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WilliamsGrace M12 Jul 1932G35171

WilliamsGrace M28 Jul 1932E35229

WilliamsH CE10104

WilliamsHarriet16 Mar 1937E41431

WilliamsHenry03 May 1915G12576

WilliamsHerbert B05 Sep 1933E36618

WilliamsHerbert B08 Sep 1933Postp-E36635

WilliamsHilda08 Sep 1926E27006

WilliamsIda R21 Jan 1938G42748

WilliamsIra A06 Feb 1934E37146



WilliamsJames03 Jul 1918G15629

WilliamsJames09 Jul 1930E32476


WilliamsJames HE9585


WilliamsJerome CG1292

WilliamsJohn E04 Jan 1916E13189

WilliamsJohn HamlinE10983

WilliamsJohn JE2973

WilliamsJohn L18 Mar 1924E23542

WilliamsJohn L13 Dec 1934E38233

WilliamsJohn P29 Jan 1925E24779

WilliamsJoseph22 Nov 1932E35579

WilliamsJosie27 Mar 1939E44450

WilliamsJoy A13 Feb 1930E31874

WilliamsJulia K15 Apr 1921E19541

WilliamsK Irene25 Sep 1937E42257

WilliamsKate AE2716

WilliamsLaura F26 Aug 1938E43590

WilliamsLena Schachner04 Oct 1938E43727


WilliamsLidia23 May 1928E29365

WilliamsLola06 Jul 1927G28130

WilliamsLouise06 Dec 1915E13112

WilliamsLuella16 Jan 1934E37058

WilliamsLydia AE8003

WilliamsM J20 May 1924E23794


WilliamsMary11 Feb 1927E27583

WilliamsMary Louise21 Feb 1924E23422

WilliamsMaude02 Aug 1932E35237

WilliamsMelvin EG12277

WilliamsMildred Althea07 May 1925E25199

WilliamsMinnie E24 Jun 1919E17030

WilliamsMinnie IE10513

WilliamsMinnie Sherwood20 Jan 1932E34558

WilliamsMyrna LucileG11992

WilliamsNancy B03 Jun 1863E189

WilliamsOle27 Aug 1927E28295

WilliamsR J02 Jan 1929G30260


WilliamsRebecca07 May 1924G23744

WilliamsRebecca E20 Nov 1923E23035

WilliamsRebecca N13 Jul 1929G31032

WilliamsRebecca N05 May 1930E32223

WilliamsRhea Gertrude16 Jun 1937E41869




WilliamsRobert06 Jul 1927G28130

WilliamsRobert D11 Dec 1935E39569

WilliamsRobert E16 Apr 1915E12520

WilliamsRobert E16 Jul 1915E12520

WilliamsRobert HE7338

WilliamsRobert TG7578

WilliamsRosetta17 Jun 1929E30946

WilliamsSolomon Dwight17 Apr 1925E25123

WilliamsT Henry10 Nov 1930G32926

WilliamsT KE4152

WilliamsThelma06 Jul 1927G28130

WilliamsThelma Yvonne29 Sep 1932G35416

WilliamsTheodore GE8793

WilliamsThomas21 Apr 1923E22265


WilliamsThomas AG11798

WilliamsThomas A09 Feb 1927E27573

WilliamsVirginia Saxton12 Apr 1933E36139

WilliamsW G26 Aug 1927G28297

WilliamsW HE1449

WilliamsW H23 May 1927E27981

WilliamsW T T02 Sep 1927E28319

WilliamsW Yolen12 Aug 1929E31153

WilliamsWarwick24 Apr 1919E16807

WilliamsWill J06 May 1931G33633

WilliamsWilliam A02 Dec 1931E34389

WilliamsWilliam C09 Jan 1919E16303

WilliamsWilliam E (Jr)28 Jun 1938G43381

WilliamsWilliam H02 Sep 1936E40633

WilliamsWilliam R30 Nov 1937E42533

WilliamsWm Clyde01 Nov 1930E32891

WilliamsenHattie J24 May 1922E21023

WilliamsenReinholt24 May 1922E21022

WilliamsonAndrew WoodE6249

WilliamsonCarrie E29 Sep 1930G32776

WilliamsonEdward L17 Sep 1938E43675

WilliamsonEffier20 Apr 1923E22260

WilliamsonGeorge08 Oct 1931G34205

