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Surname Given Name Rank Info Year Page
HamptonAmos HPvtCo C, 52nd OH Inf191636
Hampton *A HPvtCo C, 52nd OH Inf191433
Hampton *O HPvtCo C, 52nd OH Inf191431
Hansen *Ole CPvtCo L & B, 8th CA Inf191432
HanslerJohn GPvtCo K & H, 54th PA Inf18976
HansonCharles WPvtCo H, 2nd CA Cav190518
HarperChas ASgtCo F, 1st KS Inf18966
HarperChas ASgtCo F, 1st KS Inf191535
Harper CPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf191738
HarrimanWm APvtCo D, 8th MN Inf190112
HarringtonWilliamPvtCo D, 9th IL Inf190722
HarrisonArchibald McMPvtCo D, 1st OR Mtd Vols191636
HarshaSamuelCo A, 7th CO Inf18942
HarshaSamuelSgtCo A, 7th CA Inf190925
HartHenry TPvtCo G, 5th MA Inf190822
HartJames GPvtCo E, 32nd NY Inf190010
HartJepthaPvtCo K, 75th IN Inf190721
HartJesse BMusicianCo A, 56th OH Inf18987
HartWm BPvtCo K, 39th NJ Inf191534
HartmanPeterPvtCo L, 1st MN Mtd Rangers; Co F, 1st MN Heavy Artillery18953
HartmanPeterPvtCo L, 1st MN Mtd Rangers18965
HasseJohn HPvtCo G, 3rd WI Cav191535
Hasse *John HPvtCo G, 3rd WI Cav191229
Haverstroth *ErnestPvtCo B, 22nd IA Inf191229
HawesWilliam HPvtCo B, 4th MA Cav18999
HawesWilliam HSgtCo K, 4th MA Cav190111
HawkinsGeorge WPvtCo D, 2nd CO Inf18953
HawkinsJosephPvtCo G, 12th MI Inf190417
Hawkins *SamuelPvtCo E, 2nd OR Mtd Vols191431
HawksThomas(none given)190315
HaydenAndrew JPvtCo B, 2nd Reg't, OR Mtd Vols [Indian War]18977
HayesGeo LPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190314
HaysGeo LewisPvtCo A, 1st Batt'n Recruits [2nd OR Mtd Vols] [Rogue River Indian War]18965
HeatonAndrew JCplCo K, 15th IN Inf190620
HeatonGeo JPvtCo E, 2nd US Inf18977
HedgerJohnCplCo G, 1st OH Cav190924
HeeleyMichaelPvtCo I, 23rd WI Inf18942
HeelyMichaelPvtCo I, 3rd WI Inf189615
HeelyMichaelPvtCo I, 23rd WI Inf18965
HeffnerAdamSgtCo G, 34th IN Inf18943
HeffnerAdamSgtCo G, 34th IN Inf190315
HeffnerDavidPvtCo E, 45th OH Inf190518
HelpmanDeWitt CMusicianCo C, 116th IL Inf191636
HelvesHenryArtificer1st MO Engineers18999
HembrieWm HSgtCo B, 1st OR Cav190417
HendersonJ NPvtCo F, 1st WA Vols191637
Hendery *DavidPvtCo A, 1st OR Mtd Vols191229
Hendery *LeanderPvtCo A, 1st OR Mtd Vols191229
Hendricks *Albert MSgtCo A, 5th MO Inf191433
HenleyR SPvtCo A, 109th IL Inf191534
HenlineWm HSgtCo B, 1st OR Cav190315
HeraldJohn SPvtCo L, 1st MT Inf190213
Herbert *Geo WPvtCo C, 2nd OR Mtd Vols191330
HermanKarlCplCo G, 6th CA Inf190315
HerndonJ SPvtCo I, 6th Prov MO State Militia191534
HeronJamesPvtBatt'y B, 3rd US Artillery18964
HeronJamesPvtCo B, 3rd US Artillery190620
HerronLeonardPvtCo F, 2nd Batt'n MO Cav; Co D, 14th KS Cav18964
HerseyLewis PvtCo C, 1st OR [Indian War]18977
HershbergW JPvtCo K, 4th US Artillery191636
HessJohn CPvtCo G, 153rd PA Vol Inf189910
