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SurnameGiven NameUnitStateCommentWidow
ForeWilliam HIL VolsORalias Wm H Marrs; served Black Hawk War
ForeeCarlton O1st OR VolsORMary L
ForgeyWilliam A1st OR RiflemenORserved 1847-48Hannah M
ForrestJosiah1st OR Mtd VolsOR
ForwardWalterOR Mtd VolsCA
FosterGeorge1st US CavORserved 1877-82
FosterIsaac MOR RiflemenORserved Cayuse War
FosterJohn HolmanCA CavORserved 1873
FosterReason DOR Mtd VolsOR
FosterThomas HOR VolsORserved 1878Hannah E
FoulkHenry SUS ArmyORAnna
FoutsJohn T1st OR Mtd VolsOR
FoxCharles A4th US CavORserved 1872-77Lydia R
FoxSamuel2nd OR Mtd VolsWA
FoxWilliam JOR Mtd VolsOR
FrakerWilliam M1st OR Mtd VolsOR
FrakesJoel T2nd OR Mtd VolsORMary J
FrancisEugene1st US CavORserved 1877-82Nancy Ann
FrauendienerFriedrich21st US InfORserved 1870-75Theresa
FrazierGeorge EOR VolsKYserved Cayuse War
FrazierJohn BUS ArmyORserved 1878
FredericksJoseph2nd US CavORserved 1883-91
FreelWilliam J2nd OR Mtd Vols
FreemanJames A1st OR Mtd VolsORBridget M
FreemanJohn AOR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Mary Frances
FreemanRansom2nd OR Mtd VolsKS
FreemanWilliam L2nd OR Mtd VolsCAserved 1855-56Ellen
FrenchGeorge WOR & WA Terr VolsWA
FrenchHarry4th US InfORalias George H Larmand; see both
FrenchJohn H2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Irene J
FrenchWilliam P2nd WA Terr Mtd VolsORserved 1856Mary
FreyGeorge WOR Mtd VolsORalias George F Fry; served 1873Henrietta E
FreyJohn A2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
FreyJohn Jacob4th US ArtyORserved 1869-74
FrickAdolphus COR Mtd VolsORserved 1872-73
FriendZachariah T1st OR Mtd VolsCAserved 1873
FromanIsaac R1st OR Militia VolsOR
FruitDaniel ROR VolsIDserved 1875
FrushJames H1st OR Mtd VolsORMargaret A
FryGeorge Falias George W Frey; see both
FryNathan BOR Mtd VolsWA
FryRichard1st OR Mtd VolsIDJustine
FryerAbel P2nd OR Mtd VolsKS
FryerAlexander LOR VolsOR
FryrearJohn B1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Elizabeth F
FugateCole B9th OR Mtd VolsMO
FulkersonJohn F1st OR Mtd VolsWAserved 1873Ellen E
FullerHenry1st OR RiflemenAZserved Cayuse WarMelissa A
FullerJames MWA Terr VolsOR
FullerSamuel1st OR VolsOREllen
FullertonCharles POR RiflemenORserved Cayuse War
FunkJacob W2nd OR Mtd VolsKSserved Yakima Indian WarEmily
FunkhouserAbsalom C9th OR Mtd VolsIDserved 1855Julia
FurlongPeter Jalias Frank Craven; see both
GagnonMarcelCA Mtd MilitiaOR
GalbraithJames W9th OR Mtd VolsWA
GaleJames Newton2nd OR Mtd VolsORElizabeth M
GallChristopher COR Mtd VolsOR
GallScottOR Mtd VolsOR
GallowaySamuel JOR VolsORMatilda V
GammillRobert2nd OR Mtd VolsORSarah
GangluffAugustus1st WA Mtd VolsORJohanna
GannawayJohnOR VolsOR
GantLeviOR Mtd VolsOR
GardnerAaron2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
GardnerDederick Walias George Brown; see both
GardnerErastus2nd US DragoonsOR
GardnerStephen B2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Emma M
GardnerWilliam NOR Vol CavORserved 1878
GardnerWilliam P2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
GarettJohn MOR VolsORserved 1877-87
GarmanRichard B4th US CavORserved 1885-90