WilliamsonGeorge D05 Oct 1925E25776

WilliamsonGeorge D19 Apr 1935E38704

WilliamsonHelen M19 Apr 1937E41595

WilliamsonHenry M19 Dec 1917E15025

WilliamsonHenry S24 Jan 1927E27434

WilliamsonIda M28 Jul 1925E25537

WilliamsonIsaac08 Oct 1931G34205

WilliamsonMaude S29 Nov 1932E35602

WilliamsonMayme10 Jan 1934G37038

WilliamsonNettie A18 Jan 1926E26189

WilliamsonP E16 Nov 1922E21626

WilliamsonW E06 Sep 1917E14731

WilliamsonW T16 Mar 1925E24966

WilliamsonWilliam A07 Dec 1922E21700

WillingA P05 Nov 1937E42433

WillingJohn E09 Aug 1923E22667

WillingMaria11 Mar 1932G34743

WillingMaria22 Jun 1934E37634

WillinsEliza CE6618

WillisBernice25 Feb 1932E34695

WillisCarrie J14 Jan 1925E24701

WillisCatherine V20 Jan 1928E28846

WillisFlora01 Sep 1926E26991

WillisFrederick P30 Nov 1939E45349

WillisGeorge G21 Sep 1939E45084

WillisGuy G09 Oct 1915G12977

WillisGuy G20 Feb 1924E23416

WillisHenry B12 Dec 1919G17612

WillisLydia M14 Mar 1939E44399

WillisMary E05 Jun 1936E40311

WillisP L14 Jan 1918E15116

WillisRichard F04 Feb 1925E24901

WillisVivian28 Dec 1918E16254

WillisWilliam T20 May 1921E19660

WillistonFlora C25 Apr 1939G44556

WillmanBertha P10 Nov 1917E14915

WillmsJoseph22 Jul 1924E24041

WilloughbyJohn18 Nov 1918E16097


WillsEugene H27 May 1919E16947


WillsGeorge WE2551


WillsLorana EE756

WillsOna Ruth15 Mar 1928E29093

WillsRebecca A06 May 1925E25189

WillsWilliam E22 Apr 1927E27860

WillseyEmma K30 Oct 1933E36806

WillsonCurtis Willard03 Feb 1932E34609

WillsonDonald Leon16 May 1936E40235

WillsonEdith05 Jan 1934E37024

WillsonH E16 Dec 1925E26078

WillsonLeland08 Jan 1937E41118

WilltroutDan B22 Aug 1932G35306


WilmaRachael Frances26 Feb 1920E17946



WilmoreJoseph E30 Jun 1930E32440

WilmotPatsy25 Jan 1935G38396

WilpretGustav AE10476

WilskeyWilliam A17 May 1919G16914

WilskiErnst29 Apr 1922E20915

WilsonA J12 Jan 1931E33188


WilsonAbigail LE8622

WilsonAgnes15 May 1924E23776

WilsonAlbert HE11204

WilsonAlice Elizabeth11 May 1923E22344

WilsonAlice MG10892

WilsonAnna M09 Jan 1930G31721

WilsonAnnie Jane12 May 1932E34982


WilsonArthur HE6074

WilsonArthur William15 Nov 1929G31509

WilsonBlanche05 Apr 1937E41546

WilsonC T22 Jan 1936E39755

WilsonCaroline E27 Jan 1917E14149

WilsonCatharine AneE11632

WilsonCatherine26 Jan 1939E44186



WilsonCharles EE8263

WilsonCharles Gilbert05 Sep 1918E15812

WilsonCharles P23 Oct 1918G15951

WilsonCharles S13 Feb 1919E16512

WilsonChristiana Athlyn09 Jan 1930G31721


WilsonClara A02 Apr 1930G32105

WilsonClaud02 Jun 1936G40297

WilsonClementina Lewis23 Jun 1936E40366

WilsonClinton E24 Dec 1930G33112

WilsonCommodore P05 Feb 1926G26262

WilsonCommodore P09 Feb 1933E35893

WilsonEdward Everett27 Oct 1919E17434


WilsonElla S20 Mar 1934G37300

WilsonElla S07 Aug 1935E39102


WilsonEmery12 Jul 1939E44824

WilsonEmily29 Oct 1934E38053

WilsonEmma01 Feb 1938G42801

WilsonErnest D09 Jan 1930G31721

WilsonErnest L05 Feb 1921E19264

