Soldier's Monument Land Donation
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Oregonian, 8 Feb 1902, page 12

The Lone Fir Cemetery Association has agreed to donate a site 50x50 feet in the park block in the cemetery for the erection of a monument to the veterans of the Civil, Mexican, Indian and Spanish-American Wars. A committee from the Soldiers' Monument Association, composed of Captain J. H. McMillen, J. W. Ogilbee and F. R. Neale and M. L. Pratt, president of the association, met with the cemetery association Thursday and the matter was settled satisfactory.

The committee asked that the ground be deeded to the City of Portland. The cemetery association objected to this but will deed the site to the Soldiers' Monument Association. It will be necessary to incorporate the association so that the deed can be secured. Steps will be taken to prepare the articles of incorportaion at the next meeting, which will be held tomorrow afternoon at 64 Grand avenue.

The site that will be deeded for the monument is in the center of the cemetery, and in the park block in which all public functions in the cemetery are held. It is ample for the purposes of the Monument Association. As paths extend to the center of the park block from outside streets there will be always be access to it. One reason the cemetery association desired to deed the site to the Soldiers' Monument Association was that it would tend to make the organization permanent and insure the proper care of the ground.

The matter of site having been settled an active canvass for funds will be begin by the special committee appointed for that purpose very soon.