GarrettJames HOR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Rachael K
GarrettThomas G1st OR Mtd VolsORSusan E
GarrisonAbraham H1st OR Mtd VolsOR
GarrisonCharles W1st OR Mtd VolsWALucedtta (?) E
GarrisonJoseph M1st OR RiflemenWAserved Cayuse WarMary
GarrisonSimeon T1st OR Vol CavCA
GarveanWilliamalias William Garvin; see both
GarvinWilliam21st US InfORalias Wm Garvean; served 1872-83Sarah E Garvin
GatesAlbert1st WA Mtd VolsOR
GatesWilliam H1st OR Mtd VolsOR
GattonSamuel1st OR Mtd VolsWA
GaunyanJoseph EOR VolsORserved 1853
GayJoseph W1st OR Mtd VolsOR
GaylordEdwin BID VolsORserved 1877-78
GeddisRay/Sylvanus R9th OR Mtd VolsWAEmily C
GeigerEvert MOR VolsWAserved 1851
GeilSimeon1st WA Terr VolsOR
GeisselerAdolph/Gustave A1st US Mtd RiflemenORKate
GensmanGeorge3rd US InfORserved 1890-91; alias George Grady
GentreJames Balias James B Gentry; see both
GentryJames B1st OR Mtd VolsORalias James B Gentre
GeorgeAbel2nd OR Mtd VolsWAElizabeth
GeorgeAgencyIndian Scout, US ArmyORserved 1872-73Mary
GeorgePeterIndian Scout, US ArmyORserved 1872-73Cinda Chakaskie
GerkingMartin PetersonOR VolsORserved 1878
GerkingSamuel IOR VolsOR
GerowJonathan Titus9th OR Mtd VolsWAEllen L
GervaisEdward1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Nancy
GervaisIsaacOR VolsORElizabeth
GibbinsWilliam A1st OR Mtd VolsWASarah M
GibbonsEdward2nd WA Terr Mtd VolsORCharlotte E
GibbsAddison C2nd OR Mtd VolsORMargaret W
GibbsElijah3rd CO CavORserved 1864
GibbsWinfield S2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
GibsonJohn W6th US Vol InfORserved 1865-66; alias John Wesley Gipson
GibsonJoseph2nd WA Terr Mtd VolsWA
GibsonLewis DOR Mtd VolsORSarah S
GibsonThomas9th US InfORserved 1867-73Alice
GilbeauxPaul1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856
GilbertOrson1st OR Mtd VolsORHannah J
GilbreathSamuel L1st OR Mtd VolsWAMargaret H
GilesDaniel2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Indiana
GilkesonJohn S19th KS CavORserved 1868-69
GillSamuel FUS ArmyORserved 1878
GillamLevi1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Georgiana
GilliamMitchell P1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse WarSarah C
GilliamWilliamOR VolsOR
GilmoreDavid M2nd OR Mtd VolsORMary F
GilmourJohn W2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
GinglesRobert1st OR Mtd VolsORMary E
GipsonJohn Wesleyalias John W Gibson; see both
GistArchibald C1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56Elizabeth J
GistJames R2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved Cayuse War
Gitnesalias Daniel Katchia; see both
GivinsWilliam19th KS CavORserved 1868-69
GlancyPatrickUSMCORserved 1880-90Elizabeth
GlanzPeter J9th US InfORserved 1878-91
GlasgowClement S9th OR Mtd VolsOR
GlazeReuben1st OR Mtd VolsORSynthia
GleasonAaron B1st WA Terr VolsOR
GleasonAmos S1st OR Mtd VolsORElizabeth J
GleasonIrvin E1st OR Mtd VolsOR
GlisanEdwin T1st OR Mtd VolsOR
GlisanFrancis T1st OR Mtd VolsORDora F
GobleIsaacOR VolsWAserved 1878
GobleJohn AOR VolsWAserved 1878
GodfreyJames BuchananKS State MilitiaORserved 1874
GoffJohnson B2nd OR Mtd VolsOREllen