WilsonEsther S27 Oct 1932E35504

WilsonEva A05 Nov 1935E39414

WilsonEverett S09 Feb 1938E42832

WilsonFrances B21 Mar 1938E43003

WilsonFrancis Roy28 Jun 1929G30977

WilsonFrank08 Feb 1935E38446

WilsonFrank Emerson31 Mar 1937E41522

WilsonFrank L26 Jun 1929E30967

WilsonFrank W02 Feb 1928E28911

WilsonG AE27

WilsonGenevieve L09 Jan 1930G31721

WilsonGeorge A10 Oct 1930E32816

WilsonGeorge D20 Apr 1929E30731

WilsonGeorge SE8784

WilsonGeorge William27 Apr 1935E38738

WilsonGeraldine Cluff02 May 1928E29283

WilsonH E14 Mar 1939E44398


WilsonHattie15 Feb 1916E13300

WilsonHattie A03 Mar 1924E23466

WilsonHattie E20 Feb 1935E38494


WilsonHenry12 Aug 1937E42093

WilsonHenry J17 Dec 1924E24613

WilsonHollis S30 Sep 1936E40746

WilsonHolt C16 Jul 1918E15665

WilsonHoward04 Jan 1935E38303

WilsonIda Alice30 Mar 1927E27781

WilsonIsabelle M18 Feb 1926E26326

WilsonJ A01 Nov 1922E21569

WilsonJ J04 Apr 1917E14335

WilsonJ O01 Mar 1939E44331

WilsonJack29 May 1928G29394

WilsonJames01 Oct 1915E12959

WilsonJames10 Mar 1917E14267


WilsonJames E01 Feb 1930E31828

WilsonJames H07 Apr 1920E18145

WilsonJames Henry10 Jun 1930E32376

WilsonJessie C08 Nov 1930E32918

WilsonJohanna07 Sep 1938G43631

WilsonJohn05 Mar 1917E14246

WilsonJohn27 Jan 1928E28880

WilsonJohn16 Feb 1929E30453

WilsonJohn28 Jan 1930E31800



WilsonJohn F16 Nov 1925E25994

WilsonJohn FG3887

WilsonJohn Guy14 May 1936E40227

WilsonJohn K09 Jan 1930G31721

WilsonJohn M06 Dec 1933G36921

WilsonJohn M15 Feb 1935E38471

WilsonJohn PE7754

WilsonJohn R23 Nov 1938E43929

WilsonJohn Thornton04 Dec 1939E45364


WilsonJoseph Clifton06 Aug 1925E25585

WilsonL R14 Sep 1931E34097

WilsonLafayette10 Jul 1935E38983


WilsonLawrence R27 Dec 1937E42638

WilsonLemuel G01 Nov 1918E15990

WilsonLeva12 Jan 1931E33189

WilsonLewis19 Jun 1923G22477

WilsonLewis A18 Jan 1932E34546

WilsonLillian E19 Oct 1938E43797

WilsonLilly Layne21 Nov 1919E17516

WilsonLorenzo G24 Jan 1923E21906

WilsonLouisa23 Nov 1925E25979

WilsonLouisa CE1524

WilsonLouise07 Mar 1923E22075


WilsonMargaret AE6412

WilsonMarian05 May 1933E36228

WilsonMary15 May 1924E23784


WilsonMary A04 Oct 1921E20070

WilsonMary E28 Apr 1939E44575

WilsonMary F19 Sep 1924E24260

WilsonMary Jane02 Dec 1922E21681

WilsonMinnie Ann17 Mar 1939E44417

WilsonMinnie C21 Sep 1935E39246

WilsonMinnie M26 Nov 1930E32995

WilsonOliver E05 Mar 1927G27687

WilsonOliver E19 May 1930E32272


WilsonPeter O27 Apr 1926E26604


WilsonR A19 May 1919E16919

WilsonR BE1397

WilsonRaymond Arthur06 Dec 1927E28660

WilsonRebecca Jane31 Mar 1938E43047


WilsonRoxy E16 Apr 1925E25116

WilsonRoy C03 Aug 1933G36507

WilsonRoy Cameron10 Dec 1937E42590

WilsonS C06 Sep 1938E43622

WilsonS JE1560

WilsonSamuel Robert16 Aug 1937E42114

WilsonSarah EE9160


WilsonSophronia04 May 1934E37475

WilsonThad07 Mar 1917G14254

WilsonTheodore C14 Sep 1927E28348

WilsonTheodore M28 Jun 1934E37663



