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Surname Given Name Rank Info Year Page
CombsEdwardPvtCo I, 1st OR Inf18942
ComminsWm HPvtCo H, 8th IA Inf18953
ComstockBryan WSgtCo B, Brackett's Battalion, MN Vets18942
ComstockByron WCplCo I, 5th IA Cav; Sgt, Co B, Bracket's [Battalion] MN Cav18988
ComstockByron WSgtCo A, Bracket's Battalion, MN Cav190620
ConatyAndrew MCo I, 14th IL Inf190924
ConklinHezekiahPvtCo K, 3rd CO Cav190823
ConklinHezekiahPvtCo K, 3rd CO Cav191535
ConklinHezekiahPvtCo K, 3rd CO Cav191636
Conn JamesPvtCo H, 29th IN Inf190621
ConnerBenj FPvtCo K, 1st IN Cav18966
ConnerWilliamPvtCo G, 96th NY Inf190011
ConnorsJames RUS Navy191026
CookWilliam VCo C, 51st PA Inf; Co E, 18th PA Inf18977
CoolidgeJames MPvtCo C, 15th IL Inf190112
CoombsEdwardPvtCo I, 1st OR Inf18976
CoomerGeorge HCo F, 2nd NE Cav18999
CoppockT SPvtCo H, 2nd IA Inf191738
CorbittTimothySgtCo C, 2nd US Artillery190621
CoryellV BPvtCo F, 1st OR Inf190619
CoryellValorus BPvtCo F, 1st OR Inf190112
CoryellValorus BPvtCo F, 1st OR Inf190214
Cotner *H CSgtCo D, 2nd Regiment OR Inf191535
CottinghamJ E W(none given)190417
CottinghamJ E WPvtCo I, 1st OR Mtd Vols190416
CoughlinThosPvtCo F, 80th NY Inf191535
CountCharlesPvtCo G, 17th US Inf190112
Covert *Alonzo WPvtCo I, 25th IA Inf191433
CoxBenjaminPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols189910
CoxBenjaminPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190417
CoxBenjaminPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190620
CoxJ TPvt1st OR Riflemen18942
CoxJ TPvt1st OR Riflemen190721
CoxJames HPvtCo F, 35th MO Inf190620
CoxJohn TPvt1st OR Mtd Inf18942
CoxW WPvtCo E, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190315
CoxW W [William W]Indian War 18988
Cox *Oliver EPvtCo F, 9th IA Cav191432
Crabill *JohnPvtCo I, 13th IN Inf191433
Crabtree *JosephPvt10th KS Inf191433
CramEleazar WPvtCo H, 38th & 34th IA Inf191026
CramIsaacCo A, 2nd MO Cav18988
CramIsaacPvtCo A, 2nd MO Cav190011
CramIsaacPvtCo A, 2nd MO Cav190214
CramIsaacPvtCo A, 2nd MO Cav190519
CramerJoseph CPvtCo I, 139th PA Inf191026
CrawleyDennisCplCo D, 2nd OR Mtd Vols; Co A, OR Mtd Militia 18965
CribbsArtemusPvtCo K, 1st NY Dragoons190822
Crocket *ThomasPvtCo K, 2nd WA Terr Vols191229
Cross *EzraPvtCo C & D, 2nd NY Inf190924
Crow *David GPvtCo A, 18th & 23rd US Inf191229
CroyleDPvtCo F, 198th PA Vol Inf191637
CullinsCharles EPvtCo B, 1st WI Cav190518
CummingsB FPvtCo C, 3rd VT Inf191637
CumminsWilliam HCplCo H, 8th IA Inf190112
CumminsWilliam HPvtCo H, 8th IA Inf18999
CumminsWm HPvtCo H, 8th IA Inf189910
CurtisJohn PvtBatt'n K, 5th US Art; Pvt, Co H, 77th PA Inf18965
Curtis *Francis EPvtCo G, 7th WI Inf191432
Cusick *Wm CSgtCo F, 1st OR Inf191331
CuttingCharles3rdLt, Co E, OR Vols18954
DallasJohn RPvtCo H, 26th MO Inf190822
