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Surname Given Name Rank Info Year Page
McElliottFrederickCplCo B, 14th OH Inf190924
McGirlBarneyPvtCo I, 2nd KS Inf190315
McGraneBernardPvtCo F, 11th IL Cav18964
McGrawE SPvtCo F, 4th WI Cav191637
McGwinJohnPvtBatt'y M, 1st NY Artillery18989
McIntireJohn JArtificerCo M, 50th NY Engineers190619
McKendrickHenryPvtCo I, 6th PA Cav18954
McKibbin(none given)Sgt4th Batt, Artillery (entry incomplete)190518
McKibbin *Jonathan FSgt3rd KS Light Artillery191128
McKinnaWm BPvtCo B, 1st MO Inf18966
McKinneyAPvtCo I, 32nd OH Inf191637
McKinney *JacobPvtCo A, 1st OR Mtd Vols190822
McKusickHoward MPvtCo D, 1st ME Inf190619
McKusick *Howard MPvtCo H, 6th ME Inf191229
McManusPeterArtificerCo G, 1st NY Engineers18988
McMillanDavidPvtCo H, 9th IL Cav190822
McMillenWm WPvtCo A, 60th OH Inf191127
McNabb *John KPvtCo E, 5th IL Inf [Spanish-American]191229
McNabb *Robert JPvtCo F, 17th IA Inf191127
MeaseLeviPvtCo G, 7th PA Cav191636
MeinzerFredPvtCo B, 19th WI Inf191738
MeinzerFredPvtCo B, 19th WI Inf191738
MelcherEPvtCo I, 14th US Inf191637
Menard *James PPvtCo I, 9th IN Inf191229
MerrillCharles J(none given)190517
MerrillCharles J2nd Battery, MA Heavy Artillery191026
MerrillCharles JPvtCo D, US Engineers [MA Light Artillery]190214
MetzgerWm MPvtCo G, 2nd OR Vol Mil191637
MeyersDaniel OArtificerCo D, 1st Terr US Vols [Span-Amer]191535
Michael *John HPvtCo C, 174th OH Inf191431
MichaelisJohn TLandsmanUS Navy18999
MichaelisJohn TLandsmanUS Navy190112
MichaelsTheodorePvtCo E, 8th CA Inf190315
MichelsTheodorePvtCo E, 8th CA Inf18953
MickleySam JPvtCo I, 18th MI Inf191738
MiconJohn(none given) [Co D, 2nd OR Mtd Vols]18987
Middleton *John FPvtCo H, 176th OH Inf191127
MilesWilliam CPvtCo A, 4th MO State Militia Cav191127
MillardRansom HCplCo E, 3rd MO Cav190214
MillerAbramPvtCo C, 5th KS Cav18942
MillerEPvtCo C, 1st OR Cav18942
MillerJ WPvtCo H, 65th IN Inf191738
MillerJohnPvtCo G, 153rd NY Inf190416
MillerJohn CLamericks Co, 1st OR Mtd Vols191025
MillerJohn CPvtLamericks Co, 1st OR Mtd Vols190822
MillikinT SPvtCo L, 44th US Inf [Spanish-American]191534
MillsJacobPvtCo G, 168th OH Inf190621
MillsJas Olliver PPvtCo F, 15th US Inf [Mexican War]18987
MillsThos EPvtCo C, 38th IA Inf191534
Mills *Eli OPvtCo C, 122nd OH Inf191331
MinerJamesPvtCo K, 65th NY Inf18942
MinerJames MPvtCo K, 65th NY Inf190112
MinnickAlfredPvtCo E, 7th IA Cav191738
MinnickChas J2ndLtCo I, 81st IL Inf18987
MisenheimerM ASaddlerCo B, 2nd CA Cav190518
MitchellCharlesPvtCo E, 12th NJ Inf190213
MitchellR WPvtCo A, 18th NY Cav190416
MitchellRobert WPvtCo A, 18th NY Cav190416
Mitchell *R BPvtCo B, 59th IL Inf191738
MoklerJamesPvtCo E, 4th NH Inf190518
MollJ JPvtCo A, 2nd CT Artillery191637
MonachPeterPvtCo D, 41st MA Inf; Co D, 3rd MA Cav18964