GoingsJohn2nd OR Mtd VolsCAMary J
GoodFrancis M9th OR Mtd VolsORserved 1855Caroline
GoodellLaymanOR Mtd VolsORKeziah
GoodellNathan E1st WA Terr VolsORCatharine
GoodhueSamuel H1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse WarLaurinda J
GoodpastureThurstonOR Mtd VolsORserved 1873
GoodrichWilliam C2nd US InfORserved 1876-81
GoodwinCharles C2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
GoodwinMadisonalias Oliver P; see both
GoodwinOliver POR Mtd VolsCOserved 1855-56; alias Madison Goodwin
GoodwinSamuel P9th US InfORserved 1865-68
GordonJohn W2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-57
GosnellTruman B2nd NE Nat'l GuardsORserved 1890-92 (also ID Nat'l Guards 1911-14)
GourdonJ WOR VolsORserved 1855-56; alias J W Jourdin
GradyGeorgealias George Gensman; see both
GrahamDanOR VolsORserved 1878
GrahamDavidOR VolsCA
GrahamFrankOR VolsORserved 1878
GrahamPorterOR State MilitiaORserved 1878
GrahamWilliam H3rd NM Militia CavORserved 1885-86
GravesFrancis2nd OR Mtd VolsWA
GrayChesley BOR RiflemenMO
GrayGeorge P1st WA Terr VolsORPatience J
GrayJohn WilsonUS ArmyORserved 1867-68
GreathouseFrancis M19th KS State MilitiaORserved 1868-69
GreenCharlesOR VolsWAserved Rogue River Indian War
GreenElmer TOR VolsWAserved 1874
GreenIsrael N1st OR RiflemenTXserved 1848Martha A
GreenJohn A4th US ArtyORserved 1872-77Margarete A
GreenNormanWA Terr VolsOR
GreenRichard10th US InfORMary
GreenbaumAaronOR Mtd VolsIA
GreenmanClarkOR Mtd VolsORIsaphene
GreenwoodBarzilla POR Mtd VolsAZ
GreenwoodJohn W1st OR Mtd VolsORMary E
GreerJoseph1st OR Mtd VolsORHarriette N
GreerWilliam1st OR Mtd VolsWABetsy Ann
GreggWilliam R1st OR Mtd VolsOR
GregoireFelixOR ScoutsORMary
GregoryThomas Jefferson1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse War
GreinerJames HOR VolsWAserved 1878
GrierSylvester1st OR Mtd VolsORMatilda
GriffinBenjamin L2nd WA Terr Mtd VolsORserved 1856Eleanor
GriffinJoseph F2nd OR Mtd VolsIDElizabeth B
GriffinJoseph J1st OR Mtd VolsORMary J
GriffinSquire2nd WA Terr Mtd VolsOR
GriffinWilliam MOR Mtd VolsORMary Ann
GriffithCharles2nd OR Mtd VolsORAmanda
GriffithEmery WestleyOR VolsORserved 1878
GriffithJohn A1st OR InfMILouise M
GriffithJoseph2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56Sarah A
GriffithWilliam N2nd OR Mtd VolsORNancy
GroomDavid M2nd OR Mtd VolsWA
GroshongJoseph1st OR Mtd VolsOR
GroundsBrazil1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse War
GroverLafayetteOR VolsORserved 1853-55Elizabeth C
GuildHenry GrantOR VolsORserved 1878
GullifordJacob A2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56Martha E
GullifordJohn L2nd OR Mtd VolsORJulia A
GumHenry1st OR Mtd VolsWAserved 1873
GurneyRobert MartinOR Mtd MilitiaCAserved 1873Pluma A
GuthrieDavid M1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse War
GuthrieWilliam W7th US CavOR
GuyonEdwin FOR VolsIDserved 1878
GwinJames L1st OR Mtd VolsORMary E
HackerGeorge WOR Mtd VolsOR
HackettJohn C1st OR RiflemenOREllen E
HaftJames2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856
HagertyPeter H2nd WA Terr VolsOR
HahnJohn4th US ArtyORserved 1867-75
HaightHector CUT Militia CavORserved 1849-54Margaret