WilsonThomas23 Nov 1934E38161

WilsonThomas23 Mar 1937E41469

WilsonThomas J01 Aug 1933E36502

WilsonThomas NeilE6596

WilsonVirginia M09 Jan 1930G31721

WilsonWallace E17 Aug 1923E22687


WilsonWilliam H10 Nov 1930E32928

WilsonWilliam Murel24 Feb 1927E27640

WiltroutDan B18 Aug 1934E37808


WimblesPriscilla E10 Oct 1934E37979

WinansHenry AE5389

WinbladLouise16 Sep 1926E27039

WinbladLouise Marie31 May 1927E28010

WinbourneW J10 Nov 1938E43877


WinchHenry WE2671

WinchMartin22 Apr 1915G12544

WinchMartin27 Dec 1915E13171

WinchellC J08 Mar 1923E22083

WinchellEthel12 Aug 1926G26929

WinchellH R14 Aug 1919E17204


WinchesAlden23 Jun 1930G32415

WinchesArthur T25 Oct 1929E31426

WinchesterW Garlin10 Oct 1939E45162

WinchesterWilliam Gerald10 May 1934E37500

WindelerHenry F10 Sep 1936E40665

WindelerLouise07 Aug 1920E18604



WindleSusan E30 Jan 1930G31813

WindolphAnna30 Aug 1929E31212

WindolphFritz12 Aug 1921E19906

WindowThomas F01 Nov 1938E43842

WinegarLaura E21 Apr 1927E27857

WinerThomas W14 Jun 1924E23906

WinesFrederick William02 Sep 1926E26999

WinesburgMargaret17 Nov 1926E27259

WinesetRosa23 Oct 1931E34258

WinesettDan02 Sep 1920G18700

WineyEmily Bertha02 Aug 1927G28224

WineyIrwinna Janette02 Aug 1927G28224

WingAbraham15 Aug 1922E21268

WingBessie H23 Aug 1927E28286

WingH M29 Nov 1919E17544

WingJay F25 Feb 1935E38517

WingLester Paul03 Mar 1939E44348

WingLevi J23 Feb 1924E23431

WingMary Jane04 Nov 1932E35530

WingSamuel W01 Nov 1918E15986

WingW E27 Sep 1926E27083

WingWong18 Sep 1925E25723

WingartKiah25 Apr 1927E27864

WingateAnnie B25 Jul 1929E31081

WingateE M13 Feb 1934E37171

WingateSamuel WE8186

WingerJ05 Jan 1934E37019


WingertHenry15 Nov 1923E23011

WingrenNils Gustaf29 Nov 1932E35605

WinkJohn F17 May 1917E14466

WinklebleckMarie Ada18 Feb 1927G27613

WinklebleckW P22 Dec 1938G44049

WinklerEdward C04 Nov 1936E40869

WinklerHenrietta28 May 1924E23842

WinklerLouis28 May 1924E23841

WinklerOswald05 Jun 1939E44698

WinkrantzAmalia12 Aug 1936E40559

WinksBlanche HG1059

WinneMaude I03 Jun 1918G15543

WinnifordDavid Robert Beatie23 Nov 1915E13086

WinninghoffJoseph AE8762

WinquistPeter AE1561

WinslowAnna Marie LG7974

WinslowChauncey RoseE7675

WinslowChauncey RoseG8333


WinslowLottie08 Apr 1927E27812

WinslowRuth23 Sep 1927G28388

WinslowRuth LouiseG7974

WinsorAnnie L10 Dec 1924E24580

WinterClarence L12 Mar 1925G24954

WinterGus L CE4612

WinterGustave (Jr)01 Feb 1921E19236

WinterLouise E20 Dec 1935E39625

WinterbothanGeorge Errol06 May 1936E40199

WintermantelGeorge18 Jul 1919G17123

WintermantelSarah A03 Oct 1933E36710

WintermantleGeorge H10 Mar 1921E19399



WintersAnnie J24 Oct 1938E43811

WintersCalantha H29 Sep 1933E36698

WintersDorothea M10 Jul 1936E40436

WintersGuy G14 Apr 1937G41582

WintersH DE9153

WintersHarold B26 Mar 1937E41492

WintersHerman21 Nov 1936E40930

WintersJames J31 Mar 1920E18113

WintersJennie23 Nov 1921E20255

