mo Cav St MilSLMC
CooperJacob CalvinCo C, 14th MO St Mil CavSUVCW
CooperJamesCo D, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CooperJames F JCommSgt, Co M, 2nd Colo CavSLMC
CooperJohnPvtCo D, 24th Ind InfSLMC
CooperJohnMusicianCo D, 24th IN InfSUVCW
CooperJohn GPvtCo H & K, 4th CA InfASLF
CooperJohn GUS Soldier, CW Vet?SLMC
CooperJohn GCo H, 4th CA InfSUVCW
CooperJosiah KCplCo B, 3rd Potomac Home Brig, MD InfASLF
(widow of soldier)
CW Vet, US Soldier?SLMC
CooperR PPvtCo E, 4th Mo CavSLMC
CooperRobert MiloPvtCo K, 183rd PaSLMC
CooperRobert MiloCo K, 183rd PA InfSUVCW
CooperWilliamCo E, 9th KS CavSUVCW
CooperWilliam GCplCo K, 5th Kans CavSLMC
CooperWilliam HPvtCo E, 9th Kans CavSLMC
CooverdaleWm SCo A, 113th IllSLMC
CoovertJames WCo H, 151st Ind InfSLMC
CoovertJames WCplCo H, 151st IN InfSUVCW
CoovertJohn WCo I, 67th Ind InfSLMC
CoovertJohn WCo I, 67th IN InfSUVCW
CopeJames APvtCo A, 47th Ohio InfSLMC
CopelandBenjamin AikenPvtCo G, 53rd Ohio InfSLMC
CopelandHenry MSgtCW Vet?SLMC
CopelandJosiah SPvtCo D, 4th Calif InfSLMC
CopelandJosiah SCo D, 4th CA InfSUVCW
CopelandW ECW Vet?SLMC
CopelandWilliam CPvtCo A, 141st Ohio InfSLMC
CopleyLaFayetteCo F, 8th W Va InfSLMC
CopleyWilliamPvtCW Vet?SLMC
CoppHenry WmCW Vet?SLMC
CoppleSimpson SCo C, 11th Ill Vol InfSLMC
CorbellFrancis MCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CorbellFrancis MCo I, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CorbellJohn MCo I, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CorbetJohnPvtCo C, 17th Ohio VolSLMC
CorbettHenry WCW Vet?SLMC
CorbettS CPvtCo C, 9th Iowa InfSLMC
CorbettTimothy1st SgtCo C, 2nd US LtArtSLMC
CorbettW HCo C, 43rd Ohio InfSLMC
CorbinClementCplCo H, 8th Wis InfSLMC
CorbinJ GSgtCo D, 11th Ind InfSLMC
CorbinJ GSgtCo D, 11th IN InfSUVCW
CorbinManuel ECo A, US Col'd VolsSLMC
CorbinOliver GCo I, 2nd Ill InfSLMC
CorbitWilliam Henry (SLMC: Henry W Corbett)PvtCo C, 43rd OH InfASLF
CorbitWm HCo C, 43rd Ohio InfSLMC
CordesCharles ACo F, Mo Inf, CW VetSLMC
CoreBernardCW Vet?SLMC
CoreyAaronCW Vet?SLMC
CoreyDanielPvtCo A, 4th Mich VolsSLMC
CoreyEdwin EPvtCo E, 9th N Y LtArtSLMC
CoreyJasper WPvtCo H, 38th Wis InfSLMC
CorkerJ RCo D, 36th N Y InfSLMC
CorlyMichael JUSN Frigate 'Santee' & Stmr 'Connecticut'SLMC
CormackAbsalomPvtCo I, 1st Ark CavSLMC
CormanEdward1st SgtCo G, 9th Kans CavSLMC
CornantAugustQM SgtCW VetSLMC
CorneilleFrancis CCo C, 1st Mich ArtSLMC
CorneliusThomasCo I, 1st OR CavSUVCW
CorneliusThomas RColonel1st Ore CavSLMC
CornellBenjamin BCo C, 11th Minn InfSLMC
CornellBenjamin RCo B, 11th MN InfSUVCW
CornellEdward WCplCo F, 17th MI InfASLF
CornellEdward WCW Vet?SLMC
CornellEnochPa Vols, CW VetSLMC
CornellLewis TPvtCo A, 3rd Wis InfSLMC
CornellLewis TCo A, 3rd WI InfSUVCW
CornellLuke ACo F, 1st Minn HvArtSLMC
CornfordGeorge WCplCo B, 1st Mich InfSLMC
CornoyerAlexander ACo K, 7th N Y ArtSLMC
CornoyerAlexander ACo K, 7th NY HvArtSUVCW
CornwellJamesCW Vet?SLMC
CornwellL GCo A, 6th Ill CavSLMC
CorrellGeorge WCW Vet?SLMC
CorsonJonathan SCW Vet?SLMC
CortesManuelCo C, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CorthJosephCo I, 2nd Ill ArtSLMC
CorthellWellman ACo K, 14th IL InfSUVCW
CorumJohn WCW Vet?SLMC
CorwinACo B, 35th Ohio InfSLMC
CorwinC LCo H, 8th Wis InfSLMC
CoryAaronSgtCo A, 27th Wis InfSLMC