DaltonHenry CPvtCo A, 3rd MI Inf191025
DarlingChas PCo C, 1st WI [Heavy Artillery]18988
DarlingChas PPvtCo C, 1st WI Heavy Artillery18999
Darling *Henry VPvtCo E, 10th Reg't MI Cav191229
DaughtreyNathanielPvtCo A, 1st IL Vols190213
DavidsonM BCoal HeaverUS Navy190517
DavisJohn HPvtCo A, 2nd OR Inf190924
DavisNathanSgtCo K, 118th IN Inf190722
DavisWarrenPvtCo B, 5th IA Cav190314
DavisWarrenPvtCo B, 5th IA Cav190619
DavisWilliamPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf18964
DavisWilliamPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf18976
DavisWmPvtCo I, 1st OR Inf18942
DavisWmPvtCo C, 1st OR18953
Davis *DavidPvtCo D, 1st MO Cav191432
DavissonW HPvtCo A & C, 5th WI Vol Inf191738
DawsonPeter PPvtCo F, 43rd WI Inf190924
DayZedediah [Jedidiah]PvtCo C, 7th CA Inf190113
DeBordGeo WCplCo B, 1st OR Inf18988
DeBordGeorge WCplCo B, 1st OR Inf190416
DeBord *Geo WCplCo A, 1st OR Inf191229
DeCampSamuelPvtCo D, 24th OH Inf190316
DeHassWilliam A2ndLtCo F, 24th OH Inf190619
DeLamaterSilasCo A, [63rd IL Inf]18954
Dean *Augustus PPvtCo L, 1st MI Engineers191433
DearingOctavus APvtCo E, 1st ME Cav190722
DeckerBenjaminPvtCo G, 7th MI Inf18989
DeckerGeo MPvt[McLain's] Indpt Batt'y, CO Light Artillery18964
DeckerGeorge MPvt[McLain's] Independent Batt'y, CO Light Artillery189910
DeffaneyWilliam LPvtCo A, 1st OR Scouts190924
Deflaney *Wm LCo A, 1st OR Scouts191229
DellaneyW LPvtCo A, 1st OR191535
DenneyEdward FPvtCo M, 2nd PA Inf190111
DenverJohnPvtCo F, 1st WA Terr Inf190112
DenverJohn JPvtCo F & E, 1st WA Territory Inf18965
DerbyGeorge WPvtCo K, 49th WI Inf190925
DeringerAloisCo A, 1st WA Inf18964
DeringerAloisPvtCo A, 1st WA Terr Inf190213
DevensGeorge HPvtCo C, 28th MI Inf190924
DialJohn BCo D, 12th KS190417
DickensJohn WPvtCo B, 27th IA Inf191534
Dickens *John WPvtCo B, 27th IA Inf191431
DillWilliam FPvtCo E, 53rd PA Inf191026
DillonMartinPvtCo K, 14th CT Vols; Co E, 4th Artillery18987
DivineJacob MPvtCo F, 18th MI Inf190417
DivineWm HPvtCo H, 153rd IL Inf190315
DobbinsJosephPvtCo A, 15th IL Inf190315
DodsonJohnPvtCo H, 2nd OR Vols [Indian War]18976
DodsonJohnPvtCo H, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190112
DoeringJosephPvtCo H, 9th IN Inf191026
DowningLysanderCplCo E, 104th IL Inf191534
Downing *LysanderCplCo E, 104th IL Inf191330
DoyleJamesOrdinary SeamanUS Navy190924
DoylePeterPvtCo A, 1st WI Cav190518
DrakeAlbion APvtCo F, 11th ME Inf190619
DrakeAlbion APvtCo H, 29th ME Inf191026
DrakeFrancis APvtCo E, 30th WI Inf190721
Drake *A APvtCo F, 10th ME Inf; Co H, 29th ME Inf191636
DuffenyJamesPvtCo H, 2nd CA Cav 190722
DuganJohn S(none given)18988
DugganDanielSeamanUS Navy190112
DugganDanielSeamanUS Navy190213
DugganTimothyPvtCo G, 8th NY Heavy Artillery191738
Dunham *Alfred RPvtCo B, 21st NY Cav191026
