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Financial Support

Just want to support the GFO? Please do! We're thrilled to receive General Fund donations. Your gift will go where it's most needed to directly support the GFO Library and our organization's mission. Read on to learn about some of the things your General Fund donation provides.

Online Database Subscriptions  -  Together with our library’s collection, our array of online genealogical research tools is central to in-person research at the GFO Library.  We work to bring our members value through our online database subscriptions. Our evaluation of available database subscriptions is on-going.  Currently, patrons have free access to World Edition, Find My Past (primarily United Kingdom records), HistoryGeo (land records and historic U.S. maps), Fold3 (military and other historical records),, American Ancestors (NEHGS), and JustaJoy (a new site for locating and rehoming family heirlooms.

If you'd like to see what GFO pays to make these database subscriptions available to patrons and the costs for some other popular sites not currently in our budget, please click here.

Education – Providing GenTalks, our annual open house, and supporting other educational offerings, purchase of webinars and other educational tools directly related to furthering the GFO’s mission to provide genealogical education to its members and the public. 

Acquisitions  Already the largest genealogical library between San Francisco and Seattle, GFO’s book collection is growing through carefully researched and targeted acquisitions--because it is not all online.  With a worldwide scope, GFO’s acquisition team aims to make key purchases that enhance genealogical research in our locale and beyond.  Check out our collection through our online OPALS catalog. To support this important book-buying program, follow this link.  For more info or to suggest books you'd like us to consider, please send us an email.

Library Maintenance - Supporting the heart of GFO: providing and building the Library’s research tools and equipment (like computers, scanners, printers, and audio-visual aids), and the infrastructure (such as book shelving, light bulbs, furnace and dehumidifier filters, and even cleaning supplies--not very glamorous--but necessary) to keep the Library fully functioning.

Click here to donate to the General Fund now.  Thank you!

Directed Giving

Following are some directed giving opportunities that may interest you.  When you earmark your donation to a specific fund or cause, you can rest assured that it will be used for the purpose you intend.

Endowment Fund  -  Any nonprofit with plans to be around for the long term can start an endowment fund and with careful management can make it grow. GFO did exactly that and started this special "savings" account back in 1986. Through on-going donations or bequests, anyone can contribute to the GFO’s endowment, insuring the organization's existence and growth in perpetuity. You may review our Endowment Fund Operating Plan here.  Have questions or need more information? Please send a message to our Endowment Committee. To give online, please indicate Endowment Fund in the comments field. If sending your donation by mail, please write the amount of the gift in the space provided on the downloadable donation form.

In Memory of  -  GFO accepts donations made in memory of loved ones, beloved friends, or family ancestors.  These remembrances are published annually in The Bulletin.or the GFO Annual Report. Please provide the remembrance information in the comments field online or in the space provided on the downloadable donation form.

In Honor of  -  GFO also accepts gifts made in honor of an individual, couple, group, or organization of your choice.  These can be living or deceased persons, your high school graduating class, your military unit,  or any other entity you would like to honor.  These honors are published annually in The Bulletin.or the GFO Annual Report. Please provide the specifics in the comments field online or in the space provided on the downloadable donation form.

Repair: The Book Rescue Project  - The GFO’s book collection includes rare, one of a kind, and out of print books. Many are irreplaceable and remain unavailable online.  Yet they can be an invaluable resource in making genealogical discoveries. Some of these books need restoration while many others need rebinding.  Through the Book Rescue Project, GFO is actively preserving and protecting these books to help ensure their continued use.  For as little as $28 you can sponsor a book rebinding! To donate to this project, please provide the specifics in the comments field online or in the space provided on the downloadable donation form.

For more information about giving, please send us an email.

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