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Northwest Heritage Index

Northwest Heritage Index with Canby Obituaries - Wilsonville Public Library

This is an index-in-progress of selected materials in the Wilsonville Public Library Heritage Collection which are otherwise unindexed or incompletely indexed.  Its emphasis is on Oregon people and subjects, but the scope of entries is not limited to Oregon. You can download the Index to the Northwest Heritage Collection (pdf).

Index entries displayed in black cover some 17,000 obituaries, mainly of Clackamas County residents and former residents from over 100 years of Canby, Oregon, newspapers.   The Wilsonville and Canby Public Libraries have microfilm of most or all of the newspapers covered. 

Index entries displayed in green cover selected books and various materials in the Heritage Collection vertical files (VF). 

See the Key to the Northwest Heritage Index for the book codes: page numbers follow the colons.  Note that the books indexed may also be available at other libraries, although Wilsonville may have the only copy with numbered pages.

Selected identifying information has been given, such as dates of birth and/or death, area(s) of residence, etc.  Many of the references cited include portraits or photos, but note that they are not always indicated in the index entries.

Abbreviations and symbols used include:

b.  born           engd  engaged          md.  married            d. died          

res.  residence/resident     months are indicated by first three letters

ae  age               ~  about                 obit  obituary         

OR or Or.  Oregon            BC   British Columbia

Generally two-letter postal codes are used for US states, except    Mich. &   Minn.

Co.  County

(MO/OR 1853) (for example) indicates person moved from Missouri to Oregon in 1853

Maiden names or previous married names of married women are in (parentheses)

+ indicates a spousal relationship

&.indicates any other relationship between people of the same surname

ch  child(ren)                     pars  parents                      sib(s)  sibling(s)            

ch/o  children of               p/o  parents of                  bro(s)   brother(s) 

dau(s)  daughter(s)         f/o  father of                      br/o  brother(s) of       

d/o  daughter(s) of          m/o  mother of                 sis  sister(s)

s/o  son(s) of                                                                     sis/o  sister(s) o f

portr(s)  portrait(s)          illus  illustration(s)          phot(s)  photograph(s)