DunlapJohnCplCo C, 14th VT Inf190518
DunlapRobert SPvtCo H, 1st MO Mtd Vols [Mexican War]190315
DurkeeLaurin OCplCo K, 43rd WI Vol Inf18987
DutrowW CPvtCo I, 3rd Vol Cav [Spanish-American]191534
DwyerPatrickPvtCo K, 3rd US Cav190315
EamesLevi EMusicianCo F, 138th IL Inf; Pvt, Co G, 11th IL Inf18965
EamesLevi EPvtCo G, 11th IL Inf190010
Early *James KPvtCo E, 49th MO Inf191228
EasleyJohnPvtCo A, 2nd Mtd Vols190518
EastlandRobert EPvtCo I, 88th IN Inf190213
EckelsonAlbertPvtCo C, 36th IL Inf190011
EddinsWilliam BPvtCo B, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190416
EdgleyWilliamFarrierCo F, 1st IN Cav190314
EdglyWilliamCo F, 28th IN Inf190721
EdmondsC FPvtCo D, 8th IA Inf18999
EdmundsC FPvtCo D, 8th IA Inf18953
EdwardsHenry CPvtCo D, 151st NY Inf191738
Edwards John MPvtCo M, 5th NY Heavy Artillery190621
Egbert *Jesse SSgtCo I, 2nd CA Cav191432
Egbert *Jessee BPvtCo I, 2nd CA Cav191128
EglestonC ASgtCo A, 38th IL Vol Inf191535
EichlerC MPvtCo D, 1st MN Heavy Artillery191636
EisenhowerDaniel MCplCo E, 46th PA Inf190923
ElbonHarold CSgtCo F, 11th OH Cav191026
ElbonHarold FSgtCo F, 11th OH Cav190417
ElbonHarold FSgtCo G, 4th OH Cav190823
Elbon *Harold FSgtCo F, 11th OH Cav190620
ElderMosesPvtCo F, 3rd IA Cav190517
ElliottWarren CMusicianCo F, 27th WI Inf191534
Elliott *LorenzoPvtCo K, 4th US Inf191432
ElzrothFrancis MCo G, 1st OR Cav18965
ElzrothFrancis MPvtCo G, 1st OR Cav18999
Emerson *WalterPvtCo C, 6th OH Cav191431
Emick *John BPvtCo C, 27th OH Inf191229
EmmettLouis CPvtCo C, 1st OR18966
EmmettLouis CPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf190517
Emmett *Louis CPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf191432
EngelsAbraham APvtCo H, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190823
EngleWilliam JPvtCo I, 7th MO Inf190620
EplerAlonzoUS Navy190924
ErnestHenryCplCo G, 2nd OR Inf191026
Eschman *Charles EUS Navy191330
Evans *George WPvtCo D, 3rd MD Inf191128
EvisonErvinPvtCo H, 14th ME Inf190417
EwingJames HSgtCo E, MD Vol P L [Purnell's Legion]191637
Ewing *James ASgtCo E, Pernell's Legion, MD Inf191433
Fahringer *FranklinSgtCo C, 4th WI Inf191433
FairPhilipPvtCo A, 26th PA Inf18942
FairPhilipPvtCo A, 26th PA Inf189910
FairPhilipPvtCo A, 26th PA Inf190314
Farr *JohnPvtCo A, 7th WI Inf191127
Fash *John DPvtCo L, 5th IL Inf191432
FeeWilliam HPvtCo G, 3rd CO Inf191126
FellowsHorace HPvtCo E, 11th MO Cav190620
FentonJacob FPvtCo M, 5th NY Heavy Artillery18987
FentonJames BCplCo F, 153rd OH National Guard190011
Ferber *Jacob & wifeCo K, 3rd WI Cav191432
Ferber *Jacob & wifePvtCo H, 3rd WI Cav191534
FergusonThomasPvtCo A, 2nd OR Mtd Vols190518
FessendenMajorPvtCo G, 87th IN Inf190417
FessendenMajorPvtCo G, 87th IN Inf190924
FieldAlpheusPvtCo L, 13th OH Cav191534
FindleyWm HPvtCo D, 15th Regiment KS Cav191535