HessJohn CPvtCo G, 153rd PA Inf18999
HestenJames SPvtCo E, 43rd OH Inf190924
Hevland *Chas WPvtCo D, 45th IL Inf191229
Hibbard *Ornan FPvtCo B, 1st OR Vols191228
Hickenson *WilliamPvtCo B, 13th IL Cav191330
HicksWilliamPvtCo C, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190620
HillRobertPvtCo I, 21st US Inf18977
HillsThomas GPvtCo K, 6th WI Inf190315
Hills *Thomas SPvtCo K, 6th WI Inf191128
HinesGeo APvtCo G, 12th WI Inf190314
HinesThomasPvtCo F, 80th NY Inf190011
HinesThomasPvtCo F, 80th NY Inf190314
HintersJohn BSgtCo B, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190619
HixonOscarCapt Rhodes' Co, OR Vols [Indian Wars]18965
HoaglandW SWagonerCo K, 35th [IL] Inf191739
Hobbs *WilliamPvt11th Battery, IN Light Artillery191331
HoffstatlerMilton GPvtCo F, 13th US Inf191534
HogeJoseph MSgtCo G, 14th KS Cav18941
HolcombL LPvtCo H, 169th OH Inf191637
HolcombThomas HPvtCo B, 1st OR Inf190112
Hollis *WilliamPvtCo D, 153rd OH National Guard191431
HolmanHarrySeamanUS Navy190822
HolmesHenry PRecruiting Battalion, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190417
HolseyEliPvtCo D, 14th KS Cav190925
HookSamuel GPvtCo H, 152nd PA Inf; 3rd PA Artillery18953
HooverWmPvtCo B, 5th MN Inf191637
HopkinsWilliam RPvtCo C, 9th PA Inf190416
HornbeckJohnPvtCo D, 11th Regiment MO Cav191535
HosfordMiltonPvtCo K, 27th WI Inf191025
HouckCalvin NPvtCo K, 39th MO Inf190518
Houk *Geo CPvtCo A, 19th US Inf191128
HowardEmery GPvtCo K, 9th KS Cav18942
HoweBenjamin DBlacksmithCo E, 6th OH Cav190823
HoweGeo EPvtBattalion 7th ME Artillery190619
HoweJeromePvtCo B, 122nd NY Inf18988
HowellElias DPvtCo I, 34th OH Inf18976
HuberJosephPvtCo E, 183rd OH Inf18988
HudsonShadrackPvtCo I, 2nd Reg, OR Mtd Vols [Rogue River Indian War]18977
HudsonShadrickPvtCo I, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190417
HudsonWilliamPvtCo M, 3rd US Artilery190517
Hudson *ShadrachCo I, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190721
HuffAbram CCo H, 9th IA Inf190518
HuffAbram CPvtCo H, 9th IA Inf190722
Huff *LouisPvtCo G, 12th IL Cav191330
HughesAbner BPvtCo E, 8th MO Cav190315
HughesJ JPvtCo I, 45th IA Inf Vols191738
Hughes *SamuelPvtCo A, 67th OH Inf191127
HukillEdwin RPvtCo K, 14th IA Inf18943
HukillEdwin RPvtCo K, 14th IA Inf18999
Hummel *FranklinCo C, 8th NY HvArt191127
HunnicuttHartwell FPvtCo G, 59th IL Inf190010
HunterGeorgeCo A, 10th IA Inf190924
HunterRobert MUS Navy190925
HunterWilliamPvtCo C, Santa Fe Battalion, US Mtd Vol190417
Hunter *Percival NPvtCo M, 11th US Vol Cav191432
HuntingtonE CCo F, 1st WI Heavy Artillery191534
HuntingtonEdward CPvtCo F, 1st WI Heavy Artillery191535
HuseltonWmPvtCo C, 12th MA Inf191637
Huselton *WilliamPvtCo C, 12th MA Inf191331
HutchinsJediahPvtCo A, 29th IN Inf190416
HutchinsonJ BCplCo A, 2nd MO Mtd Vols190112