MonochPeterPvtCo D, 41st MA Inf190112
MonteithM SCaptainCo E, 2nd OR State Militia191637
MontgomeryWilliam EPvtCo E, 138th IL Inf190822
Montgomery *SamuelPvtCo F, 188th PA Inf191431
Montis *William HPvtCo C, 14th OH National Guard191229
MontonyeJohnPvtCo G, 143rd PA Inf190822
MooreGeo WPvtCo G, 58 IL Inf18942
MooreH CCo F, 170th OH Vol Inf191738
MooreIsaac LPvtCo G, 13th OH Cav190315
MooreJamesSgtCo C, 1st OR Cav190111
MooreJamesSgtCo C, 1st OR Cav191535
MooreThomas HPvt4th US 190722
MooreThomas HPvtCo E, 4th US Inf191025
Moore GeoPvtCo G, 178th PA Inf (Drafted Militia)191533
Moore *Chancy(none given)191229
Moore *Homer CPvtCo F, 170th OH Inf191229
MorandChas MPvtCo K, 146th IL Inf18988
MorganElihuPvtCo A, 1st OR Cav190416
Morgan *Clinton CPvtCo F, 4th IA Cav191229
Morrell *Lewis ELandsmanUS Navy191432
MorrisRobertPvtCo A, 36th IN Inf191127
MorrisSarvignia JPvtCo E, 1st OR Inf190518
MorrisonGeorgePvtCo A, 2nd VT Inf190923
MorrisonJPvtCo F, 70th OH Inf191637
MorrisonJamesPvtCo H, 5th MI Cav18976
MorrisonJohn[none given]18953
MorrisonJohnPvtCo F, 70th OH Inf189615
Morrow *Robert GPvtCo F, 32nd OH Inf191432
MorseAhiraPvtCo C, 13th IA Inf18965
MoserNicholasSgtCo B, 13th US Inf190823
MosesAndrew JSgt MajCo B, 2nd WA Militia18976
MosesElderPvtCo F, 3rd IA Cav190112
Mosher *TompsonPvtCo I, 9th NJ Inf191228
MossmanIsaacCplCo A, 1st OR Mtd Vols190213
MossmanIsaac VCpl1st OR Mtd Vols189910
MossmanQ VCaptainCo A, 1st OR Mtd Vols190416
Mossman *I VCplCo A, 1st OR Mtd Vols191228
Mott *TheodoreSgtCo D, 18th WI Inf191229
MoultonTheodorePvtCo K, 4th CA Inf18988
MoultonTheodorePvtCo K, 2nd CA Inf190113
Mowery *AbsalomPvtCo C, 4th IA Inf191431
MulhernPatrickPvtCo A, 23rd US Inf190721
MulkeyThomasCo B, [unit not recorded]18943
Mulkey *CyreniusPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols191127
MullinLevi HPvtCo I, 1st PA Res Inf190315
MurphyJohnPvtCo A, PA Heavy Artillery191026
MurrayJames W (Jr)PvtCo K, 1st Reg MO State Militia Cav18999
Murray *George TPvtCo B, 1st OR Inf191431
Murry *James WPvtCo K, 1st MO Cav191330
MyerJohnPvtCo C, 41st OH Inf190518
MyersNathanCplCo B, 133rd IN Inf190213
MyresJacob LPvtDunlap's Indpt Co, [IL] Mtd Vol (Mex War)18943
NapierWilliamPvtCo H, 1st IN Heavy Artillery190315
NeedhamFrank1stClassBoyUS Navy190213
Needles *George BCplCo A, 151st IL Inf191331
NeelyDavidPvt2nd Batt'n, 2nd OR [Indian Wars]18953
Neely *DavidPvtCo B, 2nd OR Mtd Vols191128
Nelson *Elijah CCo A, 1st OR Mtd Vols191331
Neuffer *HenryPvtCo M, 1st OH Cav191432
NewberryJames TPvtCo E, 49th IL Inf190822
NewgardAmund LCplCo K, 11th WI Inf190112
NewgardAmund LCplCo K, 11th WI Inf190924
Nichols *JosephPvtCo F, 38th IA Inf191431
NicholsonJohnPvtCo E, 1st Bald Mtn [Rogue River Indian War]18977
