Basic Guide to the GFO Library

The books are organized by a modified Dewey system. Be sure to scan the shelves for all items in a general category, for example, 973 A000 Census.

Adjacent to the front desk is the Rare Book Area comprised of:

Adjacent to the Rare Book Area is a file cabinet housing NGS, FGS and miscellaneous audio tapes of conference presentations. The accompanying lecture outlines for many of them are found at R371 A425 - R371 N547.

Behind the Rare Book Area are several index card file cabinets, and in some cases accompanying binders related to the indexes:

The Book Collection is comprised largely of donated volumes. Check the online catalog and scan the shelves. You may be pleasantly surprised at what we have. A general guide follows:

001–199Research Methodology.
200.+Religion & General Subjects, e.g. Afro-American, Adoption, General Migration, Legal.
355.+Societies: Clubs, Military, Heritage, Lineage, Fraternal.
370.+General Subjects: Greek Letter Organizations, Transcription, Sociology, Cemeteries & Death, Family Reunions, Folklore, Encyclopedias, Handwriting, Dictionaries, Surveying, Calendars & Dates, Genetics, Organization, Interviewing, Society Management, Architecture, Photography, Travel, Atlases, Biography, Professional Genealogy.
929.2Family Genealogies, arranged alphabetically by primary surname.
929.3Group Genealogies: catalogs, compendiums, directories, indexes, queries, research directories, names.
929.6Heraldry, Royal Genealogies, Coats of Arms, Flags.
930.+Organized by global geographic region, then country, then local region (state, province, etc.) Be sure to check the geographical area guide posted on the pillars/walls. Note: not all regional categories make sense, For example, under the region (Mountain/US) are Kansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
979 A000General West, Northwest, and Oregon Trail.

Oversized books: Found at the rear of the regional geographic stacks. One cabinet contains only family histories, the other has general and regional books.

Oversized Atlases: Found in a separate bookcase on the brick pillar, between AR and TN. Separate map sheets are found in a map cabinet in the Multi-Purpose Area in the back of the library.

Northwest Schools Collection: Comprised primarily of yearbooks, contains all books relating to schools found in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska, and is found in the main aisle leading to the Multi-Purpose Area in the back of the library.

Pacific Northwest and miscellaneous Directories & Oregon Phone Books are on the north wall.

CDs are on the north wall. See “CD Title” and “CD Title: Alphabetical Lists”. Use the appropriate program and use the computer labeled “View CDs on this computer.”

Microfilm: Most is on the west wall, adjacent to the IN & OH volumes section. A collection of miscellaneous films includes Canadian topics (quite limited) and U.S topics (especially strong in Native American and military subjects, and then a limited collection on US states.)

Multi-Purpose Area in the back of the library:

Library Rules