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SurnameGiven NameUnitStateCommentWidow
Che cas kaneWalter1st OR Mtd MilitiaORalias Eli Chick-kas-ka-neCinda Che cas kane
Che-WaughkScout, US ArmyORalias He-WaughkShouse
CherryGeorge W9th OR Mtd VolsMOTabitha A
ChesherEdmundTN Mtd VolsORserved Cherokee WarRachel
CheshireWilliam P9th OR Mtd VolsOR
Chick-cutScout, US ArmyORalias Peter Cholah Jola; served 1872-73
Chick-kas-ka-neElialias Walter Che cas kane; see both
Chief-Lalo1st OR Mtd VolsORalias Lelu Leon; served 1872-75Greta Lelu
ChildersGeorge PerryOR VolsORserved 1878
ChildersHenry M2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Helen S
ChilksFrankScout, US ArmyORpossible alias Ben-John; see both
ChiloquinMose1st OR Mtd MilitiaORserved 1872-73Mary
ChinnC DID Terr VolsOR
CholahPeteralias Chick-cut; see both
ChrismanAbner CWA Mtd VolsOR
ChrismanIsaacOR CavWAserved 1876-77
ChrismanRichard1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse WarLucinda
ChrismanWilliam McCOR Mtd VolsORSarah A
ChristensenJames3rd IL Nat'l GuardORserved 1876
ChristiansonSimon3rd US InfORserved 1888-92
ChurchAzro B2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
ChurchGeorge H2nd OR Mtd VolsIL
ChurchJames S2nd OR RiflesORserved 1878
ChurchJonas MCA Mtd MilitiaOR
ChurchillWilloughby2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
ClantonJoel MWA VolsORserved 1878
ClarkBillings A1st OR Mtd VolsCA
ClarkEdward1st OR Mtd VolsORalias William Edward Clark
ClarkHenry HOR VolsCA
ClarkJames3rd US InfORserved 1878-83Jane
ClarkOrvly ScottID VolsORserved 1877
ClarkOscar F1st OR RiflemenWAserved Cayuse WarMary A
ClarkRobert2nd OR Mtd VolsORalias Robert FElizabeth
ClarkSanford6th US InfORserved 1871-75Mary Ellen
ClarkThomas2nd OR Mtd VolsCA
ClarkWilliam Edwardalias Edward Clark; see both
ClarnoHenry LOR Mtd VolsORserved 1872-73Julia A
ClawsonHughOR VolsIDalias Hugh CLibbie
ClaypoolSamuel R2nd OR VolsOR
ClaytonJesse1st OR RiflemenORserved 1848Lydia E
ClaytonSamuel9th OR MilitiaWAserved 1855-56Frances
CleaverJames F2nd WA Terr VolsORSarah M
ClemensWilliam2nd OR VolsID
ClementJohn D2nd CA CavORserved 1864-66
ClemmensHenry1st OR Mtd VolsOR
CliftonHenryOR VolsCA
CluffEdward1st OR Mtd VolsAZserved Cayuse War
ClymerSamuel1st OR Mtd VolsORAnna M
ClymerWilliam1st OR Mtd VolsORMargaret
CoakleyJames9th US InfOR
CoalmanStephen Dalias Stephen D Coleman; see both
CoatsThomas2nd OR Mtd VolsORCaroline
CochranNelson J2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
CochranRobert W2nd OR Mtd VolsID
CoderEli188th PA InfORserved 1864-65Penninah
CoffeyVan L9th OR MilitiaORRebecca J
CoffinGeorge A1st OR Mtd VolsORAlice E
CoffmanMark Malias; see Thomas Barnes
CoffmanWilliam C1st CA BrigadeORserved 1873-76
CoffmanWilliam MOR VolsORserved 1878
CohenNathan1st OR Mtd VolsORRosa
ColclasureJacob2nd OR Mtd VolsIA
ColeGeorge S18th US InfORserved 1886-91
ColeHarvey HUS ArmyOR
ColeMartin1st OR Mtd VolsORalias MartEmily
ColemanHenry1st OR RiflemenORserved 1848
ColemanJohn9th OR MilitiaORMartha M
ColemanJohn E2nd OR MilitiaOR
ColemanJohn SOR VolsWAserved 1853-54
ColemanStephen D2nd OR Mtd VolsORalias Stephen D Coalman