NiesJames HSgt55th IL Inf191636
NilerAlbertPvtCo C, 55th OH Inf191535
Nippert *Henry CPvtCo F, 1st WI Cav191128
NobleFredPvtCo F, 12th MO Vol Cav191739
NorcrossEliPvtCo I, 91st IN Inf18965
NorrisSpanglerPvtCo C, 1st OR Cav18977
NortonIsaacPvtCo D, 4th CA Vols191738
NotestineAaronCplCo D, 88th Ind Inf18941
NotestineAaronCplCo D, 88th IN Inf18999
NourseFrederick ACaptainCo A, 14th US Colored Troops Heavy Artillery190011
NoyesChester WPvtCo H, 15th IA Inf190314
O'BrienJohnCplCo A, 3rd MD Inf18999
O'KeefJosephBuglerCo G, 11th MI Inf190416
O'KeefJosephBuglerCo G, 11th MI Cav190518
O'Keef *JosiahBuglerCo G, 11th MI Cav190621
O'NeilThomasSeamanUS Navy190924
OhlOwenPvtCo F, 174th PA Inf18942
OhlOwenPvtCo F, 174th PA Inf189910
OliverRobtPvtCo I, 12th IN Inf191534
Oliver *Samuel FSeamanUS Navy191432
OlneyOrville2ndLtOlney's Co, OR Cav18954
OlsonAndrewPvtCo F, 2nd OR Mtd Vols [Indian War]190011
OsburnSilasPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf190315
OwenWm RCplCo K, 61st PA Inf; Pvt, Meggs Battery, 16th IN [Light Artillery]18976
OwensWilliam RCplCo K, 61st PA Inf190721
OwingsGilbert CCo B, 71st IL Inf18966
Packwood *Wm KSgtCo C, 1st US Dragoons191026
PalmerIsaac AMusician30th WI Inf190823
PalmerJoseph APvtCo F, 1st OR Inf190721
PalmerM JCplCo I, 58th IN Inf190620
PalmerMason JCplCo I, 58th IN Inf190112
PalmerTilson HOR Cav [Modoc Indian War]18977
Palmer *Mason JCplCo I, 58th IN Inf191229
Pankey *Jobadiah DPvtCo C, 12th IL Inf191228
ParentJohn HPvtCo G, 7th KS Cav190112
ParisMiner RPvtCo G, 1st MN Heavy Artillery190924
ParkerSamuelPvtCo A, 1st Battalion ME Inf191536
ParkerWilliam TSgtCo I, 52nd MA Inf190925
Parks *Denton PCplCo H, 6th US Cav191127
ParrishJames MPvtCo C, 1st MI Heavy Artillery18976
Parrish *LewisCplCo C, 6th MI Heavy Artillery191330
ParsonsA OPvtCo C, 21st WI Inf18976
ParsonsAlonzo OPvtCo C, 21st WI Inf18942
ParsonsAlonzo OPvtCo C, 21st WI Inf18942
ParsonsAlonzo OPvtCo C, 21st WI Inf; Co B, 3rd WI Cav18987
PascoeW CCplCo I, 1st CA Cav191637
PatesJohnPvtCo I, 3rd WI Inf191637
PatrickJohn WPvtCo F, 12th IN Vol Inf191636
PattenMichael JPvtCo A, 10th OH Inf190721
PattenRobert WPvtCo E, 3rd WI Inf18953
PattersonJoseph B(none given)190113
PattersonJoseph B(none given)190517
PattersonJoseph BPvtCapt Jesse Walker's Co, OR Mtd Vols190316
PatznickAugustavusPvtco K, 43rd WI Inf190416
PaulChasPvtCo H, 2nd MN Vols191534
PaulChasPvtCo H, 2nd ME Inf191636
PaulVictorPvtCo D, 5th MN Inf191025
PayneMarvin EPvtCo K, 7th KS Cav190010
Payne *Marvin EPvtCo K, 7th KS Inf190923
PealerRussellCplCo G, 29th IA Inf190519
PedenMorgan LPvtCo B, 2nd Reg OR Inf [Indian War 1856]18954
PeiroJohn BPvtCo C, 65th NY Inf18987
PembrokeG WPvtCo D, 30th IN Inf190416
PenceJacobPvtCo I, 1st OR Inf18942
Penney *Stephen APvtCo F, Independent Battery MN Cav191432