HaileyJohn2nd OR Mtd VolsID
HainesGuyUS ArmyWAserved OR & WA War
HainesWilliam W2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HaldHenry C1st OR Mtd VolsORserved Cayuse WarHarriet
HaleAngusOR VolsORserved 1878
HalesWilliam HOR Mtd VolsWALucinda
HaleyEdward A1st OR Mtd VolsCA
HallEslem M2nd OR InfWAMary
HallFranklinOR Mtd VolsORserved 1873
HallLawrence M1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Rachel
HallPulaskeyOR Mtd VolsTNJoyce L
HallThomas J1st OR CavORMargaret T
HallickJohn G9th OR Mtd VolsCAserved 1854Emily
HambeltonWilliam POR MilitiaORserved 1878
HamiltonBushrod WIL VolsORserved Black Hawk WarDelphina
HamiltonJames2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HamiltonSalathiel2nd OR VolsOR
HamiltonSupplina1st OR Mtd VolsWAJane
HamiltonWilliam9th OR Mtd VolsOR
HamiltonWilliam H2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HammittElwood2nd OR Mtd VolsCACharlotte
HammittNorman POR VolsORSarah F
HammockJohn Lindsey3rd OR State MilitiaORalias Hamock/Hancock Lindsey; served 1878
HamptonJoseph LOR Mtd VolsORserved 1873Sadie L
HamptonWilliam WOR Mtd MilitiaORserved 1873
HandsakerSamuel2nd OR Mtd VolsORSarah J
HanesZadok1st OR Mtd VolsCA
HanleyJohn W1st US CavOR
HannaIra Monroe2nd OR Mtd VolsMT
HannahDolphes B1st OR Mtd VolsWACatherine E
HannahThomas J2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56Mary A
HansenHans OOR VolsUTserved 1858-60 (also UT Militia Cav 1865-67)Mary O
HansonHoganDakota Terr VolsORserved 1876-77
HansonJohn Milton19th KS CavORserved 1868-69Rachel
HarbaughOliverOR Mtd VolsORserved 1872-73
HardistyPhilip FOR State TroopsORserved 1878
HarerStephenOR VolsORserved 1878
HarfordAndrew J4th US CavORserved 1878-80Margaret A
HargadineRobert BOR Mtd VolsORMartha W
HarlanGeorge D1st OR Mtd VolsWANancy A
HarlingJohn F4th US InfORserved 1878-83
HarmsRobert2nd US InfORserved 1887-91; 1895-98
HarperJohn2nd OR Mtd VolsWAAmanda C
HarperJohn CWA VolsORserved 1877-79
HarperJohn HOR InfOR
HarperPleasant H2nd OR Mtd VolsWAserved 1855-56Colona N
HarriganJeremiah11th US InfORalias Jeremiah Horrigan; served 1879-84Anna H
HarrisWilliamUS Mtd RangersORserved Black Hawk War
HarrisWilliam P1st OR Mtd VolsCARebecca J
HarrisonArchibald McN1st OR Mtd VolsOR
HartEdmond AOR MilitiaORserved 1878
HartGeorge W2nd WA Terr Mtd VolsORJane
HartMoses W1st CA VolsORserved Klamath Indian War
HartleyDock HOR VolsORserved 1848
HartmanJohn L3rd US CavORserved 1878-83
HartyFrancis M2nd OR Mtd VolsCA
HarveyJames Walias Bill Crabtree; see both
HarveyJohn W1st OR Mtd VolsMT
HarveySimeon N2nd OR VolsCA
HaskinBenoni1st OR Mtd VolsWAMinerva
HastingsJohn C2nd WA Mtd VolsOR
HathawayCharlesOR VolsSD
HauberMartin H2nd OR Mtd VolsWAPhebe A
HaunAlonzo P1st OR Mtd VolsCAEva A
HawkWilliam2nd OR Mtd VolsOR(also 1st OR Riflemen)Sarah A I
HawkinsSamuel1st OR Mtd VolsORMargaret
HawkinsSamuel S1st OR Mtd VolsWA
HawleyJohn H1st OR Mtd VolsOREliza E
HawnJasper C1st FL Mtd VolsOR
HayJeremiah B2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HayWilliam B2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HaydenAlexander T2nd OR Mtd VolsIDserved 1856
