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JohnsonVirgil Marcus02 Dec 1939E45358

JohnsonW A02 May 1922E20934


JohnsonWalter13 Dec 1918E16208

JohnsonWalter07 Sep 1899G3835

JohnsonWalter26 May 1936E40276

JohnsonWalter L03 Sep 1921E19980

JohnsonWillamina F07 Jul 1931E33854

JohnsonWillard Z03 Jan 1930E31684

JohnsonWilliam31 Oct 1917G14889

JohnsonWilliam13 Apr 1859E183

JohnsonWilliam22 Jan 1934E37084

JohnsonWilliam02 Jul 1936E40405


JohnsonWilliam A07 Apr 1926E26524

JohnsonWilliam J30 Sep 1924E24296

JohnsonWilliam K28 Dec 1932E35696

JohnsonWilliam N28 Mar 1925E25037

JohnsonWilliam O10 Jun 1939E44715

JohnsonWilliam Paul18 Nov 1918G16103

JohnsonWillis26 Feb 1932E34698

JohnsonWinifred21 Jan 1931E33240

JohnsonZelia L16 Mar 1938E42982

JohnstonA L14 Sep 1921E20009

JohnstonAgnes M11 Apr 1922E20839



JohnstonArabella27 Jan 1937E41208

JohnstonArthur H23 Mar 1926E26466

JohnstonBarbara15 Jun 1932G35095

JohnstonCaludia20 Mar 1919G9812

JohnstonCatherine22 May 1928E29361

JohnstonDavid E12 Jul 1917E14610

JohnstonElinor Ely24 Sep 1920E18776

JohnstonElizabeth JaneE7324

JohnstonErnest William24 Feb 1922G20604

JohnstonEsther31 Aug 1922G21320

JohnstonGeorge J03 May 1930E32217

JohnstonGeorge L02 Dec 1925G26013

JohnstonGeorge M28 Apr 1931E33601

JohnstonGladys20 Mar 1919G9812

JohnstonH WilliamE3150

JohnstonHarold Glenn06 Apr 1937G41552

JohnstonHarriet R10 Jan 1916E13204

JohnstonHattie16 Jul 1937E41987

JohnstonHiram D08 May 1929E30795

JohnstonJ TE5390

JohnstonJames03 Mar 1921E19365

JohnstonJames D08 Jan 1931E33175

JohnstonJames J14 Dec 1935E39588

JohnstonJane M08 Jan 1930G31706

JohnstonJane M21 Mar 1931E33454


JohnstonJohn A26 Jan 1938E42773

JohnstonLeona20 Mar 1919G9812

JohnstonLottie M05 Mar 1935E38544

JohnstonM B04 Apr 1917E14338

JohnstonMarcella L06 Apr 1937G41552

JohnstonMargaret Julia12 Jul 1927E28146

JohnstonMary EllenE8896

JohnstonMelvin E03 Apr 1934E37348

JohnstonMyrtle E04 Nov 1937G42426

JohnstonRalph S15 Jan 1929E30296

JohnstonRalph S28 Jul 1930G32561

JohnstonRobert15 Jun 1932G35095

JohnstonRutherford SE7867



JohnstonThos Arnold12 Jul 1927E28147

JohnstonThos Arnold10 Jul 1928Will Contest29535

JohnstonW B19 Mar 1920E18061

JohnstonWalter Lincoln16 Apr 1923E22239

JohnstonWilliam E21 Jul 1926E26862

JohnstonWilliam P07 Aug 1931E33971

JohnstoneFrank06 May 1937E41684

JohnstoneGrace V27 Mar 1934E37325

JohnstoneJames S24 Jan 1919E16409

JohonnettJ RachaelE1615

JohsonEvelyn Alta09 Sep 1922G21360

JohsonJohn L05 Nov 1926E27216

JohstonSarah E15 Jan 1923E23256

JojaMike02 Jun 1922E21052

JolleyAda J02 Dec 1935E39527


JollyHarriet E30 Oct 1923E22951

JollyWilliam B27 Jan 1920E17796

JolsvayL A05 Jan 1925E24658

JonasGesche05 Jan 1937E41104

JonasonJ J23 Sep 1915E12939


JonesA WE5569

JonesAda Settlemier15 Oct 1928E29887

JonesAlbert D09 Aug 1926E26915

JonesAlbert HE11334