CoryWilliam JCW Vet?SLMC
CoryallZ BCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CoryellDaniel LPvtCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CoryellDavid LCo F, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CoryellValorasPvtCo F, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CoryellValorus BCo F, 1st OR InfSUVCW
CosgroveHenryPvtCo I, 23rd Minn InfSLMC
CosgrovePeterPvtCo B, 1st N Y LtArtSLMC
CossinsJamesCo G, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CostelloRichardPvtCo C, 44th Ill InfSLMC
CostelloePeterAsst SurgCo D, 14th Me InfSLMC
CottRichardCo F, 17th IL CavSUVCW
CottellCharles WPvtCo M, 7th Ill CavSLMC
CottellHampden SSgtCo C, 15th Ill InfSLMC
CottinghamJames WSgtCo F, 126th Ill InfSLMC
CottinghamJohn E WIW VetSLMC
CottleCharles HSgtCo B, 18th Wis InfSLMC
CottleFrederick SPvtCo E, 39th Ill InfSLMC
CottleFredrick SCo E, 39th IL InfSUVCW
CottonJames TCW Vet?SLMC
CottonWilliam S HPvtCo E, 12th Wis InfSLMC
CottonWm LCo G, 5th Iowa CavSLMC
CottrellCharles PPvtCo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CottrellWm HCo B, 35th N Y InfSLMC
CottyWilliam FPvtCo K, 37th Ohio Inf NGSLMC
CouchFirman CCo B, 13th Mo CavSLMC
CouchJohnCo C, 40th Mo InfSLMC
CouchMiltonCo K, 142nd Ill InfSLMC
CoughlinJeremiahCW Vet?SLMC
CoughlinThomasCo F, 80th N Y InfSLMC
CoughlinThomasCo F, 80th NY InfSUVCW
CoughtryJamesPvtCo E, 15th Ill InfSLMC
CoughtryJamesCo C, 15th IL InfSUVCW
CougilW FCo B, 115th Ill VolsSLMC
CougillW FIL VolsNEWSP
CouleyJames HCW Vet?SLMC
CoulsonIsaac NPvtCo I, Mo Mtd InfSLMC
CoulterJohn PCplCo B, 1st W Va LtArtSLMC
CoultonJames ISgtCo D, 8th Conn InfSLMC
CounJamesCo A, 29th IndSLMC
CountCharles HCo B, 4th US CavSUVCW
CountChas CCo G, 17th US InfSLMC
CountrymanDavid (Jr)CW Vet, US SoldierSLMC
CountrymanMichaelPvtCo G, 152nd Ohio InfSLMC
CourtJohnCW Vet?SLMC
CourterJonathanPvtCo C, 14th Mich InfSLMC
CourterJonathanCo C, 14th MI InfSUVCW
CourterNathan PCo I, 203rd Pa InfSLMC
CourtneyDavid WilmontCo F, 13th Ohio InfSLMC
CourtneyJohn CPvtCo B, 8th Mass CavSLMC
CourtrightCornelius CCo G, 104th Ill InfSLMC
CourtrightGeorge HPvtCo A, 4th Wis CavSLMC
CourtrightGeorge HCo G, 4th WI CavSUVCW
CourtwrightAmos ECplCo F, 64th Ill InfSLMC
CourtwrightGeorge NCo D, 56th N Y InfSLMC
CousinsFrankCo G, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CovellCharles EPvtCo D, 44th Ill InfSLMC
CovellCharles ECo D, 44th IL InfSUVCW
CovellJohn SCo G, 8th MI InfSUVCW
CovellRosalin ACW Vet?SLMC
CoverJacobCo E, 21st Pa CavSLMC
CoverJacobCW Vet?SLMC
CoverdaleWm SPvtCo I, 113th Ill InfSLMC
CoveyEdwin EPvtCo E, 9th N Y HvArtSLMC
CoveyGeorge WPvtCo C, 21st MoSLMC
CoveyWelcome J CPvtConfed, Co F, 15th Ark CavSLMC
CovilleJohn SPvtCo C, 8th Mich InfSLMC
CowanJames H2nd SgtCo H, 1st Iowa CavSLMC
CowanJames WPvtCo D, 9th N Y CavSLMC
CowelsEthan HCplCo B, 31st MA InfSUVCW
CowenRobertPvtCo G, 8th N Y ArtSLMC
CowingThos FPvtCo G, 2nd Wis InfSLMC
CowlesEthan HCo B, 31st MassSLMC
CowlesR ACaptainCo H, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CoxBenjaminIndian WarsASLF
CoxBenjaminCW Vet?SLMC
CoxCCo E, 23rd Ill InfSLMC
CoxCharlesCo B, 1st Ore CavSLMC
CoxCharles HCo A, 1st Ore InfSLMC
CoxDavid CSgtCo G, 48th Ind InfSLMC
CoxEdgarPvtCo G, 5th Kans CavSLMC
CoxGeorge CCo A, 4th Mo CavSLMC
CoxGeorge HPvtCo H, 42nd Wis InfSLMC