HutchisonJohn BCplCo A, 2nd MO Mtd Vols [Mexican War]190011
Hyde *Harvey1stClassBoyUS Navy191331
HylandGeoPvtCo D, 1st OH Inf; Co G, 18th OH Inf18942
IngersolEugenePvtCo F, 59th IL Vet Vols191534
IngrahamE HPvtCo D, 33rd IL Inf18942
InmanJamesPvtCo C, 56th PA Inf18999
IrelandWilliamPvtCo D, 2nd OR Mtd Vols18999
Ives *Samuel CPvt4th IA Independent Battery191127
JacobsM FPvtCo B, 8th MN Inf191738
JamesWmPvtCo E, 18th US Inf191637
James *G MPvtCo C, 12th IA Inf191636
Jamison *James WPvtCo I, 85th IN Inf191127
JansenHenryPvtCo C, 149th IL Inf191738
JeansJohn MPvtCo B, 2nd Battalion OR Vols18988
Jeffers *CalebPvtCo F, 6th IA Inf191229
JewettHenry WPvtCo D, 1st OR Mtd Vols190924
JewettJohn TCo K, 2nd WA Terr Vols191126
JohnsonAndrewPvtCo C, 9th OR Mtd Vols190519
JohnsonFrancisPvtCo D, [Hatch's] Independent Battery MN Cav190315
JohnsonJosephPvtCo D, 3rd NY Light Artillery190722
JohnsonRobertPvtCo F, 1st OH Vols190519
JohnsonRussel BSgtCo H, 9th IN Inf18988
JohnsonW HUS Navy190518
JohnsonWilliamPvt1st OR Inf18954
Johnson *Austin DPvtCo L, 1st MI Vols191228
Johnson *G WSgtCo C, 1st OR Inf191738
JohnstonH CPvtCo E, 1st OR18942
JonesJames TPvtCo C, 4th TN Vols189910
JonesOliver WSgt65th US Inf190519
JonesRobt JSgtCo G, 6th IA Inf191738
JonesSanford GPvtCo D, 37th WI Inf18988
JonesSanford GPvtCo D, 37th WI Inf190011
Jones *FrancisPvtCo A, 1st WA Terr Inf191330
Jones *George WPvtCo C, 12nd IA Inf191127
Jones *James RPvtCo H, 17th MI Inf191229
Jones *Y M(none given)191228
JordanGeo E NCplCo G, 32nd MA Inf; 20th Reg't VRC190315
JordanWilliamSgt4th Battery, 1st ME Light Artillery18988
JoryJames WPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf191025
JostChesterPvtCo G, 3rd WI Inf190011
Juda [Judy]JohnPvtCo B, 74th OH Inf190923
JudneitFrederickPvtCo C, 45th NY Inf18942
JungeAlbertCplCo C, 2nd MO Light Art'y; MO Home Guard18953
JunkinDavid EPvtCo F, 1st OR Inf191535
Jupin *JohnPvtCo C, 12th KY Cav191128
KaempfWilliamPvtCo C, 46th WI Inf191026
KaupHneryPvtCo A, 2nd NE Cav190213
KeenerDavid SSgtCo F, 5th MD Inf190314
KeethWilliam GPvtCo M, 2nd US Vol Engineers [Spanish-American War]190112
Keffe [Keefe]Francis PPvtCo G, 46th MA Inf191026
KefferJohnCplCo F, 4th IA Inf190417
KefferJohnPvtCo F, 4th IA Inf190620
KeiferPeterPvtCo K, 68th NY Inf; Pvt, Co I, 21st US Inf18964
KellyArthurCo C, 1st [OR] Mtd Vols [Yakima Indian War]18964
KellyJohnSgtCo F, 12th NY Cav191535
Kelly *JohnSgtCo F, 12th NY Cav191431
KendrickPatrickPvtCo C, 169th NY Inf190822
KennedyEdwinPvtCo K & B, 13th WI Inf18954
KennedyHenry HPvtCo G, 56th NY Inf190721
KennedyJosephPvtCo H, 9th NY Artillery18954
Kennedy *JohnPvtCo F, 13th NY Cav191330
KenneySanford DCo C, 3rd PA Heavy Artillery18977
KenneyThomasSeamanUS Navy18942
KenneyThomasSeamanUS Navy18943