JonesAlva Waitman10 Sep 1918E15831

JonesAnna27 Oct 1919E17437

JonesAnna E04 Nov 1926E27215

JonesAnna M20 Jan 1932E34557

JonesAnna M Jones23 Feb 1928E29004

JonesAnna Phoebe13 Oct 1938Will Contest43780

JonesArthur Francis20 Feb 1928E28990

JonesArtie Melinda24 Jan 1934E37095

JonesAurelia FE9302

JonesAvis18 Mar 1912E9808

JonesB NathanE2672

JonesBarbara T08 Oct 1936G40769

JonesBertha E31 Oct 1939E45243

JonesBertha Launder01 May 1936E40180

JonesButler A28 Mar 1922E20778

JonesC SusannaE2130

JonesCalvin C09 Jun 1932E35072

JonesCarrie05 Feb 1935E38429

JonesCarrie E22 Nov 1918E16129

JonesCatherine09 Oct 1931E34210

JonesCatherine McGrealE11262

JonesCharles Clayton14 Oct 1939E45177

JonesCharles E11 Aug 1924E24111

JonesCharles Henry29 Mar 1933E36089


JonesChristina B12 Apr 1917E14357

JonesClarence H28 May 1931E33729

JonesClaude RE6485

JonesClement12 Apr 1919E16769

JonesCoburn05 Oct 1918G15901


JonesD M08 Apr 1920G18147

JonesDaniel A05 Nov 1928G29974

JonesDaniel A05 Jan 1929E30247

JonesDavid05 Dec 1925G26025

JonesDella U11 May 1936E40217

JonesDelphine I29 May 1929E30881

JonesDimple28 Jan 1919E16428

JonesDorothy08 Sep 1937G42192

JonesE C14 Jun 1929E30936

JonesE E29 Oct 1938E43831

JonesE JennieE2388

JonesE T01 Dec 1932E35616

JonesE WE9545

JonesEarl Donald26 Jan 1938G42769


JonesEdward E29 Oct 1938E43831

JonesEdward G24 Nov 1922E21660

JonesEleanor10 Oct 1922G21482

JonesEliza25 Feb 1931E33356

JonesElizabeth28 Feb 1929E30511

JonesElizabeth E13 Apr 1916E13468

JonesElla Boles15 Feb 1939E44269

JonesElla S05 Apr 1938E43070

JonesElnora S Roper11 Jan 1939E44125

JonesElsie J27 Apr 1939E44566

JonesEmma H (Mrs)15 Jun 1937E41859

JonesEthel06 Sep 1923E22738

JonesEugene ME5550

JonesF AE10338

JonesFielder A07 Feb 1935E38444

JonesFrancis B05 Nov 1929E31467

JonesFrancis B03 Nov 1930Will Contest32894

JonesFrank30 Dec 1929E31669

JonesFrank Dare28 Jun 1916G13657

JonesFrank Dare24 Apr 1917E14389

JonesFrank W03 Dec 1928E30094


JonesFred20 Aug 1937E42132

JonesFred A28 Apr 1925E25158

JonesFred C20 May 1935E38827

JonesGeorge Allen14 Mar 1922G20700

JonesGeorge W12 May 1939E44629

JonesGeraldine Jayne09 Dec 1937G42581

JonesGoldie L01 Mar 1938E42928

JonesGriffith08 Oct 1925E25795

JonesGriffith M23 Mar 1926E26467

JonesGuy H19 Sep 1938E43677

JonesHarry15 Aug 1929E31162

JonesHelen E15 Mar 1939E44403

JonesHelen Rose14 Jan 1928E28808

JonesHenry25 Sep 1915E12946

JonesHenry E18 Nov 1918E16102

JonesHenry PE3216

JonesHenry W27 Jan 1926E26231

JonesHerman Halsey15 Nov 1923E23012

JonesHugh W08 Sep 1933E36634

JonesIda E17 Dec 1915E13146

JonesIda ME14954

JonesJ C12 Jan 1921E19156

JonesJ SE7477

JonesJack R24 Apr 1933E36177

JonesJennie E14 Mar 1928E29087

JonesJennie Z11 Dec 1936E41013

JonesJessie M02 Mar 1939E44340

JonesJohn07 Nov 1919E17475

JonesJohn C25 Feb 1924E23436

JonesJohn E18 Apr 1929G30712

JonesJohn E06 Jan 1932E34493