FinleyJamesPvtCo G, 9th PA Cav189910
FisherWm LPvtCo I, 45th IL Inf190010
Fitzgerald *John PPvtCo K, 7th MI Cav191432
FlackJohnPvtCo L, 2nd US Art; Co D, 125th OH Inf18988
FlaggIraCo G & B, 3rd RI Heavy Artillery18953
FleenarArnold PCplCo M, 13th TN Cav190721
Fletcher *Jacob P1stLtCo A, 195th OH Inf191431
FlintJohn BPvtCo K, 13th WI Inf191026
FlynnJ WSeamanUS Navy18942
FlynnMichaelPvtCo L, 1st CT Artillery18976
FlynnMichaelPvtCo L, 1st CT Artillery190518
FordAlbert ASgtCo K, 7th IA Cav190417
FordAlbert ASgtCo K, 7th IA Cav190518
FordRobersonPvtCo C, 1st OR Mtd Vols190416
Ford *John JPvtCo D, 150th IL Inf191128
FordneyGeorge WPvtCo F, 8th MO State Militia Cav18977
FortRichardPvtCo D, 8th ME Inf190111
FortRichardPvtCo D, 8th MN Inf190314
FortRichardPvtCo D, 8th MN Inf190620
FouchtJacobCplCo D, 28th PA Inf190519
Foust *Andrew JPvtCo B, 128th IN Inf191229
Fox *William JPvtCo C, Battalion of Rangers OR Mtd Vols191128
FrantzJacobCo H, 47th OH Inf190619
Fraser *John MPvtCo H, 95th NY Inf191128
FraterWilliam ASgtCo E, 170th OH Inf191025
Frazier *GeorgeCplCo E, 14th IA Inf191431
FrickA CPvtCo B, 1st OR Brigade Mtd Militia [Modoc Indian War]191738
FryJohnPvtCo E, 55th PA Inf190924
FullerJames MPvtCo J, 2nd Reg't WA Terr Vols189910
FullerJames MPvtCo J, 2nd Reg't WA Vols190010
Fuller *Lewis SPvtCo B, 1st Battalion PA Inf (100 Day Vol)191330
GaleElijah DPvtCo D, 4th KY Vols190011
GallScottPvtJ K Lamerick's Co, OR Mtd Vols190316
GallagherDanielUS Navy18965
GannawayJohn WPvtCo E, OR Mtd Mil190314
GardnerH JCplCo D, 3rd MO Militia191535
Gardner Stephen CPvtCo A, 2nd Regiment, IN Cav191433
GarlandEdwardCplCo C, 94th NY Inf190924
Garland *EdwardPvtCo C, 94th NY Inf191433
Garrett *Charles EPvtCo A, 1st NV Cav191431
GarrisonA HPvtCo B, 1st OR Mtd Vols190619
GarrisonAbraham HPvtCo B, 1st OR Mtd Vols190111
GarrisonDavidPvtCo D, 1st US Cav190822
GarrisonSimeon TCo I, 1st OR Mtd Vols190721
GarrisonSimeon TPvtCo I, 1st OR Mtd Vol190519
GarrisonSimeon TPvtCo I, 1st OR Mtd Vols190721
Gassoway *LPvtCo F, 9th KS Cav191637
GatesAlbert LSgtCo E, 1st OR Mtd Vols190214
GaunyanJoseph EPvtGoodall's Co, OR Vols [Indian War 1853]190620
GayWm PPvtCo G, 138th IL Vols191535
GearhartPeterArtificerCo A, 1st ID Inf190620
GehrJoseph G(none shown) [Co A, WA Terr Mtd Rifles]18999
GeorgeJohnPvtCo K, 6th MO Cav191534
GerallimoFrancescoPvtCO Battery [Light Atillery]190620
Gerber *JohnPvtCo A, 22nd IL Inf191330
GervaisIsaacCo D, OR Vols (1847), Co K, OR Vols (1855)18965
GervaisIsaacPvtCo K, 1st OR Mtd Vols190112
Gibbs *Winfield SSgtJohn Guess' Minutemen, 2nd OR Mtd Vols191432
GibersonCharles HMusicianCo D, 68th PA Inf190822
GibersonCharles HMusicianCo D, 68th PA Inf190925
GibsonSilas NSgtCo K, 15th KS Cav190111
GiffinGeo MCplCo D, 33rd IL Inf191535
GiffinGeorgeCplCo D, 33rd IL Inf191535
