Soldier's Monument at Lone Fir Cemetery
For more information about this historical location, see Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery.

Getting started on November 3, 1901

Land donation reported February 8, 1902

Incorporated on February 15, 1902

Funds raised as of June 30, 1902

Design changes on February 28, 1903

Statue design on March 30, 1903

Money needed on May 14, 1903

Sham battle on May 29, 1903

David Solis-Cohen  dedicated the monument on May 30, 1903

Final unveiling on October 25, 1903

Martin Luther Pratt was president of the Lone Fir Monument Association.

Edward Martin was vice-president. (offsite)

John Watson Ogilbee was secretary.

James Harvey McMillen was treasurer.

Delos D. Neer was the architect of the monument.

Otto Schumann was the contractor for the stone base and shaft.