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Policy on Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Approved 10 Mar 2007
    Revised 14 Jan 2014


In order to provide its membership comprehensive opportunities for learning and involvement in genealogy, the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, Inc. (hereafter Forum) will encourage special interest groups (hereafter SIG) on any topic related to genealogy by hosting SIG meetings in its facilities at no charge, and by encouraging Forum members to form and participate in such groups. A SIG of the Forum may be formed by any member or group of members, and its chair, or one of its co-chairs, must be a Forum member, but SIG membership may not be limited to Forum members.


  1. The purpose and function of a SIG must clearly complement Forum purposes and functions, and must not compete or conflict with Forum activities.
  2. SIGs desiring to form under the auspices of the Forum must submit a written request to the Forum President describing its purpose, activities, membership policy, meeting requirements and contact information for the group leader. Membership must be open to any Forum member. SIGs may specify their own dues, and must conduct their own financial and organizational procedures.
  3. A majority of the Forum Board will determine the acceptance of a SIG proposal.
  4. SIG meetings will take place in the multi-purpose area. SIGs may use the reading room area for meeting activities only at times the library is not open to the public. A SIG is responsible for leaving the facilities in the condition it found at entry.
  5. SIG attendees are expected to sign in at the reception desk. Non-Forum members attending a SIG meeting will not be charged for the meeting, but must pay the daily visitor fee if they wish to use the research library outside of meeting hours. If there is no receptionist on duty, the SIG chair will assess non-members the visitor fee. These fees will be placed in the Treasurer’s mailbox if the cash register is closed.
  6. Each SIG meeting schedule and description will be included in Forum publications and in on the Forum’s website, with a link to a SIG website if one exists. A SIG must coordinate maintenance of its website with the Forum webmaster. SIG news items may be submitted to the Forum Insider and the volunteer who manages the calendar on the Forum’s website.
  7. No SIG will be regularly supported by the Forum General Fund budget. However, the Forum’s Board may approve support for specific educational activities in partnership with a SIG when it deems the activity to be of particular importance to the Forum’s membership.
  8. SIGs may request the use of the Forum’s equipment for their activities. Approval of use may be granted by the Board and is dependent on the availability of Forum members to provide access and training for any such equipment.
  9. The Forum President will assign a Board member the responsibility for implementing this policy and procedure, and to bring SIG issues to the attention of the Forum’s Board.
  10. This policy will be posted in the multi-purpose area and on the Forum website.
  11. Food and/or beverages are permitted at the SIG meetings if no GFO books, films or resources are being used at the same time.
    When food or beverages are present:
  12. The multi-purpose area is returned to its regular arrangement after the SIG is completed. The computer, projector, speakers, AV cart, projection screen, extra chairs, and other supplies are to be returned to their original places.
  13. Genealogical groups not sponsored by the Forum may request use of Forum facilities in writing to the Board. Such groups must abide by items number one (1), four (4), five (5), eight (8), and eleven (11) of this policy.