Soldiers' Monument Design Changes
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Oregonian, 1 Mar 1903, page 16

At a meeting of the building committee of the Lone Fir Soldiers' Monument Association, held yesterday afternoon, it was decided unanimously to adopt the changes in the original monument plans, as suggested by Architect Delos D. Neer. Captain Edward Martin presided at the meeting. Architect Neer explained the changes and showed how they would greatly improve the appearance of the monument. He was instructed to have them made by Contractor Otto Schumann.

The additions are four granite columns two feet square by two feet four inches in height. A column, or pedestal, will be set into each of the four corners of the granite steps which lead up to the shaft. These will be set into the steps flush with the outside edges, and will be a part of the steps. On these pedestals may be set urns or vases. They will greatly improve the appearance of the structure. The additional cost above the contract price of $1550 is $280.

Architect Neer also reported that several offers for the metal figure for the top of the shaft had been received. An Eastern firm, he said, was making a special model of a soldier with a flag, according to the suggestions he had given. The cost of the figures offered, which are hammered copper and bronze, was from $600 to $1300.