KerrJamesPvtCo H, 155th PA Inf190518
Killduff *RichardArtificerCo B, 50th NY Engineers191127
Killin *Andrew JPvtCo E, 1st OR Inf191432
KincaidMatthewPvt1st KS Artillery18954
KingAlbert GPvtCo E, 75th NY Inf190112
KingFielding APvtCo F, 1st Battalion CA Mountaineers190923
KingFielding ASgtCo F, 1st Battalion Mountaineers, CA Inf190315
KingFielding ASgtCo F, 1st Battalion CA Mountaineers190517
KingFrancis HPvtCo B, 13th US Inf190011
KingFrancis HPvtCo B, 13th US Inf190314
KingJames MPvtCo I, 6th MO State Militia18988
KingLutherPvtCo D, 4th CA Inf190213
KingLutherPvtCo D, 4th CA Inf190416
KingLutherPvtCo D, 4th CA Inf190619
King *Albert GPvtCo E, 75th NY Inf190721
Kinman Henry HPvtCo K, 7th WI Inf191533
KletschJ FredPvtCo G, 6th US Cav18954
Kline Wm SPvtCo F, 9th NJ Inf191433
KnightonSagerlin CPvtCo E, 1st OR Inf191636
KnoblockPeterPvtCo D, 123rd PA Inf191025
KochAlfredPvtCo H, 2nd PA Vols191636
KochJohn MartinArtificerCo G, 1st MO Engineers190924
KohlerJohn FPvtCo I, 1st CO Cav190519
KoldewayRobertPvt6th US Inf18941
KopperEdwardPvtCo E, 7th NY Inf190925
KromerJohnPvtCo C & E, 1st OR Cav18964
KrumW APvtCo F, 93rd PA Inf191536
KunzGeorgePvtCo C, 6th Conn Inf18941
KutzJohn HPvtCo E, 1st WV Cav190721
KyleAlexanderPvtCo A, 21st PA Cav190113
LaMarHenry EPvtCo A, 2nd IA Cav191637
LaRue *C WPvtCo G, 136th OH Inf191432
LaRue *Comfort WPvtCo C, 136th OH Inf191128
LackeyW KPvtCo I, 8th IL Cav191535
LamsonEarl JPvtCo B, 14th IA Inf190213
LandesJohnPvtCo G, 156th IL Inf190519
LandesS APvtCo I, 99th IN Inf190620
LandesSolomon APvtCo I, 99th IN Inf190417
LandesSolomon APvtCo I, 99th IN Inf190822
LaneFrederick TPvtCo C, 1st Battalion MA Heavy Artillery191534
LaneJamesPvtCo A, 51st MO Inf190822
LangA LSgtCo D, 28th IL Vol Inf191536
LasherGeorge FLandsmanUSS Trenton, US Navy191636
LawMartin LPvtCo G, 35th MO Inf190011
Law *JamesPvtCo A, 1st OH Inf191330
LazenbyRobertPvtCo E, 29th IA Inf18942
LeeWilliamPvtCo K, 22nd NY Inf190213
LeroyArthurPvtCo A, 1st US Cav Vols191026
Levenoake [Sevenoak]Jno EdwdPvtCo E, 51st MO Inf18942
LewisJames HPvt1st OR Riflemen [Cayuse Indian War]18988
LewisNelsonPvtCo H, 23rd RI Inf [correction: 23rd ME Inf]18999
LewisWilliam ACplCo C, 37th NJ Inf191026
Lewis *W ACplCo C, 37th NJ Inf191533
LintzWilliam HPvtCo E, 9th IN Inf190923
LivermoreWilliamPvtCo E, 1st OR Cav190112
LivermoreWilliamPvtCo E, 1st OR Cav190315
Logan *CyrusPvtCo M, 15th MN Inf191229
LongJonathanPvtCo E, 11th IL Inf18999
Long *Albert LCplCo D, 28th IL Inf191228
Long *WilliamPvt21st OH Light Artillery191432
LongfellowStephenLtCo B, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190620
LoudermilkJohn LPvtCo I, 1st US Inf190620
LoughWilliamPvtCo B, 48th IA Inf190315
LoveladyThomas BPvtCo G, 1st OR Mtd Vols190214
LovelandC CSgtCo E, 34th IL Inf191636
