Directions to Download and Install Adobe Acrobat Reader Software

These directions are just intended as a basic guide to downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader and should be used as such. Your experience may be slightly different than what is shown here depending on the version of Windows you have and which web browsers and version you currently use. It might be helpful to PRINT these directions out before proceeding.


Go to this page:
  1. Choose your version of Windows (Find this exact version by right mouse clicking on My Computer) and going to System Properties.) Click Continue.
  2. Download software (click red Download button) --------Be sure to pay attention to WHERE the downloaded files go on your computer!
  3. A new window will pop up with Save To Disk selected (saving the file to your hard drive.) Click OK. You will download a small installer file. When it is finished, click Open on that. The window that says Adobe Download Manager will open and the actual Acrobat Reader installer will download. At the bottom of this window, you MAY see a path given such as C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop indicating the file was being downloaded to your desktop. Your path may vary from this depending on where you setup your downloaded files to go from your web browser (possibly a Downloads folder?)
  4. After the download is complete, the setup part of the program may launch automatically. If it doesn't, you must find the file you just downloaded and double click it to start the setup process. As the setup begins to run, you will click Next to go from screen to screen. You will see a Destination Folder designated on your computer by Adobe. You should always use that location. You can click Browse or Change Destination Folder, but it is not recommended. Click through the next few screens and let the program install itself.
  5. When it is finished, Acrobat Reader will be installed where it needs to go and there will be an entry for it in the Start menu and also a shortcut on the desktop. You will need to restart the computer.

Now, when you try to open a PDF file, Acrobat Reader will automatically launch itself and open the file.

Mac OS X users:

(Mac OS X includes a program Preview which will view many types of files including PDFs. But, if you still want to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, follow these steps:)

Go to this page:

  1. On the download page, select your Operating System then Continue
  2. Click the Download button. There will be a small installer file downloaded to whatever location on your hard drive that you have setup to receive downloads. It will be named “AdbeRdr708_DLM_en_US.dmg” which is the current version at this time.
  3. Double click on this file and it will open up in a Finder window and show another file “DownloadReader7.pkg”. Double click on that file to launch the installer program.
  4. Read the instructions in each window and click through them to download and install the program. The Adobe Reader Download Manager will launch.
  5. After the Adobe Reader installer downloads, it will open in the Finder. Double Click the Adobe Reader 7.0.8 Installer file, it will install and open.

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