Lone Fir Soldiers' Monument - Final Unveiling
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Oregonian, 25 Oct 1903, page 16

Members of the Soldiers' Monument Association will meet this afternoon at 1 o'clock in the hall of Sumner Post, G. A. R., on Union avenue near East Pine street, and march to Lone Fir cemetery to officially unveil the memorial shaft erected there to the memory of the veterans of the four wars--Civil, Mexican, Indian and Spanish-American. All who have contributed $1 and over are members of the association and are invited to participate in the ceremonies. The public generally is invited to be present at Monument Square, in the middle of Lone Fir cemetery, at 2:30 to witness the ceremonies. Following is the programmme:

The first meeting to organize the Lone Fir Monument Association was held November 2, 1901, with M. L. Pratt presiding. Prior to that date the project had been talked up among the members of the G. A. R. posts of the city, but principally in Sumner Post, on the East Side. At the meeting held November 2, in Sumner Post Hall, Union avenue, the following were present from George Wright, Lincoln-Garfield, Sumner and Ben Butler Posts, besides others from the outside: Martin L. Pratt, Peter Newburg, J. L. Courtney, J. S. Foss, L. H. Wells, J. H. Williams, H. C. Barden, J. W. Ogilbee, J. Giestner, M. Buchanan, George B. Hartmus, F. A. Coleman and Captain J. H. McMillen. The association was formed by election of the following officers: President, M. L. Pratt; vice-president, Captain Edward Martin; secretary, J. W. Ogilbee; treasurer, Captain J. H. McMillen. At the meeting held November 10 the following general soliciting committee was appointed: M. L. Pratt, C. J. Ward, G. B. Hartmus, L. H. Wells, A. C. Edmunds, J. H. McMillen, T. A. Wood, I. McGowan, J. A. Braden, H. E. Barden, W. Benefiel, George Williams, W. C. North, F. A. Coleman, Tyler Woodward, H. Sutcliff, Colonel Weidler, J. S. Foss, J. A. Sladen, H. H. Northup, T. B. McDevitt, Peter Newburg, J. W. Ogilbee, Captain E. Martin, Jacob Dockenbech and J. H. Williams.

February 9, 1902, the association was incorporated, with the officers as incorporators, so as to receive the deed to the 60 foot square in the center of Park block, Lone Fir cemetery, donated by Lone Fir Association for monument purposes. Henry Corbett made the largest private subscription of $200. Sumner Women's Relief Corps made the first cash subscription of $100. The Indian War veterans subscribed $100 cash and paid subsequently $45 for the panel on the shaft with their badge inscribed. Sons and Daughters of Indian War Veterans subscribed $50. From the bazaar, of which T. McDevitt was chairman, $500 was raised. From the sham battle of the Second, Oregon, $230 was received. All the G. A. R. posts in the city made subscriptions. All persons subscribing $1 and more were made active members of the association. D. D. Neer, members of the George Wright post, drew the plans. Otto Schumann secured the contract for the granite work for $1550, which was subsequently increased to $1750 by some changes in the plans. The bronze figure on the monument was furnished by a firm in Salem, O., and with the inscription plates cost over $750. The total cost will be fully $3500.

Secretary J. W. Ogilbee has full records of all the proceedings of the association from the date of its first meeting, November 2, 1901, to the present time. His work has been arduous and exacting, but he has performed his duties to the satisfaction of the association. M. L. Pratt, the president, has been a pillar of strength from start to finish. Captain Edward Martin, chairman of the building committee, has worked with intelligence and energy, as have all other members of that committee. Captain J. H. McMillen, representing the Indian War veterans, has contributed largely to the success of the monument. He said one year ago that he wanted to live to see the monument completed and dedicated. There are many others who worked faithfully for the success of this undertaking, but the list is too long to give. Possibly the number of individual contributors runs up to 500, and these subscriptions range from $1 to $200. A record of their names has been made.

The monument is not a G. A. R. memorial, but represents the four wars—the Civil, Indian, Mexican and Spanish-American—the only one of the sort in the United States. The unveiling ceremonies take place just nine days less than two years from the date of the organization of the association. There is now talk that the association will in the course of time, turn the monument over to the care and keeping of the State of Oregon.