Gilbert *Charles HPvtCo E, 147th NY Inf191331
GillespieJamesPvtCo B, 2nd WI Cav191534
GillilandJohn MPvtCo G, 7th CA Inf190519
GilpinJohnCplCo C, 3rd Potomac Home Brig MD Vols190417
GipsonJ COrdinary SeamanUS Navy191637
GivinsWmCplCo C, 19th KS Cav191738
GobleGemenemus2ndLtCo K, 139th IL Inf; Capt, Co E, 151st IL Inf18976
GodwinFrancis ABugler3rd Regiment MO State Militia191636
GoehringerCharlesPvtCo L, 2nd US Artillery190214
GoeleringerCharles(none given)190517
Goheen *James MPvtCo H, 14th PA Cav191128
Goit *Daniel W85th NY Inf190822
GoodwinC C [Charles C]PvtCo D, 2nd OR Mtd Vols189910
GoodwinNathan JPvtCo D, 31st [OH Inf]18988
GoodwinNathan JPvtCo D, 31st OH Inf190721
Gorden *WilliamPvtCo M, 11th NY Cav191127
Gordon *John WPvtCo I, 2nd OR Mtd Vols191432
Gore *HenryPvtCo D, NV Battalion191330
GotchyIsaacCplCo K, 1st WI Inf190213
GotwaldGeo ACaptainCo E, 4th OH Cav18953
GouldGeorge PPvtCo I, 1st OR Inf190213
GouldJohn H PPvtCo C, 6th MA Inf190417
GoveGeo DPvt3rd Batt'n, VT Light Artillery18965
GrantCharles1stLtCo B, 13th NY Cav190518
GrantVirgil SPvtCo K, 3rd MI Inf191637
GravisAndrew JPvtCo M, 3rd IA Cav191025
GrayJames SPvtCo E, 1st OR Cav190518
GreekWilliam APvtCo H, 10th IA Inf18942
GreekWilliam APvtCo H, 10th IA18999
GreekWm APvtCo H, 10th IA Inf190518
Greeman *John WCaptainCo F, 8th WI Inf191330
GreenCharlesCplCo I, 30th MA Inf191636
GreenP WPvtCo E, 12th IN Cav191738
GreenWilliamPvtCo 19, 2nd Battalion Veteran Res Corps190518
GreenWilliam SPvtCo D, 13th IA Inf18964
GreenWm G(no company or regiment; refused admission)18942
Green *CharlesPvtCo E, 3rd NY Artillery191229
Green *JohnPvtCo K, 7th MI Inf191229
GreenlandAsa BPvtCo I, 1st Territorial Vols [Span-American]190619
GreenlandAsa BPvtCo F, 1st Terr Vols191534
GreenmanJohn WCaptainCo F, 8th WI Inf191127
GreenwoodFrancisPvtCo F, 43rd MO Inf18989
GreggJohnPvtCo M, 2nd CA Cav190112
GregoryThomas JPvt(entry incomplete)190721
GrierIsaacPvtCo E, 1st OR Mtd Vols18954
GriffithGeorgePvtCo G, 26th OH Inf18941
GriggWilliamPvtCo E, 1st OR Mtd Vols190011
Gross *HenryPvtCo M, 2nd NJ Cav191431
GrubbC WPvtCo D, 4th CA190213
Guenther *WilliamPvtCo G, 16th US Inf191330
GuthMartinPvtCo K, 47th PA Inf190011
HaberstrothEPvtCo B, 22nd IA Inf191636
Haberstroth *ErnestPvtCo B, 22nd IA Inf190925
Haddox *Cincinnatus PPvt23rd NY Independent Light Artillery191127
Hagen *Edward DPvtCo F, 1st NV Cav191432
HallP A (alias William Conley)PvtCo H, 142nd NY Inf190315
HallRandal LPvtCo I, 27th NY Inf190721
Hall *WillardPvtCo C, 1st OR Inf191433
Hamble *RichardPvtCo F, 77th OH Inf190823
HambyHumphrey(military history incomplete)18977
HamiltonJamesPvt2nd OR Mtd Vols190519
HamiltonT MPvtCo A, 50th IL Inf191535
Hamilton *JohnPvtCo D, Indpt Battalion WA Vols [Spanish-American]191127
HammondDennisPvtCo G, 47th IL Inf191636