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The GFO offers many types of learning opportunities. Check the GFO Calendar for upcoming educational events.

Seminars - These are usually full day events, presented twice a year. They are normally held off-site and require registration with an admission cost.

Workshops - These events are usually half-day meetings. They are normally held onsite at the GFO library and require registration with an admission cost.

Classes - Classes, taught by presenters, are offered throughout the year, as well as during the Open House. Classes are usually free to members or others who have paid admission to the library.

GenTalks - GenTalks are offered on the third Saturday of the month and are free to everyone. Check the GFO calendar for the next GenTalk.

Special Interest Groups - In order to provide its membership comprehensive opportunities for learning and involvement in genealogy, the GFO encourages special interest groups on any topic related to genealogy, by hosting SIG meetings in its facilities at no charge, and by encouraging Forum members to form and participate in such groups. See our list of current groups meeting at the library.



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