ColemanWilliam IUS ArmyORserved Rogue River Ind War
ColesAlbert H17th US InfORSarah M Strucken
CollierChampaign2nd OR Mtd VolsDCJane F
CollierRichardTX Frontier BttnORserved 1883-84
CollinsAretus RMN Mtd State MilitiaORserved 1862
CollinsCharles S1st OR Mtd VolsCAalias Solomon CollinsAlice L
CollinsJames L1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Mary E K
CollinsJohn4th US InfOR
CollinsJohn W2nd OR Mtd VolsWA
CollinsSolomonalias Charles S Collins; see both
CollinsZachariah T1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1872-73Mary E
ColwellPreston, SrOR VolsOR
CombestWilliam ROR VolsMTserved 1851-52Martha J
CombsElias PCA Mtd VolsORalias Pierce Combs; served 1872-73
CombsJames P1st OR Mtd VolsORJane
CombsJoseph DOR VolsORserved 1878Sarah A
CombsPiercealias Elias P Combs; see both
ComegysAbraham S1st OR Mtd VolsOREmily J
ComoyerNarcisse A1st OR Mtd VolsORalias Narcisse A CornoyerMary S
ComptonAndrew W9th US InfOR
ComstockDavid36th US InfORserved 1866-69
CondronJacob4th US CavORserved 1884-89Martha
CongerMark1st OR Mtd Vols
ConleyEdward MUS ArmyORserved 1877
ConnellyMichael19th US InfORserved 1878-83
ConnerEdward1st OR Mtd VolsCA
ConnorPatrick12th US InfORserved 1867-70Antonitta
ConradAndrew J2nd OR Mtd VolsORNancy C
ConradyCharles1st US CavORcontesting widow Audbjorg; served 1871-76, 1877-82Mary L
ConstableAndrew1st OR Mtd VolsWAFrances D
CookIsaac2nd OR Mtd VolsORMinerva T
CookPerry2nd OR Mtd VolsWA
CookPeter11th MI VolsORserved Black Hawk WarLucia C
CookeCalvin W1st OR RiflemenCAserved Cayuse War
CookeNicholas2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Anna
CookseyGeorge W2nd OR Mtd VolsORMartha M
CoombsJacob L2nd OR Mtd VolsCASarah A
CooperJames F/T2nd OR Mtd VolsORsee both James F & James THarriet
CooperJohn R2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
CopperfieldJim1st OR Mtd MilitiaORalias Little-Jim; served 1872-77Mary A Copperfield
CoppleJohn2nd OR Mtd VolsWACynthia A C
CorbellJohn M1st OR InfORserved 1865-67
CorneliusBenjamin1st OR Mtd VolsORRachel
CornellHaydenOR Mtd VolsORElizabeth Jane
CornoyerNarcisse Aalias Narcisse A Comoyer; see both
CorthersCharlesalias Charles A Carothers; see both
CoshowOliver P2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
CostonHenry A2nd OR Mtd VolsWAElizabeth
CottinghamJohn E W1st OR Mtd VolsOR
CounsilDavid TOR Mtd VolsOR
CourtneyJohn ROR Mtd VolsOR
CovertWilliam Eli5th US InfORserved 1876-82May
CowanJames L1st OR Mtd MilitiaORserved 1873Susan J
CowdellJohn BUS ArmyORC E
CowheyEdward23rd US InfORserved 1866-69, 1869-71
CoxBenjamin2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
CoxEdward2nd OR Mtd VolsCANancy C
CoxGeorgeOR Mtd VolsOR
CoxJesse ACA VolsORserved 1861Mary Ann
CoxJohn T1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse War
CoxThomas1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56Emma W
CoxWilliam2nd OR Mtd VolsMO
CoxWilliam W2nd US ArtyORClara C
CoxWilliam W9th OR MilitiaOR
CozadThomas J G2nd OR Mtd VolsORSarah D
CrabbJohn EOR Home GuardsORserved 1878
CrabtreeBillOR VolsORalias James W Harvey
CrabtreeHiram1st OR Mtd VolsMT
CrabtreeIsaac1st OR Mtd VolsMT