JonesJohn Henry19 Sep 1933E36671

JonesJohn PE1784

JonesJohn Paul (Jr)14 Apr 1932E34891

JonesJohn Walter22 Jun 1929E30960

JonesJonathan04 Feb 1937E41239

JonesJoseph FE8891

JonesJoseph G24 Feb 1926E26346

JonesJosephine B08 Jan 1931E33171

JonesKate DavisE15103

JonesL M21 Dec 1925E26098

JonesL Saylor31 May 1930E32332

JonesLaura A31 May 1929G30883

JonesLaura E09 May 1933E36245

JonesLida J07 Jul 1933E36421

JonesLouis Albert26 Jun 1936E40380

JonesLucile H03 Mar 1937E41381

JonesLuke T31 Jan 1919E16444

JonesM J07 May 1936E40206

JonesMabell E25 Aug 1936E40606

JonesMargaret05 Oct 1918G15901

JonesMargaret27 Dec 1932E35695

JonesMargaret09 Jan 1934E37028

JonesMargaret Veronica29 Aug 1922E21310

JonesMarian31 Mar 1928E29157

JonesMartha PE7919

JonesMartin F06 Jan 1916E13197

JonesMary10 Sep 1919E17276

JonesMary12 Apr 1938E43099

JonesMary11 Oct 1939E45165

JonesMary A06 Jan 1920E17697

JonesMary Ann09 Jan 1929E30272

JonesMary Catherine15 Dec 1921E20347

JonesMary E26 Dec 1933E36988

JonesMary Emily16 Jul 1925E25486

JonesMary Frances04 Dec 1918G16173

JonesMary H29 Jun 1928E29491

JonesMary U05 Mar 1937E41389

JonesMaude M19 Feb 1929E30469

JonesMaxine22 Dec 1937E42626

JonesMay JeannetteE11523

JonesMedora Ann28 Jun 1937G41913

JonesNancy BE9066

JonesNellie M22 Oct 1930E32859

JonesNelson H30 Nov 1938E43957

JonesNettie L04 Jan 1934G37016

JonesNewton J16 Oct 1925E25831

JonesOlive Maxine24 Mar 1921G19447

JonesOllie S17 Jul 1936E40469

JonesOscar B14 Mar 1931G33422

JonesPauline B21 Mar 1938E42999

JonesPhilo E01 Dec 1934E38176

JonesPhoebe Ann05 Jul 1938E43401

JonesRalph K20 Apr 1937E41601


JonesRobert H09 Aug 1918E15738

JonesRobert Louis27 Jun 1927E28107

JonesRobert Vinton31 Dec 1924E24642

JonesRussell H04 Jan 1933G35724

JonesRuth03 Dec 1919G17564

JonesSamuel SE9652

JonesSarah Jane03 Jun 1920E18259

JonesSchuyler C20 Nov 1929E31521


JonesSophronia08 Apr 1930E32133

JonesStanley L04 Jan 1933G35724

JonesTheodore Wilson13 Nov 1930G32935

JonesThomas04 May 1921E19606

JonesThomas24 Jan 1928E28861



JonesThos Lincoln04 Oct 1929E31335

JonesTreve15 Feb 1929E30451

JonesW H01 Aug 1923E22643

JonesW J14 Dec 1922E21731

JonesWill08 Aug 1939E44926


JonesWilliam25 Jan 1921E19199

JonesWilliam06 Apr 1922G20823

JonesWilliam Eli13 Jan 1939E44136

JonesWilliam F17 Apr 1939E44526

JonesWilliam HE10265

JonesWilliam Henry24 Dec 1928G30186

JonesWilliam Lloyd04 Jan 1933G35724

JonesWilliam TE10100

JonesWilliam W04 Mar 1924E23473

JonesWm Henry17 Feb 1937E41307

JonesWm Thomas13 Nov 1937E42465

JonesZ PE6200


JonkerMartin20 Oct 1939E45212

JonsonCarl30 Apr 1923E22295

JonsonHanna C15 Dec 1925E26073

JonstonAlice Mildred08 Jan 1919G16294

JonstoneAnnie18 Dec 1918E16227

JoosElizabeth18 Nov 1932E35573

JoosJohn26 Oct 1928E29941

JoostEdward F18 Mar 1930G32026

JoplinEdward Ray15 Oct 1932E35464

JoplinFerdinand28 Dec 1928E30208


JordanC P19 Sep 1934E37900

JordanGenevieve30 Mar 1922G20791

JordanH WilliamG6635

JordanH WilliamE7689

JordanJames M08 Jun 1925E25335

JordanJulia C14 Dec 1923E23150

JordanMary A01 May 1935E38754

JordanPatrick M30 Nov 1915E13101

JordanThomas A15 Aug 1917E14689

JordanWilliam H17 Jul 1923E22585

JordinA O09 May 1924E23754

JordinMargaret E06 Apr 1936E40084

JorgChristena23 Jan 1936E39763

JorgChristine12 Oct 1917E14830

JorgKatie01 Mar 1935E38532

JorgWalter Donald21 Nov 1924G24514

JorgensenAnders09 Dec 1931E34415

JorgensenAnna D06 Jun 1924E23876

JorgensenArthur HE14268

JorgensenArthur H10 Mar 1917E14268


JorgensenEmil C06 Jun 1923E22441

JorgensenGrace21 Oct 1927G28496

JorgensenH C11 Feb 1938E42847


JorgensenJacob07 Jun 1923E22443

JorgensenJames06 Nov 1937G42439

JorgensenMarita17 Jun 1926G26765

JorgensenOlaf JE11565

JorgensenPauline17 Feb 1931E33334


JorgensenPolly17 May 1926G26765

JorgensenSarah21 Oct 1927G28496

JorgensenVictor17 Jun 1926G26765


JorgensonHans27 Oct 1937E42382

JorgesonChrist04 Dec 1919E17570

JosephGeorge W23 Jun 1930E32414

JosephiS E04 Sep 1935E39169


JosipovichSteve12 Jul 1939E44827

JosipovichStipe Anton12 Jul 1939E44827

JoslinAlbert Carl13 Dec 1927E28750

JoslynCarlin DE12275


JosselynBenage S02 Jun 1925E25312

JosselynFleurot Dosch07 Oct 1920E18808

JossiMike02 Sep 1931E34049

JossiPeter20 Sep 1918E15870

JossyMarianna09 Mar 1936E39946

JostPete W12 Dec 1918E16206

JostRose20 Jul 1926E26858

JoubertAbel02 Jun 1915E12663

JourdanTheodore19 Mar 1925E24988

JoustraFrits30 Dec 1889E1772

JoyHarry E27 May 1924E23825

JoyJames TE3771

JoyLucy Ripley07 May 1926E26640

JoyMary A27 Feb 1929E30503

JoyObed H09 Dec 1918E16193


JoyReuben ZE4997



JoyceBridget12 Jul 1930E32496

JoyceCarolyn HE3945

JoyceD H WE3365


JoyceJoseph A11 Apr 1916E13461

JoyceJoseph Harry23 Oct 1926E27167



JoyceW H DE3365

JoyntCharles W02 Jun 1937E41811

JoyntEmily28 Feb 1930G31950

JoysCharles M29 Apr 1927E27884

JoyslinJulia L29 Mar 1922E20780

JoyslinJulia L11 Apr 1922E20844

JuTim29 Dec 1888E1570



JubitzRaymond G20 Nov 1935E39478

JuchemichAnna Mary02 Jun 1915E12664

JuchemichFrank C18 Dec 1920G19061


JuchemichJoseph G18 Dec 1920G19061

JuchemichMary G16 Apr 1924E23660

JuchemichMinnie L04 Nov 1929E31465

JucutanSixto21 Oct 1925E25847

JuddAnna E07 Sep 1938E42632

JuddErnest J30 Dec 1937E42621

JuddFrederick E09 Jan 1924E23232

JudgeHerbert Edwin18 Apr 1924E23669

JudkisLouis17 Jul 1931E33785

JuergensEdward H27 May 1911E9096

JuhlMary E24 Oct 1929E31417

JuhlinGertrude A12 Sep 1935E39193

JulianBetty B22 Jan 1923G21892

JulianC SE2675

JulianLillian M16 Feb 1926E26312

JulianOctavia16 Feb 1926E26311

JulianWilliam22 Jan 1923G21892

JullumHenry23 Oct 1915G13017



JullumIngvar23 Oct 1915G13017



JullumSarah23 Oct 1915G13017

JulmalaMaria Josephina14 Aug 1939E44938

JuneAbbie OE9496

JungBong22 Dec 1906E6327

JungGin19 Feb 1889E1603

JungJang16 May 1891E2065


JungerPeter08 Dec 1916E14008


JuniorAdam10 Oct 1928G29875

JuniorAdam19 Sep 1930E32751

JunkenCornelius S09 Apr 1930G32142

JunkenIvah14 Nov 1938E43887

JunorElizabeth06 May 1939E44598

JunorJames Park26 Jul 1929G31087

JunorJessie07 Dec 1928E30119

JunorMargaret27 Jan 1936E39776

JunorWilliam05 Apr 1916E13443

JunttiAnna Maria23 Nov 1938E43930

JunttiMary23 Nov 1938E43930

JuretichJoseph18 Sep 1929G31277

JurgensHelene20 Nov 1936E40927

JurgensHerman10 Dec 1923E23135


JurisMinnie20 Nov 1934E38145

JuscsekTiklya14 Mar 1938G42976

JussilaMartha15 Sep 1933E36660

JussilaMartha M20 Oct 1933G36779

JusticeN L29 Jan 1931G33273

JustusWilliam04 Feb 1935E38426

KableJ F12 Jan 1933E35775

KabothGeorge29 Jun 1927E28115

KachFerdinand Genevay26 May 1922E21031

KachelmanA10 Jun 1922E21083

KachelmanHenry10 Jun 1922E21083


KadingMarie C31 Jan 1935E38413

KadlerTheodore26 May 1933E36290


KaestnerFrieda M18 Nov 1918E16104

KafkaDavid11 Mar 1919Ptsp-E16634



KagyCorwin M31 Mar 1931E33498

KahlerAnetta A17 Nov 1932G35569

KahlerJohn17 Aug 1928E29674

KahlinAdelbert WE3396


KahnFelix30 Mar 1926E26489

KahnGrace Forrest14 Dec 1932E35659

KahnJacob21 May 1918E15510

KahnLal29 Dec 1925E26129



KahneAnton30 Mar 1932G34826

KahrsHerman AE9918


KailesT12 Dec 1927E28675

KainDelia10 Oct 1934E37981

KainHenry23 Oct 1902G4717


KaiserGeorge H26 Jan 1938E42770


KaiserJohn JacobE4211

KaiserLawrence28 Sep 1881G802

KaiserLawrence Edward15 Jun 1920G18436


KaiserMiriam Edna15 Jun 1920G18436

KaiserNettie28 Sep 1881G802

KaiserRosalie28 Sep 1881G802

KaiserWilliam28 Sep 1881G802

KajikawaS13 Mar 1922E20694

KakourosGeorge26 Jul 1917E14649

KakritzWilliam18 Mar 1939E44422

KalamasJohn08 Jan 1919E16296

KalbFrances L13 Oct 1936E40778

KaleyW H09 Sep 1921G19997

KaleyW H23 Sep 1921E20046


KalinTheodore17 Nov 1925E25951

KalinTherdore09 Mar 1925G24932

KalisherJosephine S11 Sep 1928E29765


KalkofenAlbert11 Feb 1916E13287


KallanderRudolph31 Jul 1935G39071

KallerJ SE8142

KallfelzAloys05 Nov 1929E31470

KallfetzAloys05 Nov 1929E31470

KallichM SophiaE3816

KalmbackCatherine E29 Jul 1938E43492

KalusLouise20 Dec 1916E14042


KambourisNick04 Sep 1920E18706


KammCaroline A15 Aug 1932E35287

KammCharles TE6220

KammFlorence B11 Aug 1921E19903


KammJacob GG7303

KammPhilip SG7303

KammWalker WG7303

KammenzindFrank08 Mar 1924E23499

KammesJohn05 Jul 1932E35145

KampJohn19 Oct 1915E13009

KampfHelen Barbara10 Mar 1925E24943

KampfJohn G13 Aug 1920E18622



KanaryMorris07 Aug 1930E32610

KaneClara O28 Mar 1918E15330

KaneElizabeth Ann25 Jul 1935G39042

KaneElizabeth Failing13 Dec 1922E21730

KaneHannah McIntosh29 Dec 1908E7444


KaneJohn11 Jun 1925E25351

KaneJoseph W02 Nov 1928E29967

KaneKathryn Louise30 Nov 1936G40959

KaneLawrence N07 Jan 1928E28775
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