HaydenBenjamin1st OR Mtd VolsORZerelda
HaydonAndrew J2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Andalusia
HaydonDavid W2nd OR Mtd VolsWAserved 1855-56; alias W D HaydonSarah J
HayesEbenezer2nd OR VolsORLaura E
HayesGeorge L2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Tennie
HayesJames2nd OR Mtd VolsORCaroline
HayesRichard B2nd OR Mtd VolsORLucy
HaysJames R2nd OR Mtd VolsORAlice L
HayterThomas JOR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56Mary I
HayterWashington L1st OR Mtd VolsOR
HaywardDaniel W9th OR Mtd VolsOR
HazletonJohn1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1873
HazlittIsaiah HOR VolsAL
He-Waughkalias Che-Waughk; see both
HeadJohn9th OR Mtd VolsWAMatilda
HearingJames BOR VolsWAserved 1878
HearnWillis GOR Mtd VolsOR
HedgesDavid L1st OR Mtd VolsOR
HeisterJoseph A2nd OR Mtd VolsMI
HellerThomas1st OR Mtd VolsWA
HelmThomas H BOR Mtd VolsTXserved 1856Nerve E
HelmanAbel D1st OR MilORserved 1865-67
HelmsAddison9th OR Mtd VolsORAnn
HelmsFrederick2nd US ArtyORserved FL War
HembreeJames T1st OR RiflemenOR
HembreeLafayette1st OR RiflemenCAEliza E
HembreeWaman COR Mtd VolsOR
HenderyDavid2nd OR VolsOR
HenderyLeander1st OR MilOR
HendrickWalter18th KS CavORserved 1867
HendricksColumbus COR Mtd VolsORserved Modoc War 1873
HendricksElijah1st OR Mtd VolsWAserved 1873
HendricksJohnIL VolsORserved Black Hawk WarMargaret
HendricksonJohn HWA Terr VolsOREmma
HenneriesJoseph5th US InfORalias Johan Hinrichs & Joseph H Leader, see all
HennessBenjamin L1st WA Mtd VolsORRebecca F
HennessyPatrick F16th US InfORserved 1881-86Nellie J
HensonEzra1st OR Mtd VolsOR
HenspeterHenry2nd OR Mtd VolsWA
HeppnerHenry EOR VolsORserved 1878Mary C
HerbertGeorge W2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HermanCharles15th US InfORserved 1889-94
HermoJohn2nd OR St MilIDserved 1878-80Mary
HeronSamuel JMT VolsORserved 1877
HerrenJohn Clark1st OR VolsORserved Cayuse WarElizabeth
HerrenNoah FOR Mtd VolsORAdaline E
HerrenWillard HOR VolsOR
HershbergerJacob9th OR MilOR
HessEdwin L2nd OR Mtd VolsCAFrances
HeverloWilliam2nd OR Mtd Vols
HiattLewis2nd OR Mtd VolsWACatharine
HibbardOrnan F1st OR Mtd VolsWAserved 1856Harriet E
HicksRobert2nd US InfOR
HicksWilliam2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HillAlmoran1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse WarSarah J
HillGeorge4th US ArtyORserved 1869-74
HillHannibal C1st OR Mtd VolsORSarah A
HillJohn HORPhebia C
HillLewis W7th US CavORserved 1871-76 (also 3rd US Cav 1878-84)
HillMarshall2nd OR VolsORserved 1856Prudence B
HillWilliam G9th OR Vol MilORserved 1853-54Bianca
HillWilliam ROR Mtd VolsORSarah E
HilliardWilliam FOR Mtd VolsCAMargaret Joy
HillsErastus2nd OR Mtd VolsMO
HindmanJesse LOR VolsCAserved 1877
HinesCicero1st OR InfORserved 1864-66Ada
HinesJohn9th US InfORserved 1876-81Chrochee May
HinkleCaspar J1st OR Mtd VolsOR
HinkleJohn T2nd OR Mtd VolsORSarah P
HinrichsJohanalias Joseph Henneries, Joseph H Leader, see all
HinshawJohn DOR VolsWAserved 1878
HintonWesley1st OR Mtd VolsORSarah E
HirschbergWilliam G4th US ArtyORserved 1871-74, 1877-84
HiseJohn BOR Mtd VolsOR