CrabtreeJames P1st OR Mtd VolsOREliza E
CrabtreeJob1st OR Mtd VolsMT
CrabtreeSmith1st OR Mtd VolsWALouisa
CraigDaniel T2nd OR Mtd VolsIDSarah A
CrainJames C2nd US CavORserved 1881-86Carrie C
CrainJoseph2nd OR VolsORSusannah
CrankJoseph1st OR RiflemenCAserved Cayuse War
CravenFrank2nd US InfORalias Peter J Furlong
CrawfordChristianUT Mil CavORalias Christian Kofford; served 1866
CrawfordDavid1st OR RiflemenPAserved Cayuse WarMargaret
CrawfordJohn1st OR Mtd VolsORLavina
CrawfordJohn D1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse WarAgnes M
CreelJohn ATX Frontier BttnORserved 1874
CrewseEllison1st OR Mtd VolsORMary J
CrimminsJohnOR VolsORserved 1859-60, 1856
CrippenIchabod Fred7th US InfORserved 1884-88
CrismonArchibald H2nd OR Mtd VolsCA
CrisswellJoseph M2nd OR Mtd VolsORSally Y
CrocheronJohn H2nd OR Mtd VolsIDserved 1853-54Mary J
CrockettThomas2nd WA Terr VolsOR
CroffordCharlesOR VolsCA
CrookGeorge HOR Mtd MilitiaORserved 1873Mary
CrookTheron WOR Mtd VolsOR
CrosbyJohnOR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56Margaret
CrouchShipman H9th OR Mtd VolsOR
CrouchWashington H9th OR VolsORserved 1855Malinda
CrowWilliam M2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Nancy J
CrowWilliam P1st OR Mtd VolsORMartha A
CrowderReuben1st OR RiflemenWAserved Cayuse WarEliza A
CrowderSalmon W1st OR Mtd VolsORalias Solomon CrowderLucinda
CrowderSolomonalias Salmon W Crowder; see both
CrowderThomas STX Frontier BttnORserved 1882
CrowleyJames AllenOR VolsCAserved 1878-79
CrowleyJohn M2nd WA Terr VolsOREliza J
CroxtonThomas2nd OR Mtd Vols
CrusonGeorge W13th US InfORserved 1864, 1867Hattie A
CulbertsonAndrew JOR Mtd VolsWA
CummingAmbrose SWA Terr VolsORserved 1855-56Catherine M
CumminsJohn WOR VolsORserved 1878Amelia A
CunninghamPleasant T1st OR Mtd VolsOR
CunninghamRichard TTX Minute MenORserved 1868-69
CurlCaleb W1st OR RiflemenORserved 1848Margaret E
CurlDudley COR VolsORserved 1878
CurlJohn2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
CurlNewton G1st OR Mtd VolsORMarie E
CurrierJacob M1st OR RiflemenORserved 1847-48Helena S
CurryWilliam LID?ORserved 1877-81
CurtisWilliam2nd OR Mtd VolsORLydia J
Cush-nyalias Jim Cushinway; see both
CushingMilo M4th US InfORserved Cayuse WarMary
CushinwayJimScout, US ArmyORalias Cush-ny; served 1873Martha Cushinway
CzerswinkiK W Martin4th US ArtyORalias Kan Walter; served 1883-91Catherine Czerswinki
DaileyMarcellus S2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56Mary (now Mary Bowser)
DallasPeter12th MO CavORserved 1864-66Nancy C
DamonJoe10th US CavOR
DanforthLucius2nd OR Mtd VolsIDMary A
DanielsJasper N2nd OR Mtd VolsORAmelia A
DarneilleOscker2nd OR Mtd VolsCA
DarstPaul1st OR Mtd VolsORCindarella
DartGeorgeOR VolsORAnna C
DartGeorgeOR VolsOR
DaughtertyHoraceOR Mtd VolsOR
DaughtertyJames2nd OR Mtd VolsORalias James Dougherty; served 1855-56
DaughtertyWalter M2nd OR Mtd VolsORJane H
DavidIndian Scout, US ArmyORalias David WashumpMinnie Washump
DavidsonHosea M9th OR MilitiaORAlmira C
DavidsonJohn E1st OR RiflemenORMary M
DavidsonWilliam H2nd OR Mtd VolsWA
DavisDrury1st OR Mtd VolsORFrances D
DavisHezakiahOR Mtd VolsORElizabeth C
