GFO Writing Contest

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Past Winners of the GFO Writing Contest

2012 — Theme: Taking a Stand

1st - Judith Beaman Scott, “A Clash of Conviction in North Carolina”

2nd - Bonnie Randolph, “Frank Hemsworth: a Tenuous Stand for Law and Order in Portland”

3rd - Cynthia M B Drayer, “My Father, the Dove”

2011 — Theme: Movin’ On

1st - Bonnie LaDoe, “The Wife of Old Phil Upton”

2nd - Bonnie Randolph, “George T Ledford, Meandering Through Oregon Pioneer History”

3rd - Steve Turner, “A Journey Backward to Journey Forth: Buried Treasure in Manuscript Collections”

2009 — Theme: Relics

1st - Bonnie LaDoe, “Collision on Altoona’s ‘Front Porch’”

2nd - Susan Saul, “The Woman Behind the Veil”

3rd - Mickie Sieracki, “Ysidora’s Gift”

2008 — Theme: Saga of a Soldier

1st - Mickey Bennett Sieriacki,"Standing for Her"

2nd - Alene Reaugh, "They Called Me Sarge"

3rd - Ruth McKendry, "The Two Wars of Elijah McKendry"

2007 — Theme: In the Face of Adversity

1st - Judith Scott, "To Mingo We Come Creeping: The Redneck War on Blair Mountain"

2nd - Stephen Hanks, "Wish I Could Have Met Great-Uncles Clifford & James"

3rd - Bonnie LaDoe, "While She Could Stand"

2006 — Theme: The End of the Line — Lest They be Forgotten

1st - Peggy Baldwin, "A Legacy Beyond the Generations"

2005 — Skeletons in the Closet

1st - Matthew Porter, "Family Skeletons and Buried Treasure"

2nd - Harvey Steele, "That Is Not Something That You Need to Know"

3rd - Patricia S. Burling, "Johnny McKern - Lost in the Shuffle"