Volunteer as a Receptionist and Research Assistant!

Title:  Reading Room Research Assistants

Purpose: To staff the reading room and to provide guidance for members and visitors who use the resources in our library.

Responsibility:  Greet and assist members and visitors who come to our library.  An interest in helping members and visitors find their ancestors is the key to enjoying this position!  There are occasional phone calls that come into the library that you’ll answer, too.

Goals:  You’ll help us keep the doors open and the library staffed for researchers. 

Training:  Training is provided by an experienced reading room research assistant.  During your shift you’ll be paired with a more experienced reading room research assistant.

Reports to:  Cathy Lauer.

Time Commitment:  From as little as 6 hours a month to as much as 6 hours a week.  You can sign-up for a weekly time of 3-6 hours a week or for 6 hours once a month. 

Skills:  Ability to be the public interface with members and visitors in the library. An interest in helping others learn about the resources that we have available.  Telephone skills are a plus, as you’ll answer the phone calls that come into the library.

Training Presentations:  Short presentations for research assistants describing the library collections, catalog and how to use different equipment.

You'll also learn about our collection and resources that we have that will help you further your own research.

Contact Person: Cathy Lauer, ,