LovelandCharles CCo E, 34th IL Inf190823
LoweW FSgtCo I, 87th IN Inf190518
LoweWilliam FCo I, 87th IN Inf190314
LowmillerJoshuaPvtCo G, 74th OH Inf190315
LoyJohnPvtCo D, 154th IL Inf190620
Lozier *Alexander HPvtCo A, 2nd NJ Inf191229
LumSamuel LPvtCo E, 13th MD Inf191026
Lunde *Tollef HPvtCo D, 3rd MN Inf191128
LynchTimothyMusicianCo E, 4th MD Inf191026
MacDonaldH ASgtCo H, 2nd CA Inf18942
MadkinsZebedeeUS Navy18953
MahoneyJamesPvtCo A, 2nd ME Cav191025
MalcomLewisPvtCo I, 2nd CA Cav191738
Malone *PatrickPvtCo C, 5th PA Inf191026
MaloneyPatrickPvtCo C, 9th US Inf191025
MannAlonzo PPvtCo A, 8th CA Inf190315
MannWilliamPvtCo D, 11th NY Inf190112
ManningChasPvtCo H, 1st Veteran Reserve Corps18976
MarkesonMartinPvtCo F, 35th US Inf190518
MarkwoodRobtPvtCo A, [Mexican War]18966
MarquisC VPvtCo I, 9th OH Cav191738
MartinJesse BPvtCo B, 43rd MO Inf191738
MartinJohnPvtCo H, 68th NY Inf190416
MartinJohnPvtCo H, 68th NY Inf190823
MartinRobert MPvtCo I, 35th IA Inf190315
MartinThos MMusician67th IL Inf189615
Martin *John TCplCo K, 84th IL Inf191433
MasonRichardPvtCo M, 1st AL Inf [Spanish-American]190620
MastersonJames APvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190518
MastinStephenPvtCo E, 25th IL Inf18941
Mathers *James RPvtCo B, 9th KS Cav191229
MatlockJohnPvtCo A, 56th IL Inf190112
Matthews *John HPvtCo G, 5th CA Inf191330
MattinglyJames BPvtCo F, 2nd NE Cav190721
MaulsbyIsreallPvtCo E, 1st OR Inf190315
MaxwellJoseph SPvtCo I, 1st IN Cav190315
McAfeeD CPvtCo C, 1st WA Inf18942
McAfeeD CPvtCo C, 1st WA Inf18953
McAlisterWilliam JCplCo K, 23rd MI Inf190620
McCafferyJamesPvtCo E, 1st MN Cav190518
McCainJonathanCaptainCo F, 81st OH Inf190112
McCarthyS BPvtCo M, 102nd PA Inf191738
McCartyDanielPvtCo H, 4th US Art'y18953
McCaugheyRichardPvt5th Independent Batt'y OH Light Artillery190010
McClainC EPvtCo H, 1st OR Mtd Vols191637
McClain *Edward CPvtCo H, 1st OR Mtd Vols191127
McClure *John KPvtCo H, 1st OR Inf191127
McColmJames KSaddlerCo F, 8th IA Cav190519
McCombs *JohnPvtCapt John F Miller's Co, OR Mtd Vols191127
McConnelSampsonPvtCo B, 2nd OR Vols [Indian War]18977
McCordHiram RPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190113
McCordJames HPvtCo B, 1st OR Cav190112
McCordJames HPvtCo B, 1st OR Cav190416
McCord *W R(none given) [Indian War 1855]191330
McCord *Wm RPvtCo C, 1st OR Mtd Vols191229
McCormickMathewCplCo E, 4th US Inf190518
McCoy *Charles DCplCo K, 26th IN Inf191431
McCrory *DeWittCplCo F, 95th IL Inf191128
McCullochW J BPvtCo A, 13th KS Inf190417
McCumberOCplCo K, 8th NY Cav191535
McCumber *OrangePvtCo K, 8th NY Cav191330
McCuskerPeterPvtCo C, 1st NY Light Artillery18976
McDonaldJamesPvtCo I, 4th US Inf189910
McDonaldJamesPvtCo D, 4th US Inf190314
McDonaldPeterPvtCo B, 35th IL Inf190314