PepperlingChristolphPvtCo C, 46th IL Inf190214
PepperlingChristopherPvtCo C, 46th IL Inf18976
PercyThosPvtCo G, 7th IN Inf191738
PerdueJohn EPvtCo A, 1st OR Cav191636
PerkinsJames MPvtCo G, 53rd KY Inf190517
PerryWilliamPvtCo G, 3rd MO Vol Inf18976
PerryWilliamPvtCo G, 3rd MN Inf190823
PetersJosephPvtCo F, 22nd IA Inf18999
PetersJosephPvtCo F, 22nd IA 191636
PetreeMahlonPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190518
PetrieJamesPvtCo B, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190213
PfeilLudwigPvtCo I, 3rd US Artillery190417
PhelpsLewis HPvtCo E, 152nd IN Inf190416
Philips *JamesPvtCo E & A, 23rd US Inf191128
PhillipsJohnPvtCo D, 5th WV Cav18942
PhillipsJohnPvtCo D, 5th WV Cav18988
PhillipsJohnPvtCo D, 5th WV Cav190314
Pickerell *Milton HCplCo H, 17th IA Inf191330
PierceGeorgePvtCo I, 21st PA Inf190822
PierceGeorge WSgtCo B, 207th PA Inf190722
PikeZebulon MPvtCo K, 20th IA Inf189910
PinneJohnPvtCo H, 2nd US Dragoons [Reg Army 1846-1851]190214
PitmanRichardPvtCo B, 11th MO Cav190924
PlasterJohn H [S]Co I [B], 1st OR Inf18942
PlasterJohn SPvtCo B, 1st OR Inf18988
PogueGeorge WPvtCo C, 18th IL Inf190619
Pogue *Geo WPvtCo C, 18th IL Inf191330
Pollard Aaron BPvtCo A, 1st AL Cav191127
PorterJohn TPvtCo C, 76th IL Inf190924
PorterL DPvtCo E, 18th US Inf191637
Porter *DavidPvtCo H, 61st OH Inf191331
Porter *DavidPvtCo K, 139th [193rd] PA Inf191433
Porter *Lorenzo DPvtCo E, 18th US Inf191330
Porter *Lorenzo DPvtCo E, US Inf191636
PotterJohnPvtCo G, 5th MD Inf190620
PratherCharles BPvtCo E, 25th IL Inf190518
PrattHiramPvtCo H, 33rd NY Vols; Sgt, Co E, 1st NY Vet Vol Cav190315
PriceWilliam GPvtCo C, 188th NY Inf18988
PurdomJohn WSgtCo F, 1st OR Inf190213
RadfordRobertPvtCo D, 4th CA Inf190011
RaganJohn MPvtCo F & B, 24th IN Heavy Artillery18953
RagonJoseph EPvtCo I, 1st AR Inf190315
RamsbyEphraimPvtCo B, 12th IN Inf191534
Ranco Jno VPvtCo D, 7th ME Vols191533
RancorOliverSgtCo K, 7th US Inf [Mexican War]190011
RandolphRollinPvtCo C, 2nd Batt WI Inf18941
Rankin *Henry EPvtCo D, 3rd CA Inf191128
RanneyAlbert APvtCo G, 4th WI Inf18988
RanneyTitusPvtCo A, 1st OR Inf190823
Rastall * JamesSgtCo H, 1st WI Heavy Artillery191127
RawlingsWilliam HPvt12th Independent OH Artillery190620
ReaJames SPvtCo B, 7th CA Inf190112
Redner *FrankPvtCo I, 1st Battalion MN Inf191228
ReedJasper NPvtCo B, 7th MO Cav18964
Reed *AllenPvtCo F, 7th TN Mtd Inf191330
ReeseJames MPvtCo K, 123rd IN Inf18943
ReeserGeorge WPvtCo F, 44th IA Inf190315
Renault *John BPvtCo A, 100th NY Inf191432
Reno *HenryPvtCo B, 149th IL Inf191127
ReynoldsHoracePvtCo A, 1st CA Cav18954
ReynoldsIsaac HPvtCo C, 1st OR Cav190112
ReynoldsJoseph HSgtCo D, 123rd IL Inf190924
RiceDavid RPvtCo I, 134th IN Inf; Co C, 51st IN Inf18989