HistoIndian Scout, US ArmyORalias Stow; served 1873
HixsonElijah10th US InfORserved 1867-70
HobbsJohnQMDept, US ArmyORserved 1858-59
HochmuthAugust9th US InfORMary E Hackman
HodgesAlbert G1st OR Mtd VolsOR
HodgesCalawayOR VolsOR
HodgesGeorge1st OR VolsND
HodgesRobert Daniel2nd OR St MilORserved 1878Mary E
HoffmanWilliam FOR VolsORserved 1876-77
HoflerWilliam W9th OR VolsWA
HogueHarvey A1st OR Mtd VolsORSarah S or L
HolcombAlmond1st OR Mtd VolsWA
HolcombSamuel R1st OR Mtd VolsORLorena
HolcombStephen A1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse WarAmanda
HoldenHorace F1st OR Mtd VolsORMargaret F
HoldenRobert D135th US InfORserved 1878Esther H
HollandHomer1st OR Mtd VolsORViola
HollandThomas J2nd OR Mtd VolsORMary A
HolliquillaTut-luxalias Tullus; see both
HollowayJohn M9th OR Mtd VolsORSarah J
HolmanWoodford C or G1st OR RiflemenPolly
HolmesErnest Walias Ernest W Fisher; see both
HolmesGeorge HOR VolsORserved 1878Susie A
HolmesHenry Preston2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HolmesRichard1st OR Mtd VolsORMary L
HolmesWilliam MQMDept, US ArmyORserved 1879-80
HoltDionysius MWA Terr VolsORserved 1877Nancy
HoltThomas3rd US InfORserved FL War
HoosekinJohn1st OR Mtd VolsORalias John Yahooskin; served 1872-73Nancy
HooverFrederick5th US InfORserved 1865-66Sarah M
HopewoodMoses2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HornWilliam18th KS CavORserved 1867-69
HorriganJeremiahalias Jeremiah Harrigan; see both
HosierJosephus9th OR Mtd VolsWA
HostetterJoseph2nd OR Mtd VolsCA
HotchkissWalter S2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HotonEdgar2nd UT Mil CavORalias Edgar S Houghton; served 1866
HoughtonEdgar Salias Edgar Hoton; see both
HoustonJames B1st OR Mtd VolsIDMary E
HoustonMilton1st OR Mtd VolsORVilinda E
HovendenAmos1st OR Mtd VolsORElizabeth
HowardDewitt C2nd OR Mtd VolsORMartha E
HowardJohnOR Mtd VolsOREmma R
HowardSamuel N1st OR Mtd VolsORCinderalla
HowdJulius C1st OR Mtd VolsORserve 1855-56Mary
HowellJosiah1st OR Mtd VolsORMary V
HubbardGoalman1st OR Mtd VolsWAserved Cayuse WarNancy J
HubbartWilliam W2nd OR Mtd VolsILserved 1855-56Julia M
HublerNoah9th OR Mtd VolsOR
HuddlestonFrancis M2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Lavina
HudsonJoseph D2nd OR Mtd VolsORMargaret A
HudsonSamuel K2nd WA Mtd VolsOR
HudsonShadrach2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HuelatJabezOR Mtd VolsORSarah E
HuffJoseph FWA VolsORserved 1877
HuffmanAbramOR VolsORJemima
HuffmanJohn WOR VolsORserved 1878
HuffmanJosephOR VolsCAserved 1877-78
HuffmanSebert FOR VolsORserved 1878-79
HuffmanThomas2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
HughesJohn1st OR Mtd VolsOREmma P
HughesJoseph A1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Julia A
HughesSamuel, SrOR MilAZserved 1853 Rogue River War
HulickJames NOR VolsORserved 1877
HulseNorman AOR VolsMIMelinda
HumphreyGeorge W2nd OR State MilitiaORserved 1878Dora T
HunsakerBradford1st WA Mtd RiflesOR
HuntJosephOR Mtd VolsOKSarah E
HunterJohnalias William Dickerson; see both
HunterStuart LOR VolsORserved 1878
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