WintersJohn17 Feb 1927E27612

WintersJohn FE5548



WintersLouis LE11214

WintersMaggie AG6953

WintersMargaret J16 Dec 1924E24609

WintersRoy LG2038

WintersRuth J MG6953

WintersWilliam03 Oct 1933E36711

WintersWilliam HG6953

WintersteenGeorge C09 Jan 1933G35753

WintersteenHenry C (Jr)13 Apr 1922G20860

WintherLuther21 Jun 1927E28075

WintzingerodeCarl V10 Feb 1916E13283

WiprutHenry11 Jul 1939E44822

WirfsP J21 Jan 1925E24746


WirtAnna LG6995


WirtF N16 Oct 1929E31374

WirtIda Josephine10 Oct 1934E37980

WirtJosie02 May 1924G23726

WirtJosie14 Dec 1925E26062

WirtOmar BE6996

WirtSarah AG6994

WirthCalvin Thomas23 Mar 1932G34805

WirthRichard H30 Oct 1930G32882

WisbeyThomas RE11235

WisdomEverett Stanton15 Jan 1920E17743

WisdomJohn W (Jr)26 Feb 1937E41361

WisdomMichael DE7837

WisdomR WE8973

WisdomSarah FE8446

WiseAmanda M09 Dec 1936E40997



WiseCharles WG9651

WiseDavid25 Jul 1917G14644

WiseElsie25 Jul 1917G14644

WiseFrank D29 Sep 1934E37936

WiseHenry M08 Feb 1927E27570

WiseHerbert William27 Nov 1939E45328

WiseJennie04 Apr 1923E22195

WiseL EE5845

WiseLeo14 Oct 1937E42330


WiseMary23 Jul 1936E40499

WiseMary AE10626

WiseMax25 Aug 1931E34023

WiseMorris21 Mar 1916E13398

WisemanAnnie16 Oct 1923E22887

WisemanJames28 Jun 1919E17051

WisemanJohn Wesley12 Mar 1929E30567

WisemanMalcolm07 May 1925G25191

WisemanMargaret07 May 1925G25191

WisemanMatt24 Dec 1932G35692

WisemanOtto D01 Dec 1921E20279

WiserPeter31 Dec 1920E19122

WishardAlice Mae01 Dec 1936G40967

WishardSamuel Ellis01 Dec 1936G40967

WishardSarah F29 Jun 1934E37666

WiskovishWicko28 Aug 1917E14708


WisnerEmeline M16 Nov 1923E23023

WisnerLillian D11 Mar 1936E39962

WisnerRichard F26 Jul 1939E44873

WisnerVictor S11 Mar 1936E39963

WisnerWilliam13 Nov 1930G32940

WisslerKate10 Dec 1924E24577

WisterHans30 Sep 1927E28409

WistrandJustus Z07 Nov 1924E24450

WitbeckT J24 Jan 1919E16411

WitherallJosiah RE6905

WitherallRebecca SE6946

WitherellAmanda E22 Jan 1924E23284

WithersBeata04 Nov 1926E27214

WithersBertha W08 Nov 1935E39430


WithersLawrence CE9396

WitherspoonLawrence EG9514

WithingtonGeorge EE4595

WithnellDavid William09 Sep 1936E40658

WithrowArnold W28 Sep 1922E21441

WithrowGeorge S28 May 1917E14489

WithrowLee07 May 1925G25190

WithrowRobert L09 Nov 1937E42450

WithycombeHarold14 Jan 1930E31739

WithycombeJohn20 Dec 1915E13153

WithycombeMary27 Sep 1934E37936

WithycombeMary Isabel27 Aug 1930G32672

WithycombeOlive01 May 1929E30771

WithycombeThomas29 Jul 1936E40512

WitmanH C03 Nov 1931E34287

WitmanLaura19 Sep 1933E36673


WittEdna Cole21 Feb 1925E24878


WittJohn04 Aug 1937E42066

WittPhilander SE12146

WittPhilander SE12148

WittckePaul F21 Feb 1928E28995

WitteMarlin10 Nov 1936G40897

WittemanDora E15 Apr 1931E33559

WittemanJoseph Morris30 Jan 1936E39799

WittenT M06 Jan 1917E14095

WittenbeckeeHerman01 Apr 1937E41527
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