RiceDavid RPvtCo I, 134th IN Inf190619
Richards *Charles CPvtCo C, 2nd MO Cav191432
RichardsonG GPvtCo H, 10th NY Heavy Artillery191637
RichardsonI MPvtCo B, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190315
RichardsonLarkinPvtCo F, 1st OR Mtd Vols190417
RichardsonPreston2ndLtCo C, 8th Regt MO State Militia190822
RichardsonTheodore WPvtCo K, 15th IN Inf190620
RichardsonWm PPvtCo D, 155th IL Inf18987
Richardson PrestonLtCo C, 8th MO Cav State Militia190621
RichmondM J NPvtCo K, 113th IL Inf190417
RidgewayH APvtCo F, 23rd US Inf191636
RidgwayHenry APvtCo F, 23rd US Inf190925
Rigsby *David TSgtCo L, 1st CO Cav191229
RileyJamesCplCo I, 2nd VT Inf190112
RischGeorgePvtCo C, US Res Corps190518
RistanJoseph CPvtCo K, 1st OR Inf18976
RobbDaniel CCplCo K, 1st KY Cav190923
RobbJames HPvt3rd Battery IA [Light Artillery]191534
RobersonFordPvtCo C, 1st OR Mtd Vols190113
RobertsJohnPvtCo E, 4th US Inf190722
Roberts *William GPvtCo M, 2nd NY Heavy Artillery191228
RobinsonFelixPvtCo F, 1st Ore Inf18941
RobinsonGeorgePvtCo D, 8th CA Inf190214
RobinsonHenryPvtCo C, 14th WI Inf190924
RobinsonJohn LSgtCo B, 106th NY Inf190925
RobinsonJosephPvtCo E, 22nd IA Inf190519
Robinson Solomon VCo B, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190621
RodebaughBPvtCo B, 51st OH Vols191637
RodgersJamesPvtCo B, 1st CA Cav190112
RogersJamesPvtCo B, 1st CA Cav18966
RogersLuther SPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190316
RogersWm Hanson1stClassBoyUS Navy190416
Rogers *JamesPvtCo B, 1st CA Cav191025
Rogers *William Hanson1stClassBoyUSS Germantown190620
RolfeJohn PPvtCo A, 1st OR Cav18942
Rollins *JohnPvtCo G, 169th NY Inf191433
RootWilliam WPvtCo I, 4th Indpt Res Corp; 1st Reg't US Sharpshooters189910
RootWilliam WPvtCo I, 1st US SharpShooters190517
Root *Wm WPvtCo I, 1st US Sharpshooters190923
RoseJohnUS Navy18953
RosebrookWilliam HCplCo G, 20th WI Inf191026
RoserPeterPvtCo G, 4th IL Inf18943
RossJohnUS Navy190620
RossJohnSeamanUS Navy18942
RossWilliam P (Jr)PvtCo I, 61st IL Inf190011
RossierJosephPvtCo D, 1st OR Inf18942
Rowan *JohnSgtCo D, 2nd TN Cav191432
Rowan *MarcellusPvtCo B, 6th East TN Inf191432
RowellFrankPvtCo G, 30th ME18943
RuhlA HPvtCo I, 8th OH Cav191637
Rumsey *John ACplCo E, 1st MO Light Artillery191330
RunyanMahlon TPvtCo A, 20th IL Inf190721
RussellMcCollumPvtCo M, 7th IA Cav190417
RussellMcCollumPvtCo C, 14th IA Inf190619
RussellMcCollumPvtCo C, 14th IA Inf190621
RussellMcCollumPvtCo M, 7th IA Cav190924
RussellWilliamCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190722
Russell *McCollumPvtCo C, 14th IA Inf191228
RyanThomasPvtCo H, 2nd CT Heavy Artillery190010
Sage *John ASaddlerCo K, 4th MI Cav191229
SainPeterSgtCo B, 11th IL Cav190213
SalsmanJohn B1stSgtCo H, 6th MO Cav190213