DavisJames Allen3rd US InfORserved 1869-74
DavisJohn1st OR Mtd VolsOR
DavisJohn1st OR Mtd VolsWAMaria
DavisJonas1st OR RiflemenORserved in Cayuse War
DavisWilliam M2nd OR Mtd VolsCAserved 1856
DavissonJohn I2nd OR Mtd VolsCALouise S
DavissonWilliam2nd OR Mtd VolsWA
DavlinJames2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
DayDudley D19th KS CavORserved 1868-69Susan A
DayEdward W2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
DayGeorge B2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
DayHenry BOR VolsWAAnna M
DaySilas J9th OR Mtd VolsORMary E
DeBoieArchOR VolsORserved 1876-77Frances
DeGrawJacob1st US Militia InfORserved 1866Arrillia
DeMossPeter2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
DeadmondJohn H9th OR Mtd VolsOR
DeakinsThoimas1st OR RiflemenORAiley E
DealJohn WUT Militia CavORserved 1866Azalia
DeardorffPeter C1st OR CavORserved 1866
DeardorffTobias G9th OR Mtd VolsORCharlotte
DeckerJohn Frank2nd US CavORserved 1865-67
DeffenbacherFrederick7th MN InfOR
DeflaneyWilliam LOR Scouts & SpiesOR
DelaneyThomas ElwoodCA VolsORserved 1868Mary Frances
DelanyDaniel1st OR RiflemenWAEliza A
DelemeterAlbert J22nd US InfORserved 1893-97
DeloreAntoine1st OR Mtd VolsOREsther
DeloreAugustusOR Mtd VolsORMary
DeloreBazel1st OR Mtd VolsOR
DelorePeterOR VolsOR
DenneyIsaiah G19th KS CavORserved 1868-69
DenningJob9th OR Mtd MilitiaOR
DennisWilliam2nd OR Mtd VolsCABertie W
DennyGeorge AOR Mtd MilitiaCA
DensmoreGeorge2nd OR Mtd VolsMTserved 1855-56
DerrMartin1st OR Mtd VolsOR
DerrickEdwin COR State MilitiaORserved 1878
DeskinsDaniel D1st OR VolsORalias Daniel D DuskinsSarah A
DespainWilliam FrankilinOR VolsWAserved 1878
DevaulJames RMO VolsORserved Black Hawk War
DevineWilliam E3rd US CavORAugusta
DibbleLorenUT Militia InfORLizette
DickIndian Scout, US ArmyORalias Richard Pond; alias Wa-Lits-Pum; served 1880Annie Pond
DickenJoseph1st OR Mtd VolsORMary Jane
DickersonEnock C7th US CavORalias Dickson; served 1874-78
DickersonWilliam3rd US CavORalias John Hunter; served 1876-81
DickeyJohn SOR VolsORserved 1878
DickinsonEdwin O8th US CavORserved 1888-91Mabel E
DicksonEnock Calias Dickerson; see both
DicksonJames1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse WarMary E
DillaneJames4th US InfORserved 1869-70
DimmickHezekiah Russell2nd OR Mtd VolsOREliza
DimmickZiba2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56Jane
DimockAsaWA & OR Ind WarCA
DixonHarvey2nd OR Mtd VolsORMary E
DixonJesse D1st OR Mtd VolsORLouisa A
DobelbowerWilliam B1st OR Mtd VolsOR
DodgeFrancis M2nd WA Terr VolsORJane C
DodgeLeonard AIndian Scout, US ArmyORserved 1872-85
DodsonJohnOR Mtd VolsOR
DolanGeorge W2nd WA Terr VolsORMary E
DonaldsonAndrew J1st OR Mtd VolsORSarah J
DonaldsonThomas H B1st OR Mtd VolsOR
DonaldsonW LOR State MilitiaCA
DoneyGeorge W1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1873Lillie O
DornWilliam9th OR MilitiaORAnna
DotyAndrew JOR Mtd VolsCA
DoughertyJamesalias James Daugherty; see both
DoughertyJohn JUS ArmyORHelen A
DouglasJohn T12th US InfORserved 1888-91
DoveIsaacUS Cutter "Jeff Davis"OR
DowdJohn9th US InfORserved 1856
DownerJoseph W1st OR RiflemenWAserved Cayuse War
DowneyRobert MOR VolsIDserved 1878Minnie E
DowningJames WOR Mtd MilitiaCAserved 1872
DowningLeeID VolsOR
DoyleMurtha14th US InfORserved 1865-69
DoylePatrick1st US CavORalias George Wallace; served 1870-76
DrakeRileyOR VolsOR
DriscollCharles/Michael COR Mtd MilitiaORserved 1873Susan
DriskellMountillian C18th KS CavORserved 1867Sakie
DriverSamuel BrentonOR Mtd MilitiaORserved 1873Rachel Amanda
DriverThomas J DOR Mtd MilitiaHIserved 1873Rose Louise
DrumhellerJesse1st OR Mtd VolsWAserved 1855-56Martha A
DuBoisNathaniel S1st OR Mtd VolsOR
DudleyJohn B9th OR Mtd VolsORalias John B Dulley
DudleyJohn D1st OR Mtd VolsORMianda E
DuffHarry HTX (no other service)ORserved 1873
DulleyJohn Balias John B Dudley; see both
DuncanJ H2nd OR Vols
DuncanJesse ROR VolsWAserved 1863-64 & 1878-98Sarah E
DunlayMorris1st OR Mtd VolsCAserved 1873
DunnJohn HNE MilitiaORserved 1864-65
DunnRichard4th US InfORAbbie
DupreCharles1st OR Mtd VolsIDIsabel
DupuisEdward1st OR RiflemenCAserved 1848Caroline A
DuranReasonOR State MilitiaWAserved 1878
DurbinSolomon1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse War
DurganPresidentWA Mtd VolsOR
DurrJonas1st US CavORserved 1870-75Anna
DuskanOscar2nd OR Mtd VolsORalias Oscar Dustin
DuskinsDaniel Dalias Daniel D Deskins; see both
DustinCharles S2nd WA Mtd VolsORSusie
DustinOscaralias Oscar Duskan; see both
DuvalJason A1st OR Mtd VolsWA
DyeDanielOR Mtd VolsCA
DyerGeorge W1st OR VolsWA
DyerMoses TORserved 1855-56Fleeta
DyerWilliam FOR Mtd MilitiaORserved 1873
E-lu-ye-nichtTitusIndian Scout, US ArmyORserved 1877; alias Robinson MinhornJulia Minthorn
EaganEdwardalias Edward Agen; see both
EarlJoseph1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse War
EarlSimeon D1st OR RiflemenORLucinda
EarpDillos DOR State MilitiaWAserved 1878
EasleyJohn2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
EastabrooksCalvinCA VolsOR
EastmanAlbert C1st US CavORserved 1879-84
EastonHenryOR Mtd VolsOR
EatonCharles CalvinUS NavyOR
EatonJesseOR VolsORMary E
EbermanNinian AOR Mtd VolsORserved Cayuse War
EcclestonMarshall M2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
EcklerJosephus P1st WA Terr VolsORserved 1855-56
EddinsWilliam B2nd OR Mtd VolsCA
EddyIsaac N2nd OR Mtd VolsIDSarah K
EdelmanJonathan LOR VolsORserved 1878
EdelmanLewis G2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
EdrisWilliamScoutORserved Rogue River Ind WarMary M
EichHenrysee John Kelly 2nd
EinkopfCrist L14th US InfORserved 1866-69
EisenmannJuliusalias Julius Essig; see both
ElderMatthew H1st OR Mtd VolsWA
ElginJames H1st OR Mtd VolsORJosephine H
ElkinsJames Edward1st OR RiflemenOR
ElkinsJoseph2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56Mary B
EllifHardy CrierOR VolsORserved 1853-55Rebecca Melvina
ElliottGeorge W1st OR Mtd VolsWA
ElliottLorenzo4th US InfORserved 1855-60Wilhelmina Wood
ElySimeonOR VolsIDserved 1853Cecelia A
EmbreeThomas V B1st OR Mtd VolsORAnnie E
EmerickAndrew J1st OR Mtd VolsORalias Andrew EmrickEliza
EmeryEberOR Mtd VolsOR
EmrickAndrewalias Andrew Emerick; see both
EndsleyWilliam Thomas4th US CavORserved 1881-82Ibby M
EngelsAbram A2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
EngleAugustus1st OR Mtd VolsOR
EngleJoseph2nd WA Terr VolsORGulia
EnglishFrank A1st NE Mtd InfORserved 1876-77
EnglishLevin N Jr1st OR RiflemenORserved Cayuse WarElizabeth
EnyartAlexander L1st OR Mtd VolsCAMary E
EnyartJames L1st OR Mtd VolsOR
EnyartPeter SOR Mtd VolsORserved Cayuse War
EshomJames EOR VolsIDserved 1878
EssigJulius2nd US CavORalias Julius Eisenmann; see bothSophie
EstesElijah TIL VolsORserved Black Hawk War
EtienneAntonieOR Mtd VolsWA
EvansAllanOR MilitiaOHserved Rogue River Indian War
EvansJames M2nd OR Mtd VolsMT
EverestDavid1st OR VolsORIrena
EverestReuben1st OR Mtd VolsORMary J
EwellPleasant H1st OR Mtd VolsORSarah T
EwingWilliam DOR Mtd VolsORserved 1853Lina H
EwryJohn1st OR Mtd VolsOR
EyreThomas TurnerOR Mtd VolsFL
FaitfulCharleyalias Modoc-Charley; see both
FalkLudwig1st US InfCAserved 1884-92Margaret
FaneEdward5th US CavORserved 1865-68 & 1889-92
FanningJosiah MOR VolsMO
FargoSheldon BOR Mtd VolsMOserved 1853Belle
FarleighJohn W2nd OR Mtd VolsMTElizabeth
FarleyDavid AOR VolsWAserved 1855-56Minnie P
FarlowChristian1st OR Mtd VolsOR
FarlowSimeon1st OR Mtd VolsORserved Cayuse War
FarringtonKeelerOR Mtd VolsOR
FaulconerThomas N1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Harriet J
FeeCharlesOR Mtd VolsORserved 1855-56
FeldwertNicklous2nd OR Mtd VolsORserved 1856Theresa
FenwickMellville J1st OR Mtd VolsORserved 1873Jennie
FergersonThomas2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
FergusonJohn H2nd OR MilitiaORserved 1878-83Carrie I
FergusonMontville2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
FergusonTollifer DOR State MilitiaORserved 1878-80
FergusonUrban H2nd OR State MilitiaMTserved 1878-80
FewellBenjamin F2nd OR Mtd VolsCA
FieldsReuben2nd OR Mtd VolsOR
FinchCharles EdwardOR VolsCAserved 1878
FinchGeorge2nd OR Mtd VolsORLavina
FinchJamesOR VolsWAserved 1878Margaret M
FineIsrael S12th US InfORserved 1888-91
FineThomas MOR VolsWAserved 1877
FirestineOliver Halias Tom Firestine; see both
FirestineTomOR Mtd VolsARalias Oliver H Firestine
FischerAugustTX Minute MenORserved 1867-79Emilie
FishAlbert H1st OR RiflemenORHannah A
FishFranklyn RUT Militia CavORserved 1864-69
FisherErnest W7th US CavORalias Ernest W Holmes; served 1873-75
FisherEzra T T1st OR Mtd VolsORHannah G
FisherHenry4th US InfORserved 1870-75 & 1889-94Mary
FisherJames HOR MilitiaORserved 1878
FisherJob1st OR Mtd VolsWALydia A
FitchThomas1st OR Mtd VolsORLodemia
FitzgeraldGeorge5th US CavORserved 1882-87
FitzgeraldJohn H4th US CavORserved 1881-86Minnie
FitzhughJohn2nd OR Mtd VolsOREmily H
FlaggHenry HOR VolsORserved 1878 (also KS State Militia 1864)Rachel E Lewis
FlanaganMichael HUS ArmyORKate
FlemingComadore Perry1st OR Mtd VolsWAserved 1855-56Caroline
FlemingJohn M1st OR VolsCA
FletcherWilliam H2nd WA Terr Mtd VolsORRuth E
FlockJohn AOR VolsORserved 1878
FloreyFrederick2nd OR Mtd VolsORElizabeth
FoleyEdward5th US InfORserved 1868-79Agnes E
FontaineWilliam R2nd OR Mtd VolsTX
FordFrankOR Mtd VolsOR
FordNineveh1st OR Mtd VolsWAMaria
FordRobersonOR Mtd VolsOR
FordSidney S Jr1st OR RiflemenWAserved Cayuse WarMary E
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