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BrownE C06 Jul 1939E44809

BrownE JohnE1468

BrownEdgar30 Apr 1935E38745

BrownEdward Leavitt04 Jan 1928E28757

BrownEleanor10 Aug 1921G19894

BrownElizabeth29 May 1925E25305


BrownElizabeth E29 Dec 1925G26091

BrownElizabeth E03 Aug 1926E26901

BrownElizabeth ME12113

BrownElla V30 Apr 1923E22296

BrownEllen DG1514

BrownEllene A18 Oct 1922E21506

BrownElsie E08 Apr 1929E30675

BrownElsie Mae10 Apr 1929G30681

BrownEmily27 May 1935E38851


BrownEmma19 Apr 1939E44540

BrownEmma C29 Feb 1892G2251

BrownEmma J24 Jan 1936E39769

BrownEmma R14 Oct 1919E17390

BrownEnoch Hoult08 Jun 1923E22449

BrownEsther ME15275

BrownEthlyn McDannell11 Dec 1929E31599

BrownEvans E20 Nov 1934E38142

BrownF WE942

BrownFannie EE15038

BrownFrances W31 Mar 1921E19479

BrownFranklin P15 Jul 1924E24005

BrownFred25 Jan 1919E16416

BrownFred H02 Jul 1920E18493

BrownFrederick Elmer11 Jul 1917G14608

BrownG WE455

BrownGeorge19 Jan 1934G37072

BrownGeorge A06 Feb 1936E39829

BrownGeorge Arthur31 Jun 1939E44680

BrownGeorge Livingston27 May 1923E23826

BrownGeorge W10 Jul 1926E26822

BrownGeorge W22 Jun 1928E29461

BrownGeorge W11 Jul 1933G36432

BrownGeorge W27 Mar 1934G37324

BrownGeorge W26 Dec 1934E38267

BrownGeorge W12 Jan 1935Will Contest38348

BrownGeorge W23 Mar 1936Will Contest40017

BrownGrace A29 Jul 1937G42043

BrownGrace VG11011

BrownH A07 May 1935E38772

BrownHarry15 Aug 1928E29663

BrownHarry H22 Mar 1928E29124

BrownHarry Hull05 Jan 1912G9608

BrownHarry O29 Feb 1892G2251

BrownHaskell12 Mar 1935E38574

BrownHazel25 Nov 1931E34363

BrownHazel Ford28 Aug 1918E15788

BrownHelen Means08 Mar 1920G18015

BrownHenrietta11 Apr 1922E20840


BrownHenry H28 Jul 1938E43488

BrownHenry Hoult11 Mar 1927G27710

BrownHenry JE3187

BrownHenry O15 Sep 1937E42219

BrownHerbert Hamilton29 Nov 1922E21676

BrownHerbert Stanley15 Jul 1924G24012

BrownHime H27 Nov 1928G30062

BrownHomer Ralph29 Dec 1925G26091

BrownHowell King10 Feb 1936G39842

BrownIsaac26 Jul 1918E15703

BrownJ D RE11115

BrownJ FE8942

BrownJ G11 Sep 1919E17281

BrownJ Lloyd02 May 1918G15452

BrownJ NE10430

BrownJack L23 Nov 1934E38157

BrownJacob15 Mar 1920G18039

BrownJames01 Jun 1932E35038

BrownJames Frederick05 Jan 1912G9608

BrownJames V04 Nov 1935E39408

BrownJanie Marshall08 Nov 1935E39429

BrownJefferson D13 Jan 1928E28801

BrownJohn14 Jun 1926E26751

BrownJohn14 May 1928E29326

BrownJohn B14 Jun 1915E12700

BrownJohn F31 Jul 1919E17166

BrownJohn Jasper01 Dec 1922E21680

BrownJohn LG10462

BrownJohn L25 Mar 1931E33474

BrownJohn P12 Dec 1925E26061

BrownJohn R03 Dec 1938E43970

BrownJoseph G16 Sep 1916G13838

BrownJoseph William05 Jan 1912G9608

BrownJoyce Elizabeth19 Dec 1925G26091

BrownKathleen Williams10 Feb 1936G39842

BrownKatie Miller07 May 1934E37480

BrownKenneth06 Apr 1929G30673

BrownKenneth08 Aug 1929E31138

BrownL DE2629

BrownL E18 May 1918E15506

BrownL H17 May 1927E27956

BrownL P19 Mar 1937E41451


BrownLawrence John28 Oct 1938G43826

BrownLena20 Nov 1939E45308

BrownLeonard Eugene28 Jan 1938G42787

BrownLillian L21 May 1928G29357

BrownLillian L13 Feb 1929E30433

BrownLindsay Hoyt15 Jan 1910G8043

BrownLorenzo12 Dec 1930E33069

BrownLottie May01 Dec 1940E45357

BrownLottie May01 Dec 1939E45357

BrownLouella22 Oct 1915E13014

BrownLouisa K16 Nov 1927G28585

BrownLouisa K06 Mar 1928E29055

BrownLucina30 Mar 1917E14322

BrownLucius A07 Sep 1929E31237

BrownLucy P22 Jan 1920E17775

BrownLyle Freeman15 Jul 1936E40455

BrownM SE7509

BrownM SE8943

BrownMamie P25 Aug 1932E35316

BrownMargaret10 Aug 1921G19894


BrownMary17 Jul 1928E29558

BrownMary18 Dec 1935E39617

BrownMary C (Mrs M C)29 Dec 1937E42647

BrownMary E26 Jan 1937E41205

BrownMary J28 Jun 1934E37664

BrownMary T02 Jan 1931E33142

BrownMatilda04 Dec 1931E34401


BrownMerlin Grace & Elizabeth LouiseG10471

BrownMetta C19 Dec 1935E39624

BrownMeyer25 Feb 1920E17944

BrownMinnie20 Dec 1932E35675

BrownMinnie A11 Oct 1928E29879

BrownMinnie G03 Apr 1931E33514

BrownPat06 Jan 1922E20411

BrownRachel Frances Wilma30 Mar 1920E18065

BrownRachel Frances Wilma (see #17946)16 Apr 1920Will Contest18193

BrownRaphael P09 Apr 1936E40097

BrownRichard Walter28 Oct 1938G43826

BrownRoberta H04 May 1920E18266

BrownRollin Howard01 Jun 1915G12659

BrownRuth27 Nov 1928G30062

BrownRuth Irene06 Apr 1934E37363

BrownSusan21 Jan 1919G16694

BrownSusan30 Apr 1920E18255

BrownSusie A17 Jul 1933E36456

BrownT L30 Apr 1931G33604

BrownT L24 Jun 1932E35117

BrownTheodore27 Nov 1928G30062


BrownThomas P24 Nov 1936E40942

BrownThorwald A11 Jun 1929G30922

BrownTom17 Mar 1923E22126

BrownVennie Griffin12 Jul 1926G26827

BrownW E04 Apr 1918E15356

BrownWalter13 May 1925E25230

BrownWalter C19 Feb 1927E27625

BrownWalter J21 Sep 1939E45083

BrownWalter LG10059

BrownWalter S26 Nov 1934E38166

BrownWalter T24 Mar 1930E32060

BrownWilber F20 Jun 1921E19750



BrownWilliam22 Jul 1936E40487

BrownWilliam A (Jr)26 Apr 1902E4571

BrownWilliam D13 Jan 1938E42710

BrownWilliam Lewis20 Oct 1938G43799

BrownWinfield Scott02 Feb 1921E19238

BrowneHerbert03 Mar 1936E39918

BrowneHerschel M02 Nov 1932E35519

BrowneMary09 Aug 1938E43526

BrowneRichard15 Oct 1930E32830

BrowneRoy J22 May 1930E32294

BrownellAlbert16 Jan 1933E35789

BrowningA P14 Mar 1935E38583

BrowningAaron P11 Sep 1924G24220

BrowningDavid W21 Sep 1938G43693

BrowningDella L04 Mar 1927E27685

BrowningEditha AE8826

BrowningMarie Wetzel27 Dec 1937E42640

BrowningMarietta16 Aug 1935E39132

BrowningNancy Evans21 Sep 1938G43693

BrownleeLeslie James09 Feb 1927E27575

BrownlieAlexander JE3275

BrownlieArthur Carroll04 Apr 1899G3734

BrownlieJean Cameron04 Apr 1899G3734

BrownlieMary Adele04 Apr 1899G3734

BrownsonT G05 Dec 1928E30106


BrownsworthStephen A21 Aug 1916E13766

BrowntonEhtel AG2927

BrowntonLeighton CG2927

BrowntonRobert SG2927

BroylesWilliam P06 Jul 1938E43406

BrozenfJohn19 Oct 1923G22902

BruardHenry15 May 1935E38811

BrubakerEliza J24 Apr 1936E40161

BrubakerEmanuel S18 Jul 1929E31052

BruceAntionette VE12000

BruceCharles E07 Aug 1937E42081

BruceCharles H20 Nov 1930E32967

BruceClara B02 Jun 1933E36311


BruceErnest E05 Nov 1917E14898

BruceHarry L01 Nov 1923E22957

BruceJ M13 Oct 1925E25816

BruceLucie A18 Jan 1937E41164

BruceWilliam David03 Aug 1831G33957

BruckHenry05 Jan 1923E21809

BruckHenry05 Jan 1923Ptst -E21810

BruckPauline22 Dec 1930E33106

BruckmanFred T27 Feb 1937E41365

BrucknerWilliam F17 Nov 1921E20233


BruegelValentine T22 Dec 1922E21770

BruenO WilliamE713

BrueningHenry W07 Feb 1936E39832


BruetteOrdean07 Oct 1931E34195

BruggerAndrew08 Jul 1931E33856

BruggerHattie B31 Mar 1933E36102







BruleFrancois Xavier31 Dec 1930E33134

BrulePhilomene B25 Mar 1937E41487

BruleyEllsworth H02 Aug 1929E31118

BrumaginD B02 Sep 1936E40632

BrumanCarl02 Jan 1930E31679

BrumbyPeter S02 Sep 1936E40635

BrumfieldJ T10 Jul 1917E14602

BrumwellMaud25 Feb 1917E14646


BrunOscar26 Feb 1920E17945

BrundageCynthia E13 Nov 1929E31500

BrundellNellie F03 Feb 1920E17823

BrunemerSadie09 Feb 1926E26287

BrungardJohn C21 Nov 1929E31526

BrunkLena Beatrice31 Oct 1924E24428

BrunkeEmily ME3469

BrunkeF H17 Jan 1917E16356

BrunkeLawrence27 Jul 1936E40508

BrunkeRobert13 Oct 1934E37993

BrunnSophia03 Apr 1935E38662


BrunnerJulius23 Oct 1925E25863

BrunoRalph13 Dec 1939E31613

BrunsEarl12 Apr 1921G19526

BrunsEarl FrancisG9054

BrunsHenry C04 Dec 1920E19017


BrunsOtto27 Sep 1919G17339

BrunsOtto14 Mar 1921E19414

BrunvoldAndrew21 Jun 1939E44752

BrusethAlbert28 Dec 1832E35702

BrusethMargaret Bernice07 Aug 1933G36517

BrushA CE7003

BrushCora Marvilla19 Nov 1917E14934

BrushDavid T25 Feb 1930E31935


BryanHannah Esther26 Oct 1931E34261

BryanJohn L06 Mar 1929E30534



BryanRichard E09 Oct 1915E12978

BryanRichard F26 Oct 1923E22935

BryanRobert Ernest20 May 1930E32281


BryantAlbert Henry08 Mar 1938E42960

BryantAllie FE7954

BryantAmos12 Sep 1939G45050

BryantBlinn SG4812

BryantGilbert SE8485

BryantIda ME2837

BryantJohn C18 Aug 1930E32644

BryantJohn Dukehart26 Oct 1918G15962

BryantJohn Pleasant15 Jul 1921E19810

BryantMaggie15 May 1924E23773

BryantMargaret26 Aug 1918E15778

BryantMargaret J20 Feb 1917E14208

BryantNettie24 Apr 1934E37429

BryantOliver W31 Jul 1923E22639

BryantParthenia Dukehart17 Apr 1919E16785

BryantSimeon Jerome16 Dec 1933E36967

BryantSusan C11 May 1918E15485

BryceJames N05 Jan 1933G35727

BryceKate Baird14 Jul 1939E44834

BryceMarvel05 Jan 1933G35727

BryceMaxine05 Jan 1933G35727

BryenCorey E25 Sep 1936E40735


BrysonCarrie May09 May 1932E34969


BubbT W18 Jul 1907E6641

BubbT WE6641


BucchiLuigi22 Aug 1924G24147

BucchiLuigi03 Nov 1932E35527

BuchanMartha12 Mar 1928E29077

BuchanRoberta J22 Oct 1927G28722

BuchananAndrew S11 Mar 1924E23512

BuchananBernice M24 Feb 1928E29011

BuchananC J25 Apr 1922G20898

BuchananC J01 Mar 1924Will Contest23463

BuchananC LucyE5006

BuchananCharles J05 Jul 1923E22541

BuchananDaniel EE7334

BuchananGeo WE5937

BuchananGeorge D14 Jan 1921E19160

BuchananIsaac WE1702

BuchananJ E30 Sep 1938G43720

BuchananJ E15 Feb 1939E44266

BuchananJ E S30 Dec 1936E41078

BuchananJames SE8300

BuchananJohn A06 Oct 1927E28434


BuchananRosaWill Contest3671


BuchananSarah17 Jun 1915G12755


BuchananW AG12710

BuchananW SE9939


BuchelRosa23 Aug 1933E36568


BuchheitAnna03 Feb 1923G21952

BuchheitMary25 May 1935E43261

BuchholzAnton15 Apr 1925E25107

BuchlerGerad03 Aug 1921E19875

BuchlerSarah29 Jul 1921E19856

BuchleyD JE7610

BuchnerAugusta10 Sep 1932E35360

BuchnerCarlton DG4708

BuchnerDaniel ME4707

BuchnerLouis WG4708

BucholtzLouise10 Oct 1929E31641

BucholzAdeline Reta09 Oct 1933G36727

BucholzAudrey Mary09 Oct 1933G36727

BucholzFrederick Andrew09 Oct 1933G36727

BucholzLaverne Randall09 Oct 1933G36727

BuchtelF SE6035

BuchtelJoseph16 Aug 1916E13757

BuckCaroline17 Mar 1937E41444

BuckCarsten16 Jul 1921E20025

BuckHarry C12 Dec 1931E34427

BuckHattie14 Oct 1925E25823

BuckJohn B24 Oct 1927E28505

BuckJulia29 May 1924E23845

BuckLouis19 Jul 1938E43449



BuckalewA MaryG45

BucklandJohn Wardle06 Sep 1928E29747

BucklerSamuel Moses25 Feb 1924E23432

BuckleyAgnes M02 May 1922E20929

BuckleyBart14 Jun 1935E38909

BuckleyCharles A09 May 1925E25217

BuckleyDennis15 Jun 1937E41856


BuckleyElla H12 Apr 1929E30687

BuckleyFrank AE11597

BuckleyH C04 Feb 1931E33745


BuckleyHelen D19 Dec 1919G17635



BuckleyJohn AG7721

BuckleyJohn CE10206

BuckleyJoseph W25 Aug 1939E44992

BuckleyMary05 Dec 1924E24564

BuckleyMattie E11 Oct 1927E28449

BuckleyPaul H04 Jan 1929E30245

BuckleyRichard Jay20 Mar 1936G40009

BuckleyRichard L09 Jul 1929G31015

BuckleyRose B05 Sep 1933G36617

BuckleyRose B09 Jul 1934G37687

BuckleyWilliam14 Dec 1915E13134

BuckleyWilliam E08 Feb 1916E13272

BuckmanA HE856

BuckmanAlice M25 Feb 1927E27646

BuckmanAnson HE6123

BuckmanClyde CG3093

BuckmanClyde CE3530




BuckmanLorren Noah19 Nov 1938E43913

BuckmanSarah J14 Nov 1928E30006

BuckmeyerConstin01 May 1939E44580

BucknerElizabeth25 May 1920E18347


BucyMarie21 Dec 1929G31646

BucyMarie02 Jan 1930E31674

BuddC W03 Apr 1921E14331

BuddeA HenryG5634

BuddeA HenryE5660

BudlongRobert K25 Jan 1926G26220

BudnikR W15 Jan 1929E30297

BudwellElizabeth01 Apr 1938G43053

BuechelFrancis M13 Oct 1925E25815

BuechelJ F Marvin29 Oct 1925G25879

BueermannErnestine Luedke29 Mar 1937E41501

BueermannMary Knechtel24 Jul 1918E15696

BuehlerCarl W31 Jan 1927G27541

BuehlerCarl W08 Oct 1938G43763

BuehlerDelia02 May 1928E29284

BuehlerFrederick J01 Nov 1937E42409

BuehlerGeorge H04 Feb 1927E27554

BuehlerHulda31 Jan 1927G27541

BuehlerHulda08 Oct 1938G43762

BuehnerHenry P05 May 1937E41673

BuellClarence Henry20 Oct 1923E22952

BuellIda May02 Aug 1939E44896

BuellJane SE4985

BuellMinnie R06 Apr 1937E41551

BuelowHilda A14 Oct 1921E20102

BuesingJohn23 Sep 1936E40721

BuetikoferR09 Jul 1917E14598


BuffingtonAnn MaryE4607

BuffingtonGuy27 Feb 1930E31947

BuffingtonW Q03 Mar 1939E44347

BuffumHerbert H10 Jan 1930E31727

BufkinSarah J16 Jan 1933E35829



BuggerPhilip10 Apr 1935E38683

BuhlerJohn Josef08 Mar 1930E31987

BuhmannJohn FE8800

BuhnGeorge O (Sr)22 Apr 1921E19572


BuhrnsCora Beam20 Apr 1931E33574

BuirgyJ WallaceE9716

BuirgyMargaret E23 May 1936E40267

BulatovichPeter20 May 1924E23834

BulatovichRadovan M30 Dec 1916E14071

BulgerKate A23 Dec 1920E19076

BulgerThomas J10 Feb 1916E13281

BulginMarea Elizabeth19 Nov 1935E39472

BulkMary L22 Mar 1930E32052

BulkeleyEliza Jane07 Oct 1926E27113

BulkeleyHenry L08 Aug 1934E37769

BullClifford R17 Jul 1919G17109

BullJohn24 Oct 1916E13909


BullardHarlie M28 Aug 1930E32675

BullardJ W21 Nov 1921E20242

BullardSusie Pettingill08 May 1930E32233


BullenJoshua G13 Jul 1916E13700

BullivantEdward H04 May 1929E30784

BullivantFlorence26 Feb 1919E16577

BullivantMary Ann16 Jul 1928E29553

BullockDaisie Maud26 Jul 1938E43477

BullockSamuel CG11620

BullutMichael07 May 1918E15466

BultmanCarl16 Mar 1925E19419

BunceLillian Virginia16 Oct 1929E31372

BunchCora14 Mar 1933E36004

BunchGeorge24 Jan 1938E42756

BunchVern F18 Mar 1922G20726

BunchWilliam J (Jr)28 Sep 1935G39250

BundaJessie C16 May 1938E43230

BundaloGuro (or Gjiro)16 Aug 1932E35290

BundyBertha20 Jun 1924G23926

BundyBertha16 Oct 1924E24368

BundyCapt ThomasE6990

BundyRodney C21 Mar 1930E32051

BundyWilliam B03 Jan 1924E23208

BunkerC F06 May 1916E13534

BunkerEsther E30 Aug 1939E45009

BunkerJeanette P20 Feb 1924E23420

BunkerJohn SG11141

BunkerSarah E20 Feb 1919E16547

BunkerWalter E09 Aug 1939E44927

BunnCatherine Turner12 Apr 1922E20850

BunnRose A28 Nov 1925E25997

BunnellAlbert11 May 1934G37505

BunnellAlbert Eugene09 Jun 1930E32370

BunnellAnn E27 Jun 1871E330

BunnellBertha Mae11 May 1934G37505

BunnellIda FG410

BunnellRalph11 May 1934G37505

BunnellW TE9773

BunningFrank Henry17 Mar 1927E27733

BuntinAgnes A15 Aug 1923G22677

BuntinJohn Buchanan15 Aug 1923G22677

BuntingA MinnieG6043

BuntingG StephenE6037

BuntingL MariaG4657

BunyanSarah Ann17 Jan 1925E24724

BunyanWilliam07 Jul 1917E14594

BunyardMary A10 Jul 1931E33868

BuolRuth11 May 1937G41698

BuoyKatherine Maude16 Dec 1930G33084

BurbackChristina10 Dec 1925G26053

BurbackConrad10 Dec 1925G26053

BurbackEdward10 Dec 1925G26053

BurbackEmil & Helen10 Dec 1925G26053

BurbackFlorence10 Dec 1925G26053

BurbackWilliam10 Dec 1925G26053


BurbankL ThomasE803



BurchJane A22 Jan 1926E26215



BurchardCelia09 Apr 1915E12501

BurchardtC AE941


BurchettJefferson18 Feb 1935E38483

BurcichAlbina (or) Alvina03 Apr 1919G16730

BurcichMichael14 Nov 1918E16068

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