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What are GenTalks?

GenTalks are less formal, genealogy-related presentations that take place at the GFO library several months per year, generally on the third Saturday at 2 p.m.  GenTalks are free and open to the public (i.e., you do NOT have to be a GFO member to attend).  And they are a great opportunity for us to learn about not only genealogy, but also historical and cultural topics that permit us to better understand our ancestors and the eras in which they lived.  Check out our Calendar page, and come spend an hour or so with us on a Saturday afternoon!

Upcoming GenTalks:

Write It Up!

Saturday, Oct. 21 @ 2 p.m.

Presenter: Marti Dell, Co-Editor, GFO Bulletin

You’ve been meaning to write up your family history stories and findings, but with several thousand people on your tree, the task is overwhelming. Never fear, though, because help is here! The GFO's own Marti Dell, Co-Editor of The Bulletin, can help you identify just one thing you really need to share with others, then write it up! Does anyone else know how your grandma and grandpa met? Why are so many of your female relatives named “Oney”? Some day your 9-year-old grandson will want to know about your family history trip to Sweden. You won’t get everything written until you get one thing written.

And since you’re writing up just one thing anyway, consider sending a copy to The Bulletin for publication. We have editors and proofreaders who will make sure your commas are in the right place and your source citations are formatted properly. What we don’t have, but need, is your story.

Paper & Spit: DNA+Genealogy, and How to Make That First Contact

Saturday, Nov. 18 at 2 p.m.

Presenter:  Don Anderson, author

Like many adoptees, Don Anderson wanted to know where he came from.  His new book, Paper and Spit, chronicles his journey. Using both DNA and genealogy, Don finds not only the identity of his birth parents but also his true ethnic heritage.

This GenTalk will focus on using Don’s story to illustrate ”What to say when making contact with new matches.” This can be one of the most delicate and challenging aspects of finding close relatives, or wanting to create a positive experience with new cousins.  Discovering a new match is much like finding a fish at the end of your pole, and now you need to reel in the fish.  There is a method - what you say and how you say it is important.

Personal Archiving

Saturday, Dec. 16 @ 2 p.m.

Presenter: LauraDenise White, GFO Resident Archivist

Get ready for the holidays with Personal Archiving! Learn not only how to preserve some of those family heirloom papers and photographs you know are collecting dust in the attic and basement, but also see how you can put together wonderful family history gifts with these fabulous relics of yesteryear. Learn how to weave the fabric of your family history into inspiring and lasting treasures. 

Attendees are encouraged to bring in a sample of items of their very own to work on during this interactive session. Photographs and letters and diaries, oh my! Please bring a couple of your treasures to the session. We'll work on them together while discussing ways to keep them safe, as well as ways to share them with family and friends both far and near.

Some of the GenTalks we have offered in the past:

September 2017 
Switched at Birth: Unraveling a Century-Old Mystery with DNA
Presented by: Alice Collins Plebuch

June 2017 
Capturing and Bringing to Life Your U.S. Farm Ancestor
Presented by: Harold Hinds, Ph.D.

May 2017 
Presented by: Zita Podany

March 2017 
French Prairie Oregon Settlement & The GFO's French-Canadian Collection
Presented by: Gerry Lenzen and Susan LeBlanc, AG

January 2017 
Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery
Presented by: Linda Werts, Board Member, Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery

November 2016
What the U.S. Census Tells Us about Your Potential Native American Ancestors
Presented by: Kate Eakman, MA

September 2016 
Map Guides to German Parish Records
Presented by: Keith & Darlene Pyeatt

June 2016
Church Records: Their Location & Value for Family Historians
Presented by: Harold Hinds, Ph.D.

May 2016
Buttons, History...and Genealogy?
Presented by: Dorothy Krugner

April 2016
Beyond Names & Places: Filling in the Stories of Our Female Ancestors
Presented by: Pam Vestal

March 2016
From Native American to Scottish: The Journey to Find My First Parents 
Presented by: Don Anderson

February 2016
Research in Eastern Canada
Presented by: Thomas Higgins

January 2016 
Discover Your House History
Presented by: Connie Lenzen, CG





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