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SmithLaura ME11445

SmithLaura M29 Jun 1923G22522

SmithLaura May27 Sep 1932G35406

SmithLaura NE11498

SmithLee25 May 1926G26690

SmithLeon C20 Feb 1926G26337

SmithLeonard LG9702


SmithLester C01 Jul 1920E18487

SmithLeta RG2805

SmithLilah S20 May 1921E19655



SmithLorena EE8448

SmithLorene E20 Jul 1915E12804

SmithLotta Chase21 Jan 1931E33234


SmithLouise Humphrey02 Jun 1919G17064

SmithLouise Humphrey20 Feb 1920E17922

SmithLucetta07 Oct 1932G35438

SmithLucetta17 Oct 1939G45190

SmithLucille Leone06 Jul 1939G44805

SmithLucille Sarah15 Nov 1937E42467

SmithLucinda BE3952

SmithLucy14 May 1928E29324

SmithLucy E07 Mar 1931E33389

SmithLucy Truscott28 Nov 1938E43945

SmithLyman15 Nov 1915E13072

SmithLyman L27 Jan 1932E34587

SmithMabel23 Mar 1925E25001

SmithMable AG5706

SmithMaggie A28 Nov 1921E20268

SmithMaragret07 Aug 1939E44918

SmithMargaret02 Sep 1922E21328

SmithMargaret A09 Dec 1915G13119

SmithMargaret Ann08 Feb 1922E20541

SmithMargaret WE2378

SmithMaria A21 Nov 1925E25973

SmithMarian L01 Sep 1932E35326

SmithMarie07 Jul 1917G14596

SmithMartha A10 Jan 1933E35764

SmithMartha A Williams10 Jan 1933E35759

SmithMartha A Williams18 Feb 1933Will Contest35933

SmithMartha B31 Dec 1924G24641

SmithMartha Blaisdell15 Jan 1925E24709

SmithMartha EE5721

SmithMartin C16 Jun 1924E23910


SmithMarvel Helen03 Apr 1936E40069

SmithMary25 May 1929E30865

SmithMary A18 Dec 1919E17630

SmithMary A05 Dec 1927E28654

SmithMary AG3008

SmithMary AG4226

SmithMary AE6460

SmithMary A B16 Aug 1934E37800

SmithMary Ann14 Feb 1938G42856

SmithMary CE11357

SmithMary C06 Jun 1931E33754

SmithMary E16 Jul 1926E26841

SmithMary E19 Feb 1932E34677

SmithMary Elizabeth22 Nov 1926E27272

SmithMary J07 Jan 1922E20418

SmithMary JE3332

SmithMary L09 Mar 1920G18018

SmithMary L06 Feb 1924E23355

SmithMary Lyles09 Nov 1923G22987

SmithMary Walker23 Nov 1926E27276

SmithMatilda14 May 1917E14450


SmithMatilda02 Jan 1934E37008

SmithMattie L09 Jan 1936E39690

SmithMattie N06 Dec 1935E39551

SmithMaud L18 Jan 1918E15129

SmithMaude Hudson09 Jan 1918E15089

SmithMaurice B13 Nov 1916E13941

SmithMax13 Oct 1931E34222

SmithMax M08 Feb 1921E19271

SmithMay06 Dec 1915E13113

SmithMay04 Dec 1922G21687

SmithMaybelle30 Dec 1938G44079


SmithMelvin A18 Feb 1922E20581

SmithMichael L16 Mar 1936E39982


SmithMilton E24 Jul 1918G15694

SmithMilton G01 Jun 1915E12660

SmithMina11 Jan 1919E16318

SmithMina G04 May 1936E40189

SmithMinnie Auer22 Nov 1934E38154

SmithMinnie B04 Dec 1925E26022

SmithMinnie I11 Jan 1938G42699

SmithMinnie I29 Mar 1938E43033


SmithMorris JE1046

SmithMyron AG5706

SmithNancy J06 Dec 1916E14000

SmithNeil23 Jan 1923E21901

SmithNellie A20 Aug 1923E22699

SmithNellie Kirkman23 Aug 1938G43577

SmithNolan R14 May 1927E27949

SmithOliver P23 Feb 1928E29005

SmithOtis FE1343

SmithP WG1497

SmithPalmer S15 May 1929E30830

SmithPaul24 Mar 1937E41476

SmithPaula Morton22 Aug 1929G31183

SmithPauline ME3848

SmithPercy11 Dec 1928G30132


SmithPhilip TE4425

SmithPhoebe07 Feb 1933E35882

SmithPhyllis04 Aug 1938E43511

SmithPliny HG2395

SmithPreston CE3319

SmithQuintilla AE8876

SmithR LE11259

SmithR T20 Dec 1922E21759

SmithRalph O30 Mar 1934G37337

SmithRamona Elizabeth20 Feb 1926G26337

SmithRancy D01 Feb 1926E26242

SmithRaphael B (Aka R B)28 Nov 1923G23082

SmithRaymond E29 Nov 1933E36898

SmithRichard E09 Dec 1929E31587

SmithRobert31 Dec 1920E19120

SmithRobert27 Jul 1925E25533

SmithRobert13 Oct 1926G27135

SmithRobert L09 Mar 1920G18018

SmithRobert ME5620

SmithRobert Shaw24 May 1915E12634

SmithRoberta M09 Jul 1926E26820

SmithRoderick E28 Aug 1939E45000


SmithRose J21 Jun 1930E32409

SmithRoy01 Dec 1930G33005

SmithRoy24 Nov 1937E42505

SmithRuby LE7513

SmithRussel01 Apr 1931E33504


SmithSadie B17 Sep 1935E39223

SmithSam'L RussellG3025

SmithSamuel DE2904

SmithSamuel ME2602

SmithSamuel WE2170

SmithSara Ann30 Mar 1923E22172

SmithSarah A23 Sep 1915E12935

SmithSarah Ellen30 Jul 1925E25551

SmithSarah M15 Jul 1915G12787

SmithSarah M29 Oct 1918E15970


SmithScott Allen21 Mar 1938E43004




SmithStanley26 Feb 1938G42910

SmithStella07 May 1937E41687

SmithStella E24 Sep 1924E24276

SmithStephen18 Sep 1929E31276

SmithSue Olive25 May 1937Trust E41773

SmithSusan Farrell26 Sep 1932E35397

SmithSusan Southworth16 Jan 1926E26187

SmithSusan W12 Sep 1919E17287

SmithSusie AG5472

SmithSusie AubreyG6753

SmithSusie AubreyG6962

SmithSusie Emma07 Jul 1917G14596

SmithT B22 Nov 1933E36866

SmithT J11 Sep 1924E24219

SmithT M KE4279

SmithTheresa06 Apr 1936E40079


SmithThomas13 Nov 1926E27244



SmithThomas B23 Sep 1915E12936

SmithThomas FE752

SmithThomas H19 Aug 1926G26953

SmithThomas MarksE4254

SmithThos Matthew28 Nov 1917E14962

SmithV Charles10 Dec 1930E33055

SmithValentine S29 Aug 1916G13782

SmithVictor H06 Apr 1915E12493

SmithVilas V13 Jul 1939E44832

SmithVilas VG4749

SmithViola10 Jan 1922G20428

SmithVirginia08 Dec 1923G23123

SmithW DE6060

SmithW HE9958

SmithW JE11996

SmithW J15 Jun 1921E19732

SmithW JE8771

SmithW K (Jr)13 Jul 1935E39073

SmithW WalterE12380

SmithWallace J19 Nov 1934G38137

SmithWalter10 Jun 1936E40331

SmithWalter B01 Mar 1933G35980

SmithWalter B11 Apr 1934E37387

SmithWalter BE5773

SmithWalter CE8635

SmithWalter G29 Jan 1937E41222

SmithWalter JG8846

SmithWarren A11 Sep 1920E18734

SmithWarren David19 Jan 1933G35805

SmithWarren FE9615

SmithWilliam16 Jul 1931E33889

SmithWilliam09 Nov 1939E45278

SmithWilliam Amos19 Oct 1937E42356

SmithWilliam Barnes12 Jan 1935G38351

SmithWilliam C H23 Jul 1923E22603

SmithWilliam D04 Oct 1929E31334

SmithWilliam F29 Oct 1927E28524

SmithWilliam G04 Feb 1927E27551

SmithWilliam H12 Jan 1918E15111

SmithWilliam H09 May 1923E22335

SmithWilliam H24 Sep 1937E42253

SmithWilliam HE4694

SmithWilliam KE11427

SmithWilliam R10 Apr 1930E32152

SmithWilliam W14 Jul 1927E28166

SmithWilliam W19 Mar 1932E34787

SmithWillis B10 Apr 1930E31944

SmithWinfred M09 Apr 1934E37377

SmithWm DemingE3656

SmithWm Theodore16 Jun 1932E35098

SmithYvonne Emma25 Apr 1918G15424

SmithersEvelyn09 Jul 1931G33860

SmithiesEvelina09 Jul 1931G33860


SmithsonAlbert LE11567

SmithsonM Catherine12 Aug 1930E32623

SmithsonMary Alvina22 Jul 1915E12812



SmockIrwin Ray09 Mar 1936E39949

SmockLewis A07 Oct 1926E27114

SmockPearl06 Jan 1928E28765

SmojanVictor06 Oct 1928E29863

SmokeJohn Henry23 Nov 1933E36873

SmokoonLevi10 Feb 1919E16624

SmoljoPhilip19 Feb 1935E38490


SmullenRosanna13 Dec 1939E45403

SmythAnita E23 Jun 1933E36385

SmythClara A04 Nov 1932E35529

SmythEdward09 Sep 1919G17270

SmythEdward06 Mar 1922E20651

SmythEdward Holloway29 Dec 1930E33125

SmythErnest L01 Oct 1926G27100

SmythErnest L01 Jun 1934G37575

SmythErnest L16 Feb 1937E41302

SmythJohn J16 Oct 1922G21503

SmythJohn J12 Dec 1925E26059

SmythSidney06 Mar 1934E37246

SmytheKatherine T02 Jan 1920E17679

SmytheMichael28 Feb 1922E20619

SnavelyEmma J11 Mar 1926E26420

SnavelySamuel11 Aug 1930E32621

SnawiseHenry24 Jan 1925E24761

SnedecorKatharin Searcy27 Apr 1921G19585


SnellGeorge WE3142

SnellGertrude AmeliaE10792

SnellLillian11 Mar 1921E19404

SnellMay Or Mary10 Nov 1927E28567

SnidemanChase D18 Dec 1931E34446

SniderAlva Vance16 Jul 1936G40462

SniderHarry L18 Dec 1939E45142

SniderHelen & HaroldG7832

SniderIrene Ellen16 Jul 1936G40462

SniderIvan Arlington16 Jul 1936E40461

SniderJ LE11040

SniderLillian28 Oct 1936E40839

SniderW L08 Feb 1924E23371

SniderWilbert E09 Dec 1938G44003

SnodgrassWallace17 Jun 1926G26760

SnookAnna A15 Jun 1933E36362

SnookCharles WE1628


SnoverJohn C07 Jan 1892E2207

SnoverJohn OralG7293


SnowAlbertina F07 Nov 1936E40886

SnowEdward LE7877

SnowEsther01 Jun 1935E40291

SnowFrank James21 Jan 1927E27506

SnowJohn James Noble01 Feb 1938E42800


SnowNicodemus27 Feb 1922E19851

SnowReuben JE3281

SnowdenEmma24 May 1939E44657

SnuffinEmma09 Oct 1933E36731

SnuffinEmma L20 Oct 1933E36773

SnuffinFrank O20 Oct 1933G36774

SnuffinFrank O27 Jun 1934E37652

SnuffinJames E12 Aug 1935E39116

SnuffinJohn F08 Mar 1935E38565

SnureRuth ME11086

SnyderA A21 Mar 1923E22140

SnyderAlice28 Jan 1916E13250

SnyderBlema H22 May 1928E29360


SnyderGeorge HG10141

SnyderHenry Lewis10 Aug 1937E42086

SnyderHiram T29 Dec 1920E19107

SnyderIda BuhmanE11083

SnyderJackson Taylor12 Mar 1921G19405

SnyderLawrence E25 Jan 1924G23313

SnyderMarion Arville18 May 1931G33688

SnyderMildred W26 Oct 1923E22938

SnyderMiles AE6132


SnyderPercival WG4952

SnyderRoberta Blanche12 Mar 1921G19405

SnyderS C17 Mar 1920E18054

SnyderSamuel H13 Oct 1939E45171

SnyderT B20 Jul 1915E12801

SoashErnest08 Dec 1923E23124

SobotkerLena Wentz10 Apr 1930E32147

SodenAnna09 Mar 1923E22086

SodenJohn K22 Aug 1939E44976

SoderN PG7037

SoderN PE7611

SoderbackO T16 Mar 1927E27728

SoderbergCharles V12 Oct 1929E31494

SoderbergElizabeth J06 Dec 1916E14003

SoderbergEnsio21 Feb 1933E35944

SoderbergO L15 Nov 1933E36844


SoderquistCharles18 Mar 1937E41448

SoderstrandJohn AE2596

SoderstromCharles A16 Oct 1936E40795








SolaAugustus I27 Mar 1937E41499


SolbergGerald Albert03 Aug 1926G26903

SolbergerBertha A11 Mar 1935E38568


Solis CohenBertha03 Jan 1929E30232

Solis CohenDavid15 Nov 1928E30018

SoljanMagdalena02 Apr 1926E26502

SoljeSlavko07 Jul 1925E25451

SolkoIda25 Oct 1929E31422

SollFred28 Nov 1928E30075

SollHugo T31 Mar 1932G34830

SollarsMargaret07 Jun 1917E14512

SollerFrederick William (Or Fred (Jr))29 Jun 1934E37669


SolomonBarbara19 Jan 1928G28836

SolomonClara06 Jul 1938E43404

SolomonClara22 May 1939Will Contest44648

SolomonFannie01 Jun 1918E15540

SolomonI E30 Sep 1925E26760

SolomonLloyd A19 Jan 1928E28835

SolomonLloyd Stilwell19 Jan 1928G28837

SolomonRay15 Nov 1928E30015

SolomonSamuel22 May 1931E33705

SomersHarley J09 Jul 1934E37684

SomersetElizabeth25 Jun 1915E12739

SomersetJohn07 Jun 1920E18411

SommerEmma05 Mar 1934E37237

SommerErnest A (Dr)26 Feb 1934G37208

SommerErnest A (Dr)31 Mar 1936E40056

SommerLouis13 Feb 1934E37167

SommerRussell13 Oct 1938G43781

SommerSara S05 Oct 1936E40753

SommerWillie J08 Jul 1920E18503

SommerfeltAlexander13 Sep 1930E32732

SommersHarold Robert18 Oct 1924G24376

SommersMax05 Dec 1923E23107

SommersWalter B18 Aug 1920E18643

SommersetJohn26 May 1920G18353

SondereggerA16 May 1927E27954

SondheimLouis05 Dec 1939E45368

SonensonCharles H06 Jun 1930E32362

SonnelandDonald13 Apr 1927G27825

SonnenfeldFannie27 Oct 1938E43823

SonsunAnnie25 May 1920E18345


SoperE A16 May 1918E15497

SoperJames P21 Oct 1930E32977

SorbyLouise13 Jun 1936E40339

SoreghanFrank B20 Jun 1930E32408

SorensenAugusta27 Mar 1934E37323

SorensenDoris16 Dec 1915G13142

SorensenLynn16 Dec 1915G13142

SorensenMargerthe22 Mar 1928E29123

SorensonAndrew (Or A O)16 Aug 1923E22683

SorensonAnna12 Apr 1933E36137

SorensonAnna D26 Jan 1927E27517

SorensonEvald Martin29 Apr 1915E12564

SorensonGeorge23 Apr 1919E16804


SorensonLena18 Jan 1928E28829


SorensonMartin PE11554

SorensonNellie V25 Apr 1929G30750

SorensonOtto27 Nov 1937E42516

SorensonS A25 Feb 1932E34697

SorensonSoren12 Jul 1932E35174

SorensonSoren M W02 Aug 1920E18586

SoriaRahul02 Dec 1935G39529

SorsethThora09 Aug 1916E13751

SorteSivert11 May 1925E25220


SotosJohn PE6562

SoucekJohn19 Apr 1932E34905

SoudersDavid17 Sep 1915G12915

SoudersHarriet E30 Oct 1933E36809

SoudersJune17 Sep 1915G12915

SoudersRaymond17 Sep 1915G12915

SoudersThomas RE12335

SoudersVirginia17 Sep 1915G12915

SoudersW L27 Feb 1922E20609

SouersCatherine A08 Apr 1919E16745


SouersWilliam PE11004


SouleEva Mildred02 Aug 1938E43502

SouleIda GraceE10770

SouleJames J29 Dec 1920E19100

SouleLillian E05 May 1924E23734

SouleMildred Estelle13 Nov 1924E24469




SoulsMary A22 Apr 1925E25134

SoundCarrie14 Sep 1920E18742

SoundJohn G02 Feb 1916E13263

SouthFrieda K17 Nov 1937E42483

SouthardFred03 Jan 1927E27431

SouthmanAdolph13 May 1939G44634

SouthmaydAllen CG141

SouthmaydD SE60

SouthmaydDaniel SG141

SouthmaydSarah HG141

SouthwickDuane27 Feb 1938G42919

SouthwickErnest Alonzo16 Aug 1939E44957

SouthwickLyneons V22 Mar 1937E41465

SouthwickPerl JE7846

SovenskiAnton04 Jun 1931G33742

SovenskiAnton05 Jun 1934G37579

SovenskiAnton12 Dec 1939E45388

SovernAddie R14 Apr 1931E33551

SovernsE JE5269


SovernsMary EG7083


SovernsThomas RG7083


SowersCarrie M16 Feb 1922G20570

SowersFrank05 Jun 1930E32355

SowlerJack Vincent03 Jul 1934G37677

SowterKate Jane27 Jun 1923E22514


SpackmanSara A16 Jun 1917E14543

SpadaforeErnest L18 Dec 1935G39618

SpadaforeEugene Anthony18 Dec 1935G39618

SpadaforeIrene Stella18 Dec 1935G39618

SpadaforeMary Terissa18 Dec 1935G39618

SpadaforeRose Clara18 Dec 1935G39618

SpadyHenry01 Jun 1920G18373


SpadyJohn (Jr)16 Aug 1927E28269

SpaethCaroline (Or Carrie)26 Jul 1926G26879

SpaethCarrie21 May 1928E29358

SpaethChristian14 Feb 1939G44252

SpageleClara31 Oct 1933E36810

SpahnAlbert J (Jr)17 Sep 1934E37892

SpahnClarence O06 Sep 1921G19981

SpahnMichael04 Oct 1921E20099

SpahnMinnie23 Aug 1921E19944

SpahrJames IE10956

SpainhowerFairy B03 Oct 1927E28417

SpaldingHelen FE7488

SpaldingZ S09 Mar 1931E33393

SpangenbergKatie27 Aug 1936E40614

SpangenburgJames12 Jul 1927E28150



SpanglerSusan A04 Mar 1936E39935

SpanierNicholas07 Nov 1918E16021

SpanierPaul06 Oct 1919G17360

SparhawkArthur M22 May 1935E38839

SparkEdna RE11816

SparksCharles E12 May 1920E18299

SparksEdward HaroldG5796

SparksMary LE5297

SparksOliver CG5796

SparksS C02 Sep 1937E42177


SparrClinton EdwardG9562

SparrowJohn Leslie28 Jan 1939E44194

Spass (Or Spaace)John13 Jul 1931E33872

SpathEdward05 Mar 1936E39940


SpatharasDemetrios21 Jan 1937E41187

SpathasJim21 Jan 1937E41187

SpauldingAlta B Y30 Oct 1935E39387

SpauldingAnnette24 Oct 1929E31419

SpauldingClara Ella30 Mar 1922E20790

SpauldingEdith E06 Jul 1934G37680

SpauldingEdith E29 Mar 1938E43038


SpauldingFrances Eddy21 Aug 1920G18653

SpauldingHenry H28 Mar 1917E15332

SpauldingHepzibah Locke07 Apr 1915E12497

SpauldingLucian RichardE10101

SpauldingMarcus ME566

SpauldingMinnie LE11243

SpauldingMinnie L14 Jul 1916E13703

SpauldingMorton ME11462

SpauldingMorton Ray22 Oct 1926E27164

SpauldingW WE5438

SpeakeBemjamin